7.26.21 — GLEE WEEK: A “Wicked” Ruck Day

Having missed out on the previous three weeks of nonsense, YHC was eager to dive back in, and SAGA had provided the perfect opportunity, a chance to Q a musical-themed beatdown. 14 unsuspecting PAX (Beaker, Katniss, Hot Box, Sparrow, SAGA, Crack, Jolly, Tortuga, Big Mac, Cookies, Panhandle, Shiplap, DaVinci, Noodles, Captain Crunch (QIC)) posted with me to start the week in style.


  • Mountain Man Poopers IC x 10
  • Abe Vigoda IC x 6
  • Michael Phelps OYO

No One Mourns the Wicked (6:40) / The Wizard and I (5:09)

  • Ruck a mile

Intro to Rivalry: green team vs white team. Best team in each category earns one point

What is this feeling? (3:33)

  • Just Bearcrawl ruck drag (furthest team overall wins) Green Team: 1, White Team: 0

Popular (3:45)

  • Curls + Blockees on every “Popular” (most combined curls wins) Green Team: 1, White Team: 1

Defying Gravity (5:54)

  • Dora-Style Pairs for Bernies + Thrusters (most combined thrusters wins) Green Team: 1, White Team: 2

Penalty Time: No Good Deed goes unpunished!

No Good Deed (3:32)

  • Flying Monkey Humpers (10 Monkey Humpers + 3 Star Jumps, repeat until dead) + On the phrase “Good Deed” = 1 Burpee per point your team earned (The PAX were spared from this by the Q running overtime)

For Good (5:07)

  • Side Plank for the 5 min, switching to the “Elphaba” hand / “Glinda” hand when either sings, or High Plank when both are singing.
    This was fun to watch / listen to, but the best part was practicing it the night before and feeling how awful it was to plank for so long to a slow song with long pauses and imagining (correctly) the mumblechatter to come. It did not disappoint.

Despite having planned to be done with time to spare, too much time adding up scores to determine which team won made transitions larger than budgeted. Even dropping a song, we ran overtime.

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers in celebration of Cookies’ housing situation being sorted for the near future — prayers for the PAX traveling


Planning this Q, it was really fun remembering how much I loved this musical when it came out.
The bulk of the play is messing with the ideas of who is good and who is wicked, and who gets labelled or judged as good or wicked.
As a literature major, let me be the first to say that there is plenty of hogwash in Postmodernism, but one of the goods it provides is a wealth of opportunities for gaining a new perspective. It’s an opportunity to maybe judge people a little less, to see them (hopefully) a little closer to how God sees them.
Listening through it again for this Q, I was reminded by the harsh, foolish and ill-informed words of the crowds that we should be slow to judge others. Jesus tells us twice in the Gospel of Matthew that what we bind on earth is bound in heaven and what we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. In a very real sense, what judgements we render upon our neighbor are damnation or salvation to them. May we be slow to judge others, and abounding in mercy, even as God has shown us mercy.

7.23.21 Run Club

It was a humid but not too hot July morning. 7 PAX gathered for a morning run. Most ran about 4.5 miles around the big loop from Ground Zero to Mastodon and Back to ground zero.

PAX: Shiplap, Banks, DaVinci, Pockets, Beaker, Panhandle, Saga

Backblast 7/22 – Watermelon Olympics

As YHC planned the beatdown last night I felt anxious and lost: I had pre-blasted “No coupons needed”, but had never led a workout without coupons. I frantically brainstormed other heavy objects to fill the void. After a few minutes, the Watermelon Olympics was born. And a trip to the grocery store followed.

NOR: 14 PAX rolled into AO Mastodon at 5:30 AM for the sweet, seedless taste of olympic glory. Shiplap, Beaker, T-Bone (respect), SAGA, Big Mac, BOGO, Panda Express, Bloomer, Yankee, F-N-G (later ‘Boilermaker’), Webelos, Sparrow, Jailbreak, Katniss (Q).

WOR: 15 merkins IC, 10 Abe Vigotas IC, and a special musical exercise routine set to Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar”. Anytime he sings a fruit (Strawberry, Watermelon) = merkin; Anytime he sings “high” = starjump. All other spots in the song = side straddle hop.

