Improv Comedy workout

Bat wings by ,
Mountain Man Poopers to 20
Abe Vigoda

The Thing

Circle of Block Exercises: “Go With It”

16 exercises, 16 reps each
Overhead Press
Block Burpees
Leg over block
Jump over Block
Goblet squats
Superman on the Block
Nipple Scrapers on the Block
Kettle Bell Swings
(If you remember the other 6 block exercises, please put them in the comments below.)

Broken promises don't upset me.
I just think “Why did they believe me?”.

Merkins to the count of 10.

One person, and only one, says the number after each merkin. Count goes back to “1” if two people talk at the same time.

Heroes and Villains on Hoffa Hill

(This was ok, but not as strenuous as expected. I probably won’t do it again.)

Nipple Scrapers to 15

First Nations runs with two flags, two columns.

Circle of Trust

Bonus excercises:
10   Merkins.
“End on a Nipple Scraper” – 

10.17.20 @ The Tar Pit

Gummi Bear was looking for a replacement Q to take over his beatdown and I was happy to jump on it quickly. It was a beautiful morning in Glenn Ellyn and the only thing standing in-between some F2 and a hot cup of Joe was a beatdown brought to you by yours truly. To be completely honest, it wasn’t my best effort, but we all pushed hard and got better.

WOR: Lap around the Tar Pit, Picking daisey’s, left/right quad stretch, arm circles whith YHC explained the stations

Thang 1: Sandbag and Coupon Stations
One PAX at each station, each station started at the same time and finished at the same time, we rotated until each PAX did each station
Station 1: x 10 reps
Burpees, Outlaws, Merkins, BBSU, Squats, Ab of choice for the 6
Station 2: x 20 reps
Curl and Press, Lunges, Coupon obliques, Rows, close grip bench, ab of choice for the 6
Station 3: x 30 reps
Calf raises, flutter kicks, curls, skull crushers, LBC, ab of choice for the 6
Station 4: Until all 3 other stations are done
Clean and throw the sandbag for distance back and forth on the parking lot.

Thang 2: Dora vs Flora
The PAX partnered up and completed the following Dora style, while PAX 1 completed the exercise PAX2 ran across the parking lot and back
100 Burpees
200 BBSU
300 Coupon Press
200 Rows
100 Curls
Finished with a run around the track

NOR: Big Mac, Panhandle, Katniss, Shiplap (Q)

COT: We prayed for a great weekend and praised the lord for our health an physicals abilities.

MOLESKIN: This was a workout I planned in my head that I thought would be a great beatdown both in strength training and for cardio. I originally didn’t plan on the Dora vs Flora but Thang 1 was just too easy. I was trying to play off a similar Banks beatdown but I was 1 sandbag too short. Make some necessary Q adjustments and all ended well!

Encourage one another and build one another up


Saturday, 10-17-20

14 PAX came out this morning for the 7:00 AM beatdown at MASTODON.  Temps in the low 40’s as the sun rose over picturesque Northside Park.

Theme was I Thessalonians 5:11.  “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

Warm o Rama:

IC 20xGoofballs, 20x mountain climbers, 15x Tappy Taps, 20x Abe Vigodas, clock lunges – left leg stays put, lunge forward with right to 12 o’clock, sideways to 3, back to 6.  Switch legs, 12, 9, 6.  Two rounds IC.

OYO 10 burpees

Mosey together over to Dan Taylor Alley.

Today’s beatdown was a modified millennium.  We had ten different exercises over the course of the morning with varying lengths of moseying in between sets.  Each new exercise was completed with a new partner.

First up were 100 total Bonnie Blairs with a partner.  We partnered up and one person did the Bonnie Blairs while the other counted.  Two legs = one rep.  Switch as often as you like.  (I tweaked something in my right hip flexor at our #80.  Wet Burrito was kind enough to finish out the set for us.)  When the first pair finished 100 reps, we stopped and moseyed across the field.

