Backblast: Rucking and Running With Cookies 04/19/2021 5:30AM at AO MASTODON

We Rucked, we ran. Ruckers got in 3.33 miles which is a personal best for 45 minutes for at least one PAX. Some of the runners came early for a “warm up mile” EC and logged north of 6 miles.


Archive, Babe, Captain Crunch, Crack and Doolie Dog, Cookies (Q), Da Vinci, Dr Phil, Jolly, Panhandle, SAGA, Shiplap, Tortuga

Backblast: 4.20.21 AO Mastodon, 5:30 AM: You have to run before you can crawl.

QIC: Beaker

11 faithful PAX gathered in the gloom for a beatdown orchestrated by YHC.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, I do not know your injuries. Modify as needed.

WAR: Goofballs (x15 ic), Abe Vigodas (x10 ic), Tappy taps (x10 ic), Arm circles (oyo), Arm across chest (oyo)

PAX were divided into two teams (team 1: Bloomer, Cheese, Jolly, Saga, Shiplap, Tortuga; team 2: Banks, Beaker, Hotbox, Panhandle, T-bone) and moseyed to the obelisk—after explaining to Shiplap what an obelisk is.

Thang 1: the two teams raced around the long loop to the far baseball diamond; each team traveled in an Indian/scout run. Team 1 traveled clockwise, team 2 traveled counter-clockwise. Team 2 won and was awarded 1 point.

Thang 2: Team 1 Bataan death crawled from the edge of the baseball diamond to the east end of Dan Taylor alley and then came back via Dan Taylor getups (Dan Taylors, but with no surrenders in place of squats). Meanwhile, Team 2 ran around the baseball diamond doing multiples of 7 reps at each base/plate.

Round 1: 1×7 diamond merkins

Round 2: 2×7 merkins

Round 3: 3×7 leg raises

Round 4: 4×7 lbcs

When one team finished their routine, both teams stopped, and then switched routines. The team that went around the baseball diamond won both times; 1 point was awarded to each team.

Thang 1, revisited: Both teams continued in an Indian/scout run, travelling in the same direction that they had originally travelled, completing the loop. Team 1 won and was awarded 1 point.

Thang 3: We moseyed back to the parking lot as a group. As a tie breaker, we did a doomsday clock in plank position, adding merkins by 2s and holding an Al Gore when you were out. At 6:15 both teams had 3 HIMs remaining in the clock and it was declared a tie. Both teams split the prize of an additional 100 burpees.

NOR: Banks, Beaker, Bloomer, Cheese, Hotbox, Panhandle, Jolly, Saga, Shiplap, T-bone, Tortuga

Moleskin: F3 taps into the reality that we are people who long to be named. When we are named, a new life is created; we become our new name. Upon being named, we are brought into the PAX. In the PAX we are given the gift of a community that reminds us of our names every time we show up, and thus continues to nourish and call forth that new creation. This follows the pattern first demonstrated to us when God names us as his sons, calls us forth as a new creation, and gives us the church to daily remind us of our new name, nourishing and calling forth our new selves. In this same way, the other most important relationships in our lives are ones in which we receive new names (husband, father), new realities, and new roles. We are also given a new community (our Ms and 2.0s) who call us forth to live into our new names. YHC encouraged the gathered HIMs to go forth into their day, remembering that they are new creations empowered to live into their names as son of God, husband, and father.

COT: Prayers for Bloomer’s 2.0 Cooper’s surgery on Friday, Jolly’s 2.0 Rancher as he returned home from college to finish the semester remotely, Tortuga’s M and tweaks to her medication, and for us to live out our lives as new creations.

Coupons and Legs – 4.17.21 – AO Mastodon

After too much work travel over the previous 2 weeks, YHC was itching to get in a good beatdown. Naturally, the best way to do this (aside from attending a Shiplap Q) is to lead your own! It was a brisk 40 degrees at post time, so warm-up was important.