The Watermelon Olympics:
• PAX split up into two groups
• Each group received a large seeded watermelon to complete events with
• The Olympics would be composed of 4-5 events (depending on time)
• If any team breaks open their watermelon, they must swap it for a coupon for rest of workout
• The team with the most points from events at workout-end can feast on a SEEDLESS watermelon Q had stashed in the car.

Event 1: The watermelon mile
Each team runs a mile for time. The top three members of each team get their times recorded. But, one of those times must be a runner finishing with the watermelon. The watermelon can be handed off however team wants, but one runner must finish with it. The team whose three times added together is LESS = winner.

Event 2: The watermelon inch worm
Each team lines up single file line at base of Hoffa. The front man does 10 watermelon thrusters while men behind him plank. When front man completes thrusters, he does three “murder melons” (murder bunnies with water melon) and then runs to the back of the line while the men behind advance to his new higher position via bear crawl and a new man assumes front/thrusters. First team to the top = winner.

It was at this point that Team 1’s Sparrow BROKE THEIR WATERMELON WIDE OPEN. They substituted for a coupon for duration of the workout. Shame shame.

Event 3: Watermelon crawl
Each team bear crawls around Hoffa. Before all members finish they must complete 100 total burpees as a team. The watermelon must finish too. Whoever has the melon should “murder melon”. First team to the end wins. (We modified this to first man with watermelon wins and cut the distance by 25% to end at monkey bars)

Event 4: Melon Mary
Each team forms a circle. All men sit on their six and perform a mary exercise of their choice except the man holding the melon, who must do 20 Watermelon American Hammers and then pass to the next PAX. The team with the most cycles around their circle wins when time is called.

Event 5: Watermelon Curls (did not do due to time)
Each team forms a single file line. All PAX do burpees except a single PAX who must complete 20 watermelon curls and then pass to the next PAX. First team to pass the watermelon all the way down their line is winner.

COT: We named our new F-N-G “Boilermaker” due to his love for the University of Illinois (Purdue = arch nemesis). Welcome Boilermaker! We prayed for serenity, patience and direction for SAGA as he shoulders many burdens, Big Mac and M as they wrestle with the sheer parenthood challenge of being outnumbered by 2.0s, Webelos neighbor who had a recent debilitating injury and gave praise to all our PAX for health and motivation.

7.20.21- Mastodon – “Hard Workout”

It was a beautiful summer day at AO Mastodon and 20 fateful PAX( Babysitter, Banks, Beaker, Big Mac, BOGO, DaVinci, Drumline, FNG- Fireballs, Jolly, Katniss, Panda Express, Panhandle, Saga, Shiplap, Sparrow, T-Bone, TBTF, Tortuga, Whittler, Yankee) showed up for what was promised to be a hard workout. YHC decided it was time to put the PAX through the ringer and put a few teams together to push all of us forward and get stronger together.

Warm-O-Rama: The Usual

  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Windmills IC
  • 15x Mountain Man Poopers IC
  • 15x Merkins IC

Thang 1: Route 121

The PAX counted off into teams of 3 and lined up to complete a route 121 stopping at each light pole counting up from 1 burpee to 11 burpees and back down. The first team complete each earned a much coveted point to add to their totals. A wrinkle that was thrown into this evolution was that each team had a sandbag and they not only had to complete the reps at each light pole for each PAX, but also complete the reps for the sandbag. No team could move forward to the next light pole until all reps were completed for each PAX plus the sandbag. Team 1 won

Thang 2: Sprint to Hoffa

The PAX lined up and sprinted to Hoffa carrying their sandbag. The last place team received a 20 second head start over all teams, then the 2nd to last place team received a 10 second head start to sprint to Hoffa. Once all PAX were on top of Hoffa, they were required to complete 10 Mucho-Leggos for each PAX. Team 2 won and won a much coveted point.

Thang 3: Partner Races

At this point, we broke up into teams of 2 and completed races up Hoffa. Each team completed 20 Merkins, 20 BBS, and 20 Star Jumps and then sprinted to the top of Hoffa (All reps could be shared). The top 3 teams each received a point, and then added 4 reps to each of the exercises for the next round. This continued for 3 rounds since time ran out.

