7.13.19 – There will be Burpees…

It was a beautiful, hot humid summer day. 6 brave PAX showed up knowing full well that they had burpees coming there way. This was my 1 year anniversary Q, so I knew I needed to make it a beatdown that won’t be soon forgotten.


  • 7x Motivators
  • 21x Cherry Pickers
  • 10x 4-Count Merkins
  • 10x Burpees OYO

Thang 1: Bataan Death March

  • 5x Burpees, then run to catch back up. Each PAX did it twice

Thang 2: Burpee Extravaganza!

  • Bearpees across the tennis courts (1 Burpee, 4 Bearcrawls)
  • Mosey to the Exercise Equipment
  • 10x Burp-ups OYO
  • Mosey to Hoffa
  • Run to the top of the hill, 5x Hand Release Burpees
  • Run to the top of the hill, 5x Hurpees
  • Mosey to the other side of the grassy area
  • 10x Rochamburpees
  • 10x The Wolverine
  • Mosey to Coupon Island sans Coupons
  • 5x Yurpees
  • 5x Jackees

Thang 3: Mary

We rotated around with each PAX calling an exercise for the group

  • Banks – 50x 4-Count Flutter Kicks
  • Captain Crunch – Old Ironsides (Boat, Canoe, 10x American Hammer)
  • Archive – Bissyous – 20? (Yours truly was just trying to keep getting up…)
  • Too Big To Fail – Russian Twists – 20x 2-Count
  • Prince Eric – Cobra
  • Gummi Bear – Side Plank + 10x side dips

We moseyed to the top of the hill, completed 10x Merkins, and then moseyed back to the parking lot to finish out the workout.


Prayers for Archive in his new job search, Captain Crunch’s family health and for all of the brothers who didn’t make it out to join us today.

7.11.19 Meet my friend Cindy

6 PAX (Archive QIC, Noodles, Tool Box, Too Big to Fail, Gummi Bear, Banks) met Archive’s friend Cindy.

7x Motivators
21x Ballerina Toe Squats

Thang 1
Cindy- 20 minutes AMRAP: 5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats
For the first time- no mumble chatter for the first 30 of a beatdown.

Mile Run

Circle of Pain

COR NOR- Prayers for Noodles M, 2.0 and ongoing nursery project. Thanks for AC from Toolbox.

Short and sweet.

7.8.19 Ruck Club

4 PAX (Archive QIC, Banks, Gummi Bear, Noodles) got some.

Warm up lap of the pond.

3 rounds while circling the pond:
25x : Thrusters, One Arm Squat, Plank, American Hammers

Grab coupons
3 rounds while circling pond:
20 x: Deadlifts, Goblet Squats, Merkins

Prayers for Hoser’s knee, Noodles nursery, and a good start to the workweek.

7.6.19 Out of the Parking Lot….

7 PAX met for a workout that covered a lot of ground.

7x Motivators
25x Step-Ups on Curb
15x Derkins

Route 66 w/ Burpees
Mosey to Wheaton North

Thang One-
3x Stair Suicides 25x LBCs at bottom
3x Stair Suicides 25x Flutters at bottom

Mercy 1/2 Mile
Jog to Turn One
Bear Crawl to Turn 2
Mosey to Midpoint 25x Merkins
Mosey to Turn 3
Lunges to Turn 4
Mosey to Midpoint 25x Squats

Mosey Back to Flag
COR NOR (Archive QIC, Jazz Hands, Too Big to Fail, Prince Eric, Pele (DR!), Gummi Bear, Chaser)
Prayers for Noodles M and upcoming 2.0 for traveling PAX and job issues for Archive.

7.4.19 – Rockets Red Glare

4 PAX made the HC on Independence Day. Started off w/ 3 PAX and ended w/ 4 Pax. The day was focused heavily on arms and core.

WoR: Motivators x8, Abe Vigodas x8

Thang #1 – Ring of Fire

Decline Merkins – 2 rotations around brick base of tree. Feet on brick base of tree, Down, Up, Step to the side and repeat.