It had been a while since we reviewed the 5 tenets of F3, so we started the disclaimer with them:

F3 is free of charge
F3 is open to all men
F3 is held outdoors, rain or shine
F3 is led in a rotating fashion by the participants
F3 always ends with a Circle Of Trust

Side-straddle Hops – 25 IC
Abe Vigodas – 10 IC
Tappy Taps – 10 IC
Merkins – 9 IC
Arm Circles IC – 10 each forward small, backward small, backward large, forward large
Michael Phelps OYO

Thang 1: Coupon 11’s
With coupons, the PAX mosey to first light pole, then perform 1 derkin and 10 blockbees
Mosey to next light pole, increase derkin count by 1, decrease blockbees by 1
Continue until count is 10 derkins, 1 blockbee
Mosey to the base of Hoffa, abs for the 6

Thang 2: All about the Benjamins
PAX line up on one side of the base, facing SHOP. Exercises were split between “Coupon” and “no Coupon.”
Curls for the Girls – 25
Walking lunges to the other side of field (approximately 40 for YHC)
25 squats
Walking lunges back to coupons
Overhead Presses – 25
Walking lunges to other side of field
Hand-release Merkins – 25
Walking lunges back to coupons
Abs for the 6

Thang 3: Circuit Breaker
As we moved so quickly through the previous exercises, YHC had to go off-script to finish the hour.
The PAX split into 3 groups with either 3 or 4 PAX in each group.
Group 1 headed to COOTIES, Group 2 headed to the swings, Group 3 stayed with the coupons
Each group had to complete the following before rotating to the next station:
Station 1: 10 pull-ups per PAX
Station 2: 20 Atomic Merkins per PAX
Station 3: 20 Thrusters per PAX

Each group was able to complete 2 full circuits before time was called.

Cap’n Crunch, Tortuga (respect), Bloomer, Double Beef’n’Cheddar (hate), Jailbreak, JazzHands, Too Big To Fail, SAGA, Babe, Crash (hate), Crack (Q)

After the normal COT, we spent some time lifting up Bloomer and his family as they prepare for his 2.0’s upcoming surgery.

All I want is ALL YOU GOT!

Due to some Q shuffling, YHC was excited to have a full hour to deliver a beatdown to remember. I wanted to make something challenging and encourage each PAX to push a little harder. Although the Q wasn’t flawless (we could have made the teams a little more even) I feel it got the job done!

WOR: SSH IC x 50, Picking Daisey’s Middle/Right/Left, Arm Circle OYO forward and Back, Merkins x 15 with a down/up cadence to ensure full range of motion

The Thang: – Groups of 3: Groups need to complete the rep counts using an accumulated total
1 Mile – Timed – The times were quite impressive! Happy to get this on the books

1/4 Mile Timed – Take the fastest time in your group and divide by 2
Sandees – Using the number above
BBSU – 100
Curls – 200

1/4 Mile Timed – Take the middle time in your group
Blockees – using the number above
Crunchy Frogs – 100
Rows – 200

1/4 Mile Timed – Take the fastest time (for times sake)
Burpees – using the number above
Leg Lifts – 100
Sand Bag Press – 200

COT/NOR: Katniss, Archive, Sage, Jolly, Tortuga, Milk Dud, Noodles, Beaker, Da Vinci, Hotbox, Panhandle

Friday Ruck/Run Club

The PAX emerged at AO Ground Zero for a ruck club, with a few who could not handle the intensity of rucking opting for a run. Present were @noodles, @shamu, @panhandle, @T-bone, @tortuga, @SAGA, @cookies, @banks, @shiplap, @drphil, @tortuga, @jolly, @davinci (q)

Warmorama: Tappy Taps in cadence (done correctly).

COT: Prayers for @noodles interviews and for @banks travel.

Moleskin: One of the F3 books is subtitled “the unshackling of the modern day warrior.”

This language terrifies some who think it will endorse patriarchy, the unjust rule of men over women. It certainly can. But a better word for that is actually puer-archy, the rule of boys, for real men seek the flourishing of women. The answer to the wrong kind of warrior (“toxic masculinity”) is not the SNAG (“soft New Age guy”) but the mature warrior. One book puts it this way:

“If we are accessing the Warrior appropriately, we will be energetic, decisive, courageous, enduring, persevering, and loyal to some greater god beyond our own personal gain…. If we are accessing the Warrior in the right way, we will, at the same time that we are ‘detached,’ be warm, compassionate, appreciative, and generative. We will care for ourselves and others. We will fight good fights in order to make the world a better and more fulfilling place for everyone and everything. Our war-making will be for the creation of the new, the just, and the free” (95).

