9.19.19 – Old Fashioned Beatdown

It was another beautiful day at AO Mastodon, and with the impending Growruck event and lack of HC’s our Q knew it would be a lightly attended event, so he decided to not do anything fancy and deliver an old fashioned beatdown for whoever decided to show up. Gummibear was the only other PAX to arrive, so the 2 of us set off for the workout.


  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Tin Soldiers

Thang 1:

We took off on a run around the AO, and completed a few exercises along the way:

  • 11’s – Merkins & Squats stopping at each lightpole. 1:10, 2:9,…,10:1
  • Monkey Bar Routine – 1 PAX cross the monkey bars and complete 3 pullups while the other completes 5 burpees.
  • Dan Taylors 8x – 1 Squat, 4 Lunges up to 8 Squats, 32 Lunges

Thang 2: Coupon Work

We then stopped at the faithful coupon pile and picked our coupon of choice and completed the following:

  • Hodor 30x
  • Colt 45’s
  • Bolt 45’s

Thang 3: The Finale

We put back our coupons and moseyed to the hill to complete a round of Jacob’s Ladder up to 7. (Run to the top of the hill: 1 burpee, repeat with 2 burpees, keep repeating until you get to 7.


Finishing right on time, our 2 faithful PAX gathered and said prayers for Noodles as he and his M are beginning their lives as parents, for Captain Crunch & Archive as they embark on Growruck 16 with the Naperville men, and for us all to stay focused in our daily lives and finish the week strong!