Thang #2 – Heavy Artillery

Teamed up in pairs. First person to bear crawl to designated area and then carries coupon back to start position while partner remains performing deemed exercise:

Round #1 – Coupon Press x25

Round #2 – Shoulder Press x25

Round #3 – Plank Pull x30

Round #4 – Coupon High Pulls x25

Round #5 – Coupon Swings x25

Round #6 – Squats w/ Coupon x25

Round #7 – Plank Hold – 30 Mississippi

5MoM – Forward Arm Circles x25, Reverse Arm Circles x25, LBCs x50

CoR/NoR: Archive, Toolbox, Gummi Bear (FNG), Noodles (Q)

CoT: Archive – Prayer for motivation at work, hopeful for a new project and/or decision to explore new job opportunities. Toolbox – Prayers for friends going through abusive period. Gummi Bear – Prayers so that he may be a good father/parent to his children and to be a better husband. Noodles – Prayers for M’s health and pregnancy. Prayers for Hoser and recover from knee procedure. Prayer for continued health and motivation to show up and get faster and stronger.

7.1.19 – Stairway to Heaven

No lights for Noodles (Q) since yesterday around 3pm. Spent the night in Bolingbrook and made the early drive to AO-Mastodon at 4am. Spent some time in solitude appreciating the gloom and early sun rise. If you want it, you have to go get it!

3 PAX made the HC. Too Big To Fail, the newest addition to the Ruck Club. Keep on coming TBTF! You’ll only keep getting stronger. Certainly unexpected but thanks to Archive for having an extra weight handy. TBTF, good that you brought a pack with you.

Made the start on our usual ruck to tally more miles. Took a detour to Wheaton High football field and did 4 sets of stairs (up/down = 1 set). Moseyed back over to the parking lot and off to our second mile to wrap up. Took the short mile to finish up our time. With detour to Wheaton High still put in 2.7 miles for a Time: 44m 30s

CoR: Archive, Too Big To Fail, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Archive – Prayers for Banks and Captain Crunch so that they continue to be safe during their travels. TBTF – Prayers for the upcoming holiday to keep everyone safe and still enjoy the festivities. Noodles – Prayers for Hoser’s knee procedure, treatment and speedy recover. M’s pregnancy and health.

6.29.19 – McEnroe & His Cabin

4 PAX made the HC and presented for another episode of Noodles & Company. Beautiful sunny day w/ temperature rising made for a drenched end result.

WoR: Motivators x10, Abe Vigodas x15, Mosey around the tennis courts w/ Q calling out Al Gores (regular/reverse), Lunges.

Thang #1: Wimbledon

Round #1 – Agassis x5 – Merkins x30

Round #2 – Agassis x5 – Squats x30

Round #3 – Agassis x5 – Scissor Kicks x50

Round #4 – Agassis x5 – 50 Step Ups (25 each leg)

Thang #2 – Cabin Fever

Planks pulls w/ coupon x30

Coupon Swings x30

Goblet Squats x30

Wall Squats – 2 minutes

Thang #3 – Hoffa

Linked Merkins – Legs to Back x15

Sprint #1 – Jumping Jacks x50

Sprint #2 – Bear Crawl Uphill w/ Coupon – LBCs x50

Sprint #3 – Bernie Sanders – American Hammers x30 – TBTF confused me on amount and did 20 EC.

Sprint #4 – Watch TV x50 Mississippi

6MoM: Arm Circles (front/reverse) until Halt, Arm Claps x25 – some did some EC until Halt.

CoR: Archive, Too Big To Fail, Skirt Chaser, Noodles (Q)

CoT: Archive – Prayers for Banks & Captain Crunch on their travels and so that they may find some time to put in the work. Skirt Chaser – Prayers for sister, Leslie, so that she gets the proper treatment in Peru and speedy recovery. TBTF – Prayer for health as something that is earned, so that we show up and put in the work. Noodles – Prayers for M’s health and pregnancy and to provide guidance to newly hired staff to start. Prayers for Hoser and speedy recovery.