At the end of the day 3 brave PAX tied for the lead with 3 points each – Jolly, Shiplap, and Big Mac. All of the other PAX were very envious of these accomplishments, but all were glad to be done with the days’ beatdown


Thankful for the group of PAX, and YHC is always amazed at how we all push each other to be better and do more than we ever thought imaginable.

Frisbee Curlfest a.k.a. Disc School

Katniss, Shiplap, Milkduds, Jolly, Panhandle, Noodles, Whittler, Banks, Archive, Sparrow, Tortuga, Da Vinci (Q) showed up for the Frisbee Curlfest.

Warmorama: Motivators, Arm Circles, Windmills

The Thang: Skills were tested with rewards/punishments based on completion.

Moleskin (from James Clear’s Atomic Habits, but could just as well be from Romans 12:6)

Prayers of gratitude and intercession were offered. Good discussion about finding your strenghts at coffeeteria.

Backblast: Friday July 16 5:30am AO Ground Zero

13 Pax gathered on a near perfect morning to run

> WOR: top down warm-up – tricep stretch, Michael Phelps, quad stretch, runners stretch >
The Thang: we ran north on the path – varying speeds- no records were set – there was an interesting chase where Heist played the role of antelope to Tortuga’s lion – the outcome a forgone conclusion. >
> NOR: @shiplap, @whittler, @banks, @heist, @tortuga (respect), @toto (respect), @cheese (respect), @big Mac, @beaker, @jolly, @sparrow, @katniss, @t-bone (respect, Q) >
> Moleskin: 1) girls can be athletes too – encourage your daughters and your sons. 2) don’t get too caught up in language and labels – words like “social justice” and “evangelical” have been co-opted and often cause visceral reactions and divisiveness. Don’t put yourself and others in a box and don’t be afraid to have real conversations with people about big issues >
> COT: new jobs and more time in the office for many, @big Mac – parent solo, @archive job interview, others I may have forgotten but God hasn’t.

BACKBLAST: Thursday 7.15.21 “SAGA’s Birthday Beatdown @ AO Mastodon

Thanks to all the HIMs who came out to celebrate my first year of F3 life. The day was full of baptisms in the gloom due to the plentiful rain, fun will balloons, and a beatdown on Hoffa.

WOR: to the tune of “Don’t Worry Be Happy”

Birthbees / Mt. Climbers / Abe Vigodas / Arm Circles

The rest of the beatdown was completed to the childhood songs of Harry Connick Jr.

THANG 1: SAGA’s Balloon Extravaganza

What is a birthday party without balloons? Thus the requirement for the PAX to entertain SAGA while he watched with glee. Four groups of four lined up behind the pull-up bar. First PAX does three pull-ups with a balloon between his knees (other PAX are in a row doing squats, merkins and side straddle hops). The balloon was to be passed without using hands and if it fell to the ground penalties in the shape of burpees were completed.

As a final party trick, SAGA had two contestants from each row positioned with a balloon between their F3 chests and the race was on to see which pair could pop their balloons first. Let me just say, there are many things that are more fun without alcohol and this is one of them. Brother’s got to hug!

THANG 2: 45 to 1

Honoring both SAGA’s hospital age and his F3 age the following were completed:

  1. 45 squats / 45 sit-ups / 45 merkins : 1 redrum
  2. 45 coupon curls / 45 coupon kettle swings / 45 skull crushers : 1 redrum
  3. 45 coupon rows / 45 overhead press / 45 goblet squats : 1 redrum
  4. 45 burpees : 1 redrum

CoR/NoR/Cot: 17 PAX in attendance: @Aloha @Banks @Beaker @Cookies @Da Vinci @Hotbox @Jolly @Panda Express @Panhandle @SAGA (Q) @Shiplap @Sparrow @Squatty @TBTF @T-Bone (respect) @Tortuga (respect) @Whittler

Prayers for Cuba & Haiti, @Whittler’s coming move, @Banks’ house selling, @Archive’s job interview, @Hotbox future opportunities

Bananas were awarded and the ways of the force that I first learned from @Sparrow’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” continue for another year to come…

MOLESKIN: Be content: what if you already have what to want?

Who Knew?

