12.9.19 Christmas Lights Ruck Club

Pax: TBTF, Captain Crunch, Noodles, and Gummibear all posted.


The morning was especially dark and gloomy, which made Christmas light viewing particularly nice.

At 0531 we stepped off. Our route took us south on West Street, and then we turned east on Front Street, rucking through the quiet and festive downtown area. We stopped at the public parking garage where we had a race to the top. We then continued on our route and meandered through the Wheaton College Campus before finding our way back to West street and then to the AO. We finished about 0625 am when we arrived back at the AO.

NOR/COT: Continued prayers for health, family, and finishing the year end strong.

12.12.19 – 12 Thangs of Christmas Beatdown

Four PAX gave a Hard Commit to Noodles’ Holiday Calling! We surely did not sing carols! Gummi Bear, I hope Christmas is still your favorite holiday season after this one!

WoR: Motivators x5

Thang: 12 Thangs of Christmas

We all know the tune. Today’s beatdown went along w/ the concept of this famous carol. Oh, let’s not forget Coupons (Cinder Blocks) for some of these favorites. In summary:

On the ___ day of Christmas my QIC gave to me:

1st Day – Manmakers x1

2nd Day – Previous exercise + Thrusters x2

3rd Day – Previous exercises + Curls x3

4th Day – Previous exercises + Overhead Press x4

5th Day – Previous exercises + Bent Over Rows x5

6th Day – Previous exercises + Merkins x6 (w/o Coupon)

7th Day – Previous exercises + Squats x7 (w/o Coupon)

8th Day – Previous exercises + Lunges x8 (w/o Coupon)

9th Day – Previous exercises + Burpees x9 (w/o Coupon)

10th Day – Previous Exercises + Goblet Squats x10

11th Day – Previous Exercises + Deadlifts x11

12th Day – Previous Exercises + .72 mile mosey

MoM: My definition of stretching was a little different than Banks’.

Calf Raises x25

LBCs x25 (cue Banks!)

Sitting Toe Touches – Q calls Hault

Sitting Right Hand to Left Leg Toe Touch – Q calls Hault

Siting Left Hand to Right Leg Toe Touch – Q calls Hault

Fingers/Hand Walk – walk your fingers/hands between your legs as far back as possible – Q calls Hault

CoR/NoR: Gummi Bear, Archive, Banks, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Alleviate some of the busyness at the end of the year, Boredom/Motivation on the job and asking for quality projects to present themselves before end of year, Joyful Christmas season.

11.30.19 – Merkin Hour

After a Thanksgiving Q by Gummi Bear and a 10.5 mile ruck led by Captain Crunch, it was Noodles’ turn to give the legs a rest and come up w/ something disrespectful! How disrespectful? Oh, just an hour of merkins. 8 PAX posted for a memorable beatdown! Chilly conditions and just avoided the day’s rainfall. By the end of the workout, even w/ a half HC from TBTF, PAX had a combined 1693 merkins!

WoR: Little Merkin Boy – Noodles started the day w/ a little music to get everyone warmed up and in the holiday spirit. Not your ordinary holiday tune. A holiday classic by Bing Crosby. HIMs were to hold plank and perform a merkin every time they heard, “Pa rum pum pum pum”. 3 minute plank, 21 push ups.

Thang 1: Picnic at the Park

Coyota Uglys – x5 (20 Merkins in total) – Exercise in a wheel barrow position w/ partner and perform the following: Start on the ground and step up to picnic table ‘seat’ with their hands, 1 Merkin. Step up to top of the ‘table’, 1 Merkin. Step down to the ‘seat’, 1 Merkin. Step down to the ground, 1 Merkin. That completes 1 rep. Switch with Partner.

Angle Grinders – x10 (20 Merkins in total) – Starting in pike position, touch your hand to the opposite knee perform a merkin. Then, touch the other knee and perform another merkin. 8 count: 1. Touch knee 2. Return to plank 3. Down Merkin 4. Up Merkin 5. Touch opposite knee 6. Return To Plank 7. Down Merkin 8. Up Merkin

Abyss Merkins – x15 – Right hand and foot on one bench, and left hand and foot on the other bench. Lower into the space between the benches as far a possible.

Thang 2: Hoffa

Clock Merkins – PAX moseyed halfway up Hoffa and line up horizontally. 5 Merkins at each hour called by Noodles. All hours on the clock called randomly for a total of 60 Merkins.