#2: 200 total shoulder taps.  Partners both went at the same time.  When one reached 100, they checked in with their partner and helped reach the 200 total.  First pair to finish stood up and did Al Gores.  Once two pairs finished we all moseyed to one soccer goal.

#3: 100 burpos – burpee without the standing and jumping.  At the same time.  When one reached 50, they checked in with their partner and helped reach the 100 total.  Three pairs finished – mosey to the next soccer goal. 

#4: 200 American Hammers.  Four pairs finish – mosey.

#5 100 Bobby Hurleys.  Five pairs finish – mosey.

#6 100 Hinge Jumps.  Four pairs finish – No mosey!

#7 200 flutter kicks, two legs= one rep.  When one pair finished, they helped another pair reach their 200 until 200 reps completed for each pair. 2800 total for the whole group. Mosey to Hoffa.

#8 100 Elbow plank reach, one arm = one rep.  This started as two arms = one rep with 200 total, or something like that.  Modified halfway through once I realized these were harder than I thought they’d be.  Three (?) pairs finish – mosey up Hoffa.

#9 200 Seal Jacks.  One partner at a time, other counts, switch whenever. Four pairs finish, mosey back down Hoffa.

#10 100 Burpees.  OYO.  Every burpee must be finished.  14 PAX = 1400 total burpees.  When I got to 50, I announced that the 10 warm up burpees counted toward your total burpee count.  When you finished your own 100, you did some bonus burpees for a fellow PAX to get their total up to 100.

Walked back to flags.

Verse of the morning was repeated often throughout the beatdown as I pushed these men to continue to encourage each other, as they were already doing.  Thankfully, my hip flexor pain did not interfere with the rest of the workout.  (It’s good and sore now as I write this.)

CoR: Archive, T-Bone, Sparrow, Double Beef n’ Cheddar, Captain Crunch, Jolly, Smokey, Wet Burrito, Saga, Crack, Crash, K-Pop, Jäzz Hӓndz, and Tortuga (Q).

COT: Archive’s new 2.0 is due Thursday.  The baby is off to the side of the womb which is not the ideal position.  Prayers for movement between now and delivery.  Students are coming back to in-person learning at Smokey’s school.  Jӓzz Hӓndz is continuing to struggle to sleep.  T-Bone’s friend is going through late stages of cancer.  Thanks for bodies that work and good friends to push us.

Extras (Is this called moleskin?):  During one of the moseys, Sparrow commented on how nice Northside Park is for F3.  In Alabama, they were running through neighborhoods, stopping on blind curves to do burpees in the road, etc.  We also had a discussion about instituting the “Good Morning” rule on moseys: whenever the group encounters others during a mosey, we greet them with, “Good Morning.”  If we get a, “Good morning,” in return we immediately do a predetermined number of burpees (Q’s choice).  If the person does any with us, the number doubles.  Saga almost got a name change to “Manogram.”  You’ll have to ask him why.

10/15/20 – Backblast: Where Love & War Meet @ AO Mastodon

17 PAX showed for a Thursday Bootcamp inspired by the call to battle from Mars and for the Venus love of F3: Archive, Crack, Tortuga, Double Been ‘n Chedder, Da Vinci, Banks, Hotbox, Shiplap, TBTF, Bloomer, Panhandle, Noodles, Katniss, Smokey, Jolly, Sparrow, SAGA (Q)

The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”

~ Psalm 19:1 ~

WoR: We entered the gloom with a rousing call to a beatdown via Hotbox’s recommendation: Mars, The Bringer of War. 7 Motivators / Squats / Tappy Taps / Sun Gods / Half Moon Push-ups (aka Iranian Twist Push-ups, aka Nipple Scraper Merkins)

“I don’t want a minute of easy happiness until this earth knows that God is alive! We must bow down before the living God and weep aloud for having killed him up to now. We are born for trouble, born for battle. Shame on us Christians who are always wanting to have it nice and soft, with a bit of God in our lives!…God calls out to us, “Share in my business!” and we are fooling ourselves unless we do this.” – Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt

Thang 1: Mosey – orbit to the “asteroid belt” – halfway we paused for 5 half moon pushups on an asteroid.