6.27.19 – New, Improved Operation Overlord

Now with more coupons!

6 PAX (Toolbox, Noodles, CATS, Banks, Archive, Crunch[QIC]) posted promptly for a Thursday Beatdown that was early, but certainly not gloomy. YHC had too much planned anyway, so we hit it hard and the time flew by. Inspired by the last rucking workout, the Q felt the need to up the ante with some coupons.

Warm-O-Rama (The Usual)

  • 7x Motivators
  • 10xIC Tin Soldiers
  • Burpee (Short)Mile – 12 Burpees x 4 around the island loop (.72 mi if you needed to know)

The Thang: Everyone’s Favorites

20 Min cycle of:

  • 50m Coupon Lunges
  • 50m Bears and Blocks
  • 25 American Hammers (w/ Coupon)
  • 50m Coupon Lunges
  • 50M Bears and Blocks
  • 25 Man-Makers

No time left for MoM or the Bucket Brigade up the hill. Mosey to the flag.

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for traveling PAX — Noodles’ new hire and plans for transfer — new projects for Archive’s work.

I’ll be missing you guys being DR for the next three Saturdays. Hopefully after this workout, you won’t miss me as much!

6.24.19 – Ruck Mondays – 82nd Airborne

Two PAX (Noodles / Crunch) posted in the bright mid-summer “gloom” to start the week off right with the last of the GORUCK June workouts: the 82nd Airborne Workout. After waiting a respectful time (10 IC Tin-Soldiers) for any borderline fartsackers to race into the parking lot, they started out on their mile:

82nd Airborne:

8 rounds for time: (32 min)

  • 8 Shoulder Press
  • 20 Plank Pulls (10 per side)
  • 8 Ruck Swings
  • 200m Ruck (with added sandbag, optional)

With some extra time we moseyed to the hill for some bonus work (with the ruck on):

  • Hill Sprint
  • Bernie (sprint)
  • Bear Crawl

2 MoM:

  • American Hammer ICx20

NOR/COR/COT: prayers for hiring process at Noodles work and health for Noodles M (and baby) as they await the new arrival. — For a strong start to the week and good commitment from us and the other PAX in the group, that we would Get After It in work, home, and personal arenas. — For good preparation and safe travels for the Crunch household as they trek out to Colorado for a few weeks.


6.22.19 – No Legs

8 PAX including one FNG (Welcome Too Big To Fail!) showed up on a beautiful summer day for the regularly scheduled weekly beatdown. With the evening ruck on the Horizon, our Q promised to stay away from any leg exercises. The lesson behind today’s workout is that when you put your mind to it, you can do 5 of anything, just keep moving forward.

Warm-O-Rama (The Usual)

  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Tin Soldiers

Thang 1: 5 Alive

  • Run the short mile stopping at each lamp post and adding on the rep count
  • 1st Lamp Post -> 1 Burpee, 2nd Lamp Post -> 2 Burpees… 5th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees
  • 6th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 1 Merkin…. 10th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 5 Merkins
  • 11th Lamp Post -> 5 burpees, 5 Merkins, 1 Star Jump
  • 16th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 5 Merkins, 5 Star Jumps, 1 Dive Bomber
  • 21st Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 5 Merkins, 5 Star Jumps, 5 Dive Bombers, 1 OHC
  • 25th Lamp Post -> 5 Burpees, 5 Merkins, 5 Star Jumps, 5 Dive Bombers, 5 OHC’s
  • Totals: 115 Burpees, 90 Merkins, 65 Star Jumps, 40 Dive Bombers, 15 OHC’s

The Finale:

  • 20x Pull Ups
  • 2 MoM – 50 4-Count Flutter Kicks


We welcomed FNG Too Big To Fail! Prayers for this evenings Ruck Event, Jazz Hand’s Wife and her new job, Noodles and his Baby, and safe travels for Toolbox and Panadero.