Next, Bernies up the hill on each round and perform the following Merkins at the top of the hill:

Round 1: Crucible Merkins x10 – Wide Merkins w/ hands rotated out 90 degrees, facing away from body.

Round 2: Merkin Wipes x10 – Merkin down and touch your nose to each of your hands, back up.

Round 3: Prime Time Merkin x10 total (5 each leg) – Merkin w/ R leg off the ground, toe pointing out. Merkin down alternate L leg off the ground.

Round 4: Punch Up Merkin x10 total (5 each arm) – Perform Merkin punch forward x10, punch to the side x10, punch up x10.

Thang 3: Save the Best for Last

Mickey Mouse Merkins x5 – Wide Merkin, Diamond Merkin, Wide Merkin = 1 (15 total)

Worst Worst Merkin Ever x5 – Crucible Merkin, Wide Merkin, Regular Merkin, Diamond Merkin = 1 (20 total)


Superman Merkins x5 – Merkin down to Superman stretch and hold until called by Q. Repeat

T Merkins x5 – Merkin down, arms to the side and stretch shoulders until they touch each other, hold until called by Q. Repeat

CoR: Banks, Captain Crunch, Jazz Hands, Gummi Bear, Hotbox, Archive, TBTF (half HC), Noodles (Q)

CoT: Banks – Prayers for normalcy to return to everyone’s lives after one holiday and in preparation for another. Jazz Hands – Prayer’s for his mother, her health and recovery. Captain Crunch – prayers to finish off the year strong. Archive – prayers for rest. Gummi Bear – prayers for his sister’s newborn baby and her health.

11.29.19 — Black Friday Rucking

What better to do with a long weekend but get a good long ruck in? 9 PAX jumped at the opportunity to wake up early, and hit a FREE door-buster fitness opportunity. Walking with weight. Banks, TBTF, Noodles, and Crunch hosted the return of Reactor and Shakespeare with (the as yet unnamed) Chris, Matt, and Don.

Turning their back on the temptation of donuts and coffee, they got down to it with a ruck start time of 0538. A quick hike up North past Geneva and the Wheaton Christian Grammar school and on over to Kline Creek Farm before heading back toward Wheaton. A quick jaunt over the bridges at the Towers and the Fairgrounds before cutting through Lincoln Marsh and heading back to Northside Park, where the donuts were a bit more tempting after 10.2 miles and three solid hours of ruck work.

Good conversations maintained the whole time, only occasionally punctuated by some ruck-shuffle. Topics ranged from good wool socks and the other virtues of CostCo to the various temperaments of pre-schoolers and the benefits self-imposed phone-time limits. Calories burned, weight moved, and the brotherhood encouraged, all before breakfast.

Average pace maintained: 17min / mile


11.28.19 "Thanksgiving with the Girls"

Captain Crunch, Archive, Banks, TBTF, Kodak, and Gummibear all posted for a thanksgiving morning workout.

Warmup: 40 side straddle hops followed by fetching coupons and a recon mosey around the improvised 400 meter track.

The Thang: This is a thanksgiving workout I found online and did modify a few exercises due to equipment constraints:

  • For Time
  • “Angie’s” House
  • 20 Pull-Ups
  • 20 Push-Ups
  • 20 Sit-Ups
  • 20 Air Squats
  • “Helen’s” House
  • 400 meter Run
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings w/coupon
  • 12 Pull-Ups
  • “Fran’s” House
  • 45 Thrusters w/coupon
  • “Nancy’s” House
  • 400 meter Run
  • 25 Hodors w/ coupon
  • “Grace/Isabel’s” House
  • 50 Ground-To-Overheads w/coupon
  • “Kelly’s” House
  • 400 meter Run
  • 30 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
  • 30 Wall Balls (20/14 lb)

Everyone finished the workout within 30 minutes which was great and what we were shooting for.

NOR/COT: It was good to have Kodak with us. In the spirit of thanksgiving we went around mentioning things we are thankful for; Archive mentioned the AO we have and this group of guys, Crunch was thankful for family, and Gummibear mentioned health and this good time in life. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

11.25.19 – November Ruck Workout #2

4 faithful PAX (Noodles, TBTF, Hotbox, and Banks) showed up to the AO to start off this epic week of workouts the right way. The weather was clear and a balmy 35 degrees, so conditions were perfect to tackle the 2nd November Challenge workout.