Thang 2: Shooting Comet – 100 yard dash on road in triads — there and back

Thang 3: Asteroid Belt

  1. 10 Half Moon Pushups
  2. 10 Dips
  3. 10 Derkins

Thang 4: Death Star (modified) – 5 stations out in shape of star. Run to each point of the star and perform 30 merkins at each, for a total of 150.

Thang 5: Ursa Minor aka Little Bear, aka Little Dipper (Bear Crawl 360) – i.e. bear crawl while spinning.

Thang 6: Ursa Major aka Big Bear, aka Big Dipper – Bear crawl for 14 and then burpee into a star jump (in honor of Polaris in the ursa minor constellation).

Thang 7: Moon Gods – Start in side plank on elbow and edge of lower foot. Bring top foot into the air as high as comfortable and move in circular pattern. Switch sides and repeat!

Thang 8: Mosey to Manrise (x2)

Mary: Heels to Heaven – heels up at 90 degrees. Count cadence lowering the heels down to 6 inches, then thrust them back up to 90 degrees bringing your 6 off the pavement, thus shooting your heels to heaven.

CoT: Archive’s baby is on the way in a week! Noodle & Smokey schools have kids coming back on Monday.


O extravagant God,
in this ripening, red-tinged autumn,
waken in me a sense of joy
in just being alive,
joy for nothing in general
except everything in particular;
joy in sun and rain
mating with earth to birth a harvest;
joy in soft light
through shyly disrobing trees;
joy in acolyte moon
setting halos around processing clouds;
joy in the beating of a thousand wings
mysteriously knowing which way is warm;
joy in wagging tails and kids’ smiles
and in this spunky old city;
joy in the taste of bread and wine,
the smell of dawn,
a touch,
a song,
a presence;
joy in having what I cannot live without —
other people to hold and cry and laugh with
joy in love,
in you;
and that all at first and last
is grace.

—Ted Loder, Guerrillas of Grace

Recover: Venus, Bringer of Peace

10/13/2020 – Backblast – Da Vinci and Einstein Combined 5:30am, @ Mastodon

15 faithful HIMs faced the gloom on this chill Tuesday morning. (Crack, Crash, Jolly, Tortuga, Banks, Panhandle, Sparrow, Hotbox, Shiplap, Da Vinci, Cookies, Smokey, SAGA, TBone, BigMac)

Warmup: motivators, goof balls, mountain climbrs, bat wings,

Mosey to Shiplap’s house of pain


Da Vinci’s code (one of them) is 3. Einstein’s theory of relativity adds the dimension of time. For each muscle group, PAX perform 3 minutes of exercises focused on the area (upper body push, posterior chain lower, upper pull, anterior lower, abs) switching exercises every minute and then repeating.

(Pretty much directly taken from Athlean-X workout)

Upper Push – Decline pushups, Alt. BW Side Lateral Raises, BW Tricep Extensions

Anterior Lower – Alt step-ups, Alt Reverse Lunges, Bonnie Blairs

Upper Pull – Chinups, Inverted Rows, Back widows

Posterior Lower – Floor Bridge legs extending and contracting, Long leg marches, High hip bucks

Abs – Ab halos, crunchy frogs, sit-up alt elbow pass-throughs

Moleskin – (Lewis on relativity) Pride gets no pleasure out of having something – only out of having more of it than the next man. We say that people are proud of being rich, or clever, or good-looking, but they’re not. They are proud of being richer, or more clever, or better looking than others. If everyone else became equally rich, or clever, or good-looking, there would be nothing to be proud about. It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest.–C.S. Lewis (The Great Sin)

CoT – Prayer for safety at work, students returning to schools, effective chemo treatments, the supreme court nomination hearings.

Thanks for a great morning!