One of the authors of that book’s life ended tragically, which remains an important warning. Rohr has a good Christian version of the same material that I really enjoyed, but I personally think Robert Johnson’s He (including the follow up volumes She and We) are the real classics of the genre. In any case, stay tuned for upcoming service opportunities for “the creation of the new, the just, and the free.”

4.13.2021 – AO Mastodon – 4:1 Fun!

It was a chilly, but beautiful morning at AO Mastodon, and it looks like the timer to the lights was fixed as well, so we began our beatdown with light and the sun already coming up! 14 Faithful PAX (Banks, Big Mac, Cookies, DaVinci, Hotbox, Jolly, Katniss, Panhandle, SAGA, Shiplap, T-Bone, TBTF, Tortuga, Whittler) came out for what was billed to be a tough beatdown, but in a weird twist for YHC, there would be no burpees!


  • 7X Motivators
  • 12x Abe Vigodas
  • 16x Mountain Man Poopers
  • 15x Merkins IC
  • 25x Hip Hinges

The Thang:

At this point we started on a mosey around the outer loop of the AO with several stops along the way.

  • Stop 1 – Flat Tire – The PAX partnered up to hold each other’s feet as 1 one PAX would take 4 steps in a wheelbarrow and then complete 1 Derkin. This progressed up in a 4:1 fashion, so 8 steps, 2 Derkins with the PAX trading with their partners as necessary until both completed 40 steps and 10 Derkins. Once all PAX were done, we moved on around the loop.
  • Stop 2 – Monkey Bars – The PAX completed Captain Thor’s (1 BBS followed by 4 American Hammer’s progressing upwards in a 4:1 fashion) while they waited for their turn to cross the monkey bars and then complete 5 pullups, and then they would resume Captain Thor’s on the other side. Once all PAX were done, we moved on around the loop.
  • Stop 3 – Dan Taylor Alley – The PAX completed Dan Taylor’s (1 Squat, 4 Lunges) progressing upwards until 8 squats and 32 lunges were completed. It should be noted that the mumble chatter was at a minimum at the point as I think the PAX were enjoying the sunrise and the pain that Dan Taylor Alley was delivering. Once all PAX were done, we moved on around the loop.
  • Stop 4 – Base of Hoffa – We circled up and completed Jack Webbs (1 Merkin followed by 4 seal claps) we progressed upward until 10 Merkins and 40 Seal Claps were completed. YHC enjoyed looking around at all of the PAX and the smiles on their faces as the pain from the Seal Claps settled in. This one definitely was a great burn!
  • The Finale – We sprinted to the top of Hoffa letting out a yell as each PAX saw fit. Unfortunately we only had time for 1, so we all moseyed back to the flags


Thankful for the beautiful day and for all of the PAX being out there with me today. Prayers for Panhandle’s son and all of the students taking the SAT test today to have the right level of focus and do well.


It is easy to do hard things with a group that you enjoy being around. The progressive nature of the 1:4 increasing ladder exercises is challenging, but through perseverance and focus, you go through it slowly and eventually you are done. Don’t ever stop moving forward, but keep doing the hard things!

Distance Dora

Backblast, 4/10/21, AO Tarpit, 5:30 AM

Twelve brave PAX came out on an overcast warm morning for a beatdown at AO Tarpit.  After a quick WOR of walking arm circles and Michael Phelps, high knees skips, grapevines and a short mosey, we partnered up at the track.

Thang one: Distance Dora


Broad Jump Burpees


Bear Crawl


Ephesians 2:8

Partner one ran a lap around the track while partner two made his way around the track doing Broad jump Burpees.  Flapjack: partner two ran, partner one did broad jump burpees.

We repeated this pattern with Inchworm, Bear crawl, and then Lunges.  Once partner two finished his run after his lunges, both partners walked together while reciting Ephesians 2:8 – “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God.”

Repeated as time allowed.