  • 15x Abe Vigoda
  • 15x Slow 4-count squats

The Thang:

We rucked to the pull up bars and began the 300 WOD:

  • 25x Pullups – To modify, you could do bent over rows with the ruck at a 3:1 ratio
  • 50x Ruck Deadlifts
  • 50x Ruck Merkins
  • 50x Ruck step ups (25x each leg)
  • 50x Ruck Overhead Floor Wipers (50x to each side)
  • 50x Ruck Clean and Press ( single arm, 25x each)
  • 25x Pullups – Same routine as before

After being properly gassed, we rucked a short mile and called it a day


Prayers for all who are travelling and who have family in town, also prayers to finish the short week strong. Praise for uplifted prayers being answered.

11.18.19 – Back to the Basics

After a hiatus due to illness and 2.0 duties, Noodles stepped back into Q mode for today’s Ruck Club. 3 PAX posted for an Archive mile ruck and PT along the way. Basic workouts included some oldies but goodies.

WoR: Abe Vigodas x20, Ballerina Toe Squats x15

Thang: Moseyed along Archive mile w/ Noodles on Q. Performed the following exercises at stations along the route:

Exercise #1 – Thrusters x25 – OYO

Exercise #2 – Merkins x25 – In Cadence

Exercise #3 – Squats x50 – OYO

Exercise #4 – Ruck Pulls x25 – OYO

Exercise #5 – American Hammers – x25 – OYO

Exercise #6 – Get Ups – x10 each arm – OYO

Ended the morning w/ a sprint up Hoffa and closed w/ Side Straddle Hops x30. Total mileage – 1.5 miles.

CoR/NoR: Archive, Banks, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers for motivation to start and end our week right. Praying for guidance, direction and revelation of God’s path in our lives w/ regards to our careers. Submit to our selfish desires and be reminded of God’s mission according to the gifts he’s given us to serve others.

11.16.19 — Circuit Breaker

4 PAX (Banks, Hot Box, Gummi Bear, and Crunch) posted in a now typically chilly day with a promise to that work and warmth was on the horizon. We dusted off some old reliable standards and got some new stuff to add to our core routines.

Warm O Rama:

  • Motivators ICx7

Thang #1: 

  • The Murph (almost)
    • 1 mile
    • 20 min AMRAP circuit (aim for 20 sets)
      • 5 Pull-ups
      • 10 Merkins
      • 15 Squats
    • .5 Miles20191116_07210320191116_072104

Thang #2:

  • The Cora (aka, “Core” Dora) (Partner exercise)
    • Shoulder Taps ICx100
    • Pickle Pointers (aka, Glute Bridges) x200
    • LBCs x300



  • Ol’ Ironsides (Boat/Canoe + American Hammers ICx10)(x2)
  • Flutters ICx30

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for the brothers travelling or otherwise unable to make it that day — prayers for incoming family this week and over the holidays, that they would be close, connected and able to draw near to one another and to the Lord.

11.14.2019 Threes Company

Hotbox, Banks and Gummibear posted.

The Thang;

We moseyed the Crunch mile (in honor of him) stopping at stations along the way:

Station #1: 10 pulls ups & 10 Aussie Pulls ups.

Station #2: 3 sets of the following: 100 jumping jacks, 25 squats (50 first round).

Station #3: Bars: monkey bars: 7 sets total

Station #4: Lunge from final bridge to Coupons

Station#5: 3 sets of: 10 coupon curls, 30 coupon presses

Station#6: Mosey up the hill: 3 sets: 25 sit ups, 25 heel touches.

Station#7: 3 sets: 10 pulls ups, 15 shoulder touches, 25 leg spreaders.

NOR/COT: Pray for year end that we would rely on God’s strength and get what needs to be done accomplished.

11.7.2019 On Your Own, All together Now.

5 pax posted; noodles, banks, hotbox, captain crunch, and gummibear.

Warm Up: Mosey to Coupons, Overhead Coupon Squats as we made our way over to the pull up bars.

Thang: As many Sets as Possible on your own prior to time expiring

10 pull ups

10 Hodors

10 reverse push ups

10 push ups

1 lap (running) around playground Hill

On average each of us completed about 3.6 rounds of each.

Cool Down: Jog over with coupons and return.

Quick abs by the flag:

I/C Leg Spreaders & Flutter Kicks (24 & 30 reps)


Prayers for Captain Crunch and Noodles and their respective families to be healed of colds.