10.14.20 – AO Tarpit – Hard Work

It was another beautiful morning as the PAX showed up to AO Tarpit for another beatdown. After IronPax in September and a few workouts under our belt at the AO, it is starting to feel like home. 9 PAX (Sparrow, Shiplap, Katniss, Mose, BigMac, Davinci, Wet Burrito, Archive, Banks) showed up for what was promised to not be easy. Our inspiration for today was a quote from Thomas Edison – “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”, so all PAX were looking for their “Opportunity” to get better.

Warm – O – Rama: The Usual

  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Windmills
  • 15x Mountain Man Poopers
  • 15x Merkins IC

Thang 1: Burpee Mile

We completed 4 stops with 12 burpees each as we moseyed around the AO. (It should be noted that after the first set of 12 burpees, @shiplap pointed out that they had done the burpee mile last week… YHC needs to get better at reading backblasts… Undeterred by redundancy, we proceeded to complete the burpee mile as planned.

Thang 2: Heavy Lifting

The PAX broke out into 9 stations and completed the exercise for that station while the pace setter did an assigned number of reps.

  • Pace Setter – 12x Sandees (Sandbag Burpees) – All PAX Anxiously watched this person struggle to complete 12 reps so that we could all rotate.
  • Overhead Press – Coupon
  • Tricep Curl – Coupon
  • Squats – Coupon
  • Curls – Coupon
  • Bent Over Rows – Sandbag
  • Blockees – Coupon
  • Hodors – Coupon
  • Star Jumps

We made one full rotation, and then made 3 stops in a lightning round where the pace setter only completed 3 reps.

During all of this, we paused twice as some special songs came on so that we could complete those exercises:

  • Bodies (Drowning Pool) – We completed Donkey Kicks on the 1, 2, 3, 4, and then a Merkin every time “Bodies” was said
  • Flower (Moby) – We completed Squats according to the lyrics “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down” ( Which I learned today is actually “Green Sally Up”… no idea what that means…)


Prayers for Archive and his M as they are expecting their newest addition any day now. Prayers for Shiplap and his M as they go through some trying times. Prayers for all of us to finish the week strong.

10.12.2020 – Furiouz Noodles

8 PAX showed for Monday Ruck Club. I took a little motivation from Fellow HIM, Gummi Bear and a post about themes and goals. I wanted to challenge myself to be creative in delivering a Q that incorporated the following components: Mental, Physical, Tempo, Strength. I left out the Social component because I tend to get in my own zone and stick to business. I like to keep my Pre-Blasts simple and leave PAX guessing. Thank you Gummi Bear for the inspiration. I think I went a little Fast & Furious.

WoR: Ruck Off – Motivators x7, Arm Circles x10, R, L leg stretch, Center stretch, Malasana Yoga Pose

Thang 1: Everyday Shuffle

Ruck mixed in with some shuffling. Started on the Archive mile route, turned left at the Short mile end point and proceeded to the Poolhouse parking lot. Aimed for pace and time. 8.5 minutes for time (according to my watch).

Thang 2: Poolhouse Rock

We continued with the shuffle at the Poolhouse parking lot. PAX to run from one end of the lot to the other. Up and down the stairs at each end. Finish off with 1 of 2 PT exercises after each set of stairs.

Round 1 – Merkins/Squats x30 each

Round 2 – Shoulder Taps/Flutter Kicks x30 each

Round 3 – Ruck High Pulls/Lunges x30 each

Thang 3: Hoffa Lane – Burpee & Ruck Toss

Shuffled back. PAX lined up along the path facing Hoffa. PAX to perform a combination burpee/ruck toss. Perform a burpee in front of ruck and on the way up, lift ruck to press position and toss forward. PAX to reach the base of Hoffa, rinse and repeat back to the path for time.

Moseyed back to the flag.

NoR: Banks, Sparrow, Da Vinci, Cookies, Double Beef & Cheddar (DBC), Big Mac, Captain Crunch, Noodles (Q).

CoT: Prayers for our Supreme Court so that God May provide them with the knowledge and wisdom as the go through their appointment process. Prayers for Big Mac’s friend and she goes through another round of chemo treatment. Prayers for overall job search process and for God to reveal his plans and opportunities to us.

