Exit the Nineties (aka Da Vinci’s Folly)

Backblast: Exit the Nineties
Date: 9/15/22

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RADIOHEAD - OK Computer - Amazon.com Music

After entering the Nineties on Tuesday, today we exit them with a workout set to the late Nineties album OK Computer, which critiques assent to computer technology, but which was only possible because of computer technology.

Warmorama follow the leader.

Jacobs Ladder:  7 burpees (at this point Da Vinci blew a calf muscle, imparting at great cost to himself the crucial life lesson of not Qing twice in the same week)

Workout with these two exercises with each song.

  1. Derkens and Dutch Bazookas
  2. Dips and Dollys
  3. Curls & LBCs
  4. Overhead Press & Outlaws
  5. Skullcrushers & Scissor Kick
  6. Merkens and Mary of your choice
  7. Rows & Russian Twists
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Moleskin: In his book The Life We’re Looking For Andy Croush makes a distnction between DEVICES VS. INSTRUMENTS

Fill your home with devices that play music, and the chance that you will maintain the habits of practice that aallow you to make music yourself, to create rather than consume, will shrink. Sign up for an unlimited video-streaming service, and somehow the time available for reading books – and concentrating on them – will seem to dwindle.

Instruments expand the capacity of human beings without shrinking other parts of us at the same time. They do so because they extend our capacities by further developing our hearts, souls, minds, and strength – further involving us in the glorious and difficult work of being persons in the world.   (140,142).