Thang two

  1. Round 1: Using three pull up options at the playground we split into three teams.  One person completed six side pull ups while the rest of the PAX completed slow merkins IC. We rotated through the pull ups twice.
  2. Round 2: Just four pull ups, first person at your station to get 50 merkins OYO ended the round.


Back at the flag.  We completed 25 flutter kicks IC, then 22 more with PAX calling out the verse, Eph 2:8, in place of the count.  One, two, three, By, one, two, three, grace, One, two, three, you, One, two, three, have, One, two, three, been, One, two, three, saved, etc.

NOR: Archive, Banks, Big Mac, DaVinci, Jolly, Katniss, Noodles, Panhandle, Saga, Shiplap, Tortuga (Q), Whittler.

COT: We lifted up Whittler who has an exam on Monday that he is continuing to study for this weekend, Noodles and his continued job search, and Saga who has some training today and a difficult classroom situation that will be coming to a head soon.

Moleskin: One way to think about grace is as God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.  By grace we have been saved.  We have been adopted as God’s sons and been made co-heirs with Christ through nothing more than the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It was given freely, at a great cost.  And it was not plan B.  Earlier in Ephesians it says that we were “chosen in him before the foundation of the world.”  Christ’s sacrifice to purchase our salvation was Plan A.  This is the God we serve.  Let’s live into that reality.

Good work on the verse, fellas.  Keep it up.

4.9.21 — Duelling Stairmasters

With YHC being a 2nd time poster, 1st time Q to the mysterious Ground Zero Run-club, he figured he should have some semblance of a plan, but otherwise not bring too many expectations to burden the PAX with. At the same time, he had a reputation to maintain for bringing too much of a good thing and today would be no exception. With the rain looming, and an otherwise breezy cool morning, 14 PAX posted in the Gloom for leg-day #2, hot on the heels of Shamu’s Thursday lunges.

The mission was basic, go somewhere, run stairs, go somewhere else, run more stairs. With two good parking garages in downtown Wheaton, the PAX only had so many options, but they set in with their usual enthusiasm.

After an unorthodox run-club warm-up, with something that almost counted as stretching(!?), they were free to accomplish the mission as they saw fit.

NOR: (Cookies, Shiplap, Panhandle, Jolly, Banks, Beaker, Dr. Phil, Noodles, SAGA, Gummi Bear, Shamu, Whittler, Katniss, Capn Crunch(QIC))

COT: Prayers for the group to lean in to life as we lean in to workouts, choosing action, even imperfect action, done with good motivation.

MOLESKIN: Confession on YHCs part to having thought ill of a brother even during that workout, and exhortation to the PAX to consider someone they think ill of and choose today to think well of them, reject cynicism, and embrace goodwill and a generous heart.

4.7.21 BACKBLAST: “Help Hotline” @ AO Tar Pit

WOR: Motivators / Goofballs / Tappy Taps / Mt Climbers

ONLY THANG: Partner WOD on track with a bit of 80s music for support—each PAX did both exercises in the list below before moving on.One PAX at end zone doing exercise while the partner PAX went 50 yards and back as follows:

1. squats + farmer’s carry both coupons to 50 yard & back: switch
2. merkins + rifle carry to 50 yard & back: switch
3. blockees + sprints to 100 yard & back: switch
4. curls & rows + lunges to 25 yard & back: switch
5. overhead press (50) + LBCs (both at end zone): switch
6. mosey 2 laps (1st lap w/1 coupon to pass back-and-forth // 2nd lap run/race)

REPEATED all above until time ran out (a few PAX completed a full two rounds of all reps).

Ended with a victory lap 400 sprint!

CoR/NoR/Cot: 14 PAX in attendance: @Banks @Da Vinci @Dr Phil @Hotbox @Jolly @Katniss @Noodles @Panhandle @SAGA (Q) @Shiplap @T-Bone (respect) @Tortuga (respect) @Whittler + we welcomed an FNG: @Milkdud (respect)

MOLESKIN: remember #sword-swallowers

“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,” – Eph 2:8

The story you tell yourself is the story you live in.

Guard from the life too simply summarized, live the epic as it unfolds.