Moleskin: Today’s workout was based on inspiration. F3 allows for all PAX to lead and eventually compare strengths and weaknesses. It is also great to know that there will always be someone pushing and motivating you. “Way to push Noodles”, “Noodles, you are an inspiration”, “Great job Noodles”. These are some of the words that keep me going when my body and mind are telling me to quit or stop. Today was another opportunity to lead and be the one to offer that same support to newer members (Cookies, DBC, Da Vinci, Big Mac) and old (Captain Crunch, Banks, Sparrow). I can’t forget Gummi Bear, thank you for the inspiration.

10/10/2020 – Backblast – #S.A.T.urday edition, October 10th, 5:30am, @ Tarpit

64 degrees at arrival, a serendipitous number, the square of 8, the cube of 4, and the sixth power of 2. Even the weather desired to demonstrate its mental aptitude as did 7 faithful PAX (Shiplap, Banks, Da Vinci, Noodles, Tortuga, Mose, & BigMac).

Warmup: motivators, mountain man poopers, tappy taps, good mornings, arm circles

Mosey to the field.

The Test: Section A – (AKA Thang 1)

Each HIM takes turns choosing one of the available exercises (Goblet squats, Rows, Blockbees, Bonnie Blairs, Derkins, Overhead press, Murder Bunnies). Then the Q gives a question and all PAX perform 10x the number of PAX who answered incorrectly of the exercise chosen (or 5x for the blockbees).

  1. What is the official term for a duel between 3 people (a “truel”) – Tortuga answered correctly, Shiplap chose blockbees – 25x
  2. Why are there 100 folds in a chefs hat? They represent 100 ways to cook an egg, once you know them, you can wear the hat…unfortunately none of us knew that so 60 rows (Banks)
  3. Which country has the unicorn as their national animal? (Scotland) again no one answered correctly so 60 Bonnie Blairs (Tortuga)
  4. What is the most common state bird? The cardinal (only 2 incorrect answers), 20 murder bunnies (Noodles)
  5. What is the painting ‘La Gioconda’ More usually known as? The Mona Lisa (100% correct) but we did 20 derkins anyways, #overachievers (Da Vinci…duh)
  6. Which bone are babies born without? Knee cap (is that a bone…) 60 goblet squats (Mose)
  7. What is the most expensive home in the world? Buckingham Palace (Mose got it correct!) 50 overhead presses

The Test: Section B – (AKA Thang 2)

All HIMs guess a numerical answer and then everyone does the difference between the actual number and the worst guess.

About how many grapes go into a bottle of wine? 700 (worst guess was 200 off) 200 air squats.

How many Grammys did Elvis win? 3 (worst guess was 17 off) 17 burpees

Approximately how much does a blue whale’s heart weight? 400 lbs (worst guess was really really far off) 200 lunges

What fraction of the speeches in Shakespeare’s plays are by women? 17% (farthest off – 90%) 73 big boy situps

How many states in the Estados Unidos de Mexico? 32 (farthest off 7) 25 coupon swings.

Thang 3: 8 minutes of abs

No breaks:

25 crunchy frogs

25 bicycles forward

25 bicycles backwards

25 wide-leg up and out cross sit-ups

25 slow 4-count flutter-kicks

25 alternating sit-up V-reach

50 American Hammers (both sides counts as 1)

Corrective: lawn-mowers

Exam Results: We’re not necessarily good at random trivia, but we’re happy to make up for it in hard work. 100% all around.

Moleskin – Life is full of choices but what is freedom? Classical view – the ability to fulfill the purpose for which you exist, Modern view – A removal of constraint on your decision making.

CoT – Praise for great weather and a happy ending to Da Vinci’s legal matters.

Thanks for a great morning!

Consider it pure joy…


Thursday, 10-8-20

19 PAX came out this morning for the 5:30 AM beatdown at MASTODON.  Weather was about perfect.  Tortuga was a little nervous for his first big Q.