BACKBLAST, 7/14/21, AO Tar Pit, 5:30AM

WOR: motivators, copperhead merkins, squats, and coupon squats, arm circles on one leg, short mosey with some skipping and Bernie.


Carried coupons to the top of the front driveway. One HIM shared a truth and an exercise. If it was also true for you you stayed and did the reps. If not, you ran down the driveway and then up one of four staircases leading back up. Flapjack. Everyone does reps and runs for each truth.

IF you are the only one it is true for, you must do five penalty burpees while the rest recover. If it is true of everyone, we all have five penalty burpees.

Exercises included: merkins, curls, skull crushers, plank, overhead press, LBC, BBSU, squats.

Truths included:

  • I have jumped out of a plane.
  • I have travelled to Europe.
  • I played high school baseball.
  • I have sported a mullet.
  • I own a gun.
  • I went to college out of state.
  • I have bungee jumped.
  • I have flown an airplane solo. (5 burpees for Banks)

Final round: everyone tried to share a truth that no one else had. If anyone else shared it, we all did five burpees. Eleven truths resulted in just 15 penalty burpees for all.

Mosey back to flag.

NOR: Banks, Panhandle, TBTF, Drum Line, T-bone (respect), Sparrow, Jolly, Shiplap, Milk Duds (respect), Noodles, Katniss, Tortuga (respect, Q)

COT: Prayers for wisdom in parenting, Noodles’ being at F3 more, Sparrow’s house hunting and decision, T-bone’s 2nd oldest 2.0 turns 18 today.

2.0 Day

Part 1: Big Kids (PG-13)

A very rare event in the life of F3, teenage children of both genders were allowed to work out with their fathers. Fathers who bring their 2.0s assume the risk of injury for themselves, their 2.0’s and their underfunded defined benefit pension plan.

Disclaimer, Count off, Here we go:

Warmups (Warm-o-Rama)

Motivators 7

Tap-y-Taps 10

Mountain Man Poopers 10

Abe Vagodas 10

Ranger Merkins 10

Thing 1 Scout Run

Scout Run, two by two, with flags. Short loop towards Hoffa. Flags stay in front. Scouts run from the back and accept the flag from the former line leader.


Thing 3 NERF

Split into to teams on opposite sides of the grass. Someone calls a high count exercise. The first two people who complete the reps run forward and grab a nerf gun. Anybody they shoot has to do 5 burpees immediately. If the two nerf guns are split between the two teams, they can shoot each other and the round is over. If both guns end on the same team, it’s a massacre. The madness ends when someone else finishes the reps and makes it to the top of Hoffa Hill.

Merkins 50

Big Boy Situps 40

Prisoner Squats 40

Little Baby Crunches 100

Bonnie Kathleen Blairs 40

Flutter Kicks (one is one) 100

Thing 4 Dora

DORA up Hoffa

100 Merkins
100 Squats
After the reps are completed, Noah’s ark up the hill. Choose an animal (crab, bear, bunny hop, Murder Bunny) and go two by two up the hill.

Thing 5 Global Warming


Count off.

PART 2: Little Kids

A lot of little kids came and did a lot of big things. Daddy’s-back pushups, weighted squats, 2.0 curls. Race up Hoffa and back (winner gets a donut). Pax Choice.

COT/NOR welcome FNGs.
Over the the SHOP for lots of donuts and refreshments courtesy of Big Mac, Katniss and Banks.
The 2nd F event while the kids play lasted roughly 2 hours. A good time was had by all. S.D.G.

Run Club – 7/9/21

After a week of hot, humid weather, the chill of the gloom was a welcome change. 10 PAX plus our four-legged buddy posted for run club this morning, some nursing the after-effects of what sounded like a fun 2nd F evening at T-Bone’s last night.

The Thang: Run
We headed north by northwest on the prairie path, starting all together and slowly splitting into 4 groups based on speed. At the halfway point (~5:55am) we turned around and headed back. The fast group ended up with 5mi, and the slowest group with 4.5mi.

NoR: Tortuga (respect), Dr. Phil, Cheeese (respect), Da Vinci, Whittler, Babysitter, T-Bone (respect), Jolly, Katniss, Crack, Dooley Dog (Q)