Theme was James 1:2.  “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you face trials of many kinds.”

Warm o Rama:

IC 7xMotivators, 15x Tappy Taps, 20xGoofballs

OYO arm circles, Michael Phelps

Thang#1: Mosey to Dan Taylor Alley.  Teams of three PAX.  First PAX does 20xBonnie Blairs (each leg = 1).  Second PAX does Bobby Hurleys and third PAX does Nolan Ryans until Bonnie Blairs are finished.  Switch roles.  AMRAP

Thang#2: Mosey to Hoffa.  15xSlow dips IC, 20xslow squats IC, 10x slow lunges IC. (I got bored at this point and decided to move on.  Had planned on more and slower reps.)

Thang#3: Mosey to Dan Taylor Alley.  Broad jump burpees from sidewalk to lamps across the field.  Once first PAX made it all the way (Big Mac), everyone else moseyed over.  Plank for the six.

Thang#4: Mosey to Hoffa.  Teams of three PAX.  First PAX does 10xside pull ups on swing sets.  Side Pull up: torso is perpendicular to the bar.  Raise your head next to one side of the bar.  Dip below the bar and raise your head on the other side.  (each side = 1).  

Second PAX does shoulder taps and third PAX does flutter kicks until side pull ups are finished.  Switch roles.  AMRAP

Swing sets were higher than I remembered and wet.  (When asked for modification options, I suggested some for the flutter kicks and the shoulder taps.  Not helpful.)  Options for modifying the side pull ups – merkins or decline merkins.  AMRAP

CoR: Archive, Panhandle, T-Bone, Sparrow, Double Beef n’ Cheddar, Big Mac, Captain Crunch, Jolly, Gummi Bear, Shamu, Noodles, TBTF, Cookies, Smokey,Hot Box, DaVinci, Wet Burrito, Saga, and Tortuga (VQ – not counting really small EC’s).

COT: Praise for God’s faithfulness in Hot Box’s job search.  New position has been secured!  Prayers for Sparrow’s son who broke his arm falling out of a tree yesterday.  (It was the landing that caused the break, not the actual fall.)  Archive’s wife is due super soon.  DaVinci is going to jail. (He’s not, but that’s what @Gummi Bear heard.)  In all seriousness: prayers for some legal issues DaVinci is in the midst of.

New Beginnings: 10.7.20 – Tar Pit

It was an especially clear and beautiful morning at the Tar Pit this morning. YHC showed up around 5:15 and to my surprise Sparrow (who didn’t HC) was already stretching and preparing for the beatdown. I would also like to welcome the newest member of F3 Wheaton, Mose. He has been commuting to Naperville the past month and now is ready to join us as he lives in Glen Ellyn. Welcome Mose!

PAX: Mose (welcome), Sparrow, Big Mac, Captain Crunch, Da Vinci,

QIC: Shiplap

WOR: Motivators x7, Goof Balls IC x 15, Abe Vigoda x 15, Arm Circle Circuit OYO, Tricep Stretch OYO

Thang 1: Burpee Mile
Moseyed around the Tar Pit stopping 4 times to complete 12 Burpees

Thang 2: Beach Body Dora x 2
Accumulated Reps with a partner – While partner 1 runs up the stairs and down the ramp, partner 2 completes the exercises.

200 Coup[on Shoulder Press
400 Coupon Press
600 Coupon Curls

COT/NOR: We give praise for the group, our attitudes, and our beautiful new AO. We pray for motivation at work, at workouts, and in all phases of life.

Moleskin: Since Shred-tember ended I have lacked my normal motivation. If I were working out on my own, last week would have been the week I stopped. Only because of this group I still showed up. This week started the same, but DaVinci’s Q and then doing my own Q today really turned it around. I feel the energy and enthusiasm back and I’m ready to rock and roll. It’s proof that this group allows each one of us to push harder and keep us more engaged than by ourselves. If any of you are feeling a lack of motivation I challenge you to sign up for a couple Q’s – It will get you out of the funk!