01.14.2020 – EC Beatdown

Thanks to Gummibear’s prompting, 4 faithful PAX ( Dovetail, Shiplap, Gummibear, Banks) showed up for an EC Beatdown at AO Mastodon this morning. The weather was unseasonably warm, so the PAX quickly got after it.


  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Tin Soldiers
  • Run Around the Hill

The Thang:

Greta 1-2-3 – The PAX partnered up and completed as a team 100 Blockees, 200 Squat to Overhead Press, and 300 Kettle Bell Swings. While one PAX was working towards to the count, the other ran to the top of the hill and back.


Thankful for getting out with our brothers and prayers for those who were unable to attend.

1.13.20 Banks’ Choice

9 PAX (Archive, Banks, Captain Crunch, Noodles, TBTF, Hotbox, Gummibear, Dovetail, Shiplap) started their week right with a Archive led ruck workout. Shoutout to Dovetail and Shiplap for jumping into ruck days!

15x SSH
25x Split Jacks
22x Arm Circles

Thang 1- Crab Walk Suicides
On Tennis courts, crab walk to the next boundary line 3x squats with ruck overhead.

Thang 2- Front to Back
Go from lamppost to lamppost the following ways:
1. Bear Crawl
2. Sprint
3. Bernie
4 Crawl Bear
2x burpees at each lamppost.

Held squat position for 30 seconds.

COR NOR COT – Big thanks for being able to wake up early and “play” in the snow. Prayers for TBTF’s new job in Rosemont, Noodles’ first week of school, and a great start to the upcoming week.

1.11.19 – Isildur’s Bane

11 PAX (Noodles, Ship Lap, FNG-Dovetail, HotBox, FNG-Body Pillow, Captain Crunch, Too Big To Fail, Banks, Jazz Hands, Archive, Gummi Bear) posted to a squally Saturday morning workout ready to “Embrace the Suck”. The weather took it slightly easy on us with a two hour break between rain and snow, but the wind was still a brisk 20mph. Without much fanfare, we settled in for some fun times.

  • Motivators (IC x 7)
  • Windmills (IC x 15)
  • Scapular Push-Ups (10 OYO)

Mt. Doom:

  • Ring of Fire variation, PAX calls an exercise (they dislike) and performs exercise while the remaining Fellowship descends the hill and then buddy-carries (in teams) other PAX to the top. Rotate until all PAX have been Isildur/Frodo once. — We broke into two teams of 5 (before Jazz Handz arrived), I think some PAX were doing the quick math on 11 hill runs…

18min AMRAP (reprise) we got to reprise the TBTF / Gummi Bear workout that everyone else missed, which (un)fortunately set our arms up for some low figures on the next portion

  • 18 Merkins
  • 18 Sit-ups
  • 18 Aussie Pull-ups
  • 18 Squats

Resolution Time: another check-in is needed here sometime to confirm how many pull-ups can be done with fresh arms that haven’t done 100+ rows first.

  • Do AMRAP pull-ups, stop when you can’t get your chin over the bar
  • (interlude) 30 lunges
  • Eccentric Pull-ups (start at top, slow lower) 5ish (or AMRAP)
  • (interlude) 30 Sit-ups
  • “Back-only” pull-ups (arms stay straight, engage back muscles)


  • J-Lo #1 for one minute (knee to chest, straight, side, straight, chest)
  • J-Lo #2 for one minute (low-plank hip dips)
  • Flutters ICx50

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for safe travels in the weather — Jazz Hands packed weekend with a friend’s wedding and hosting — a good start to classes for Noodles — and keeping and building solid momentum for 2020!

1.9.2020! – Old Fashioned Beatdown

Amazing Photography Skills Courtesy of Captain Crunch

It was another beautiful day at AO Mastodon and we had 7 PAX ( Archive, Noodles, Captain Crunch, TBTF, Ship Lap, Gummibear & Banks) show up for a Thursday morning thriller. In typical fashion, YHC did not have a fancy workout put together, but made sure it would be intense for all involved!


  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Tin Soldiers IC
  • 10x Merkins IC
  • 2x Karaoke runs
  • 1 Mile run

Thang 1: Jacob’s Ladder

Run to the top of the hill, complete 1 burpee and run back down. Repeat with 2 burpees, finishing at a total of 7 burpees.

Thang 2: Upper Body Circuit

Circuit consisted of the following:

  • Pullups (10x)
  • Derkins with Knee Tuck (20x)
  • Dips (30x)

Complete 1 round, then decrease Pullups by 1, Derkins by 2, and Dips by 3. Continue until down to 1 or time is called. Most PAX finished on the round of 6.

From there we moseyed to the flag and called it a day!


There was a general feel of gratitude for many things from the group as a whole. Prayers for Captain Crunch and family to maintain health, and for continued growth of the group.

1.7.2020 Extra Credit Coupon Session

Posted: Banks & Gummibear

Warm up:

20 ballerina toe squats

30 second squat stretch

mosey around hill path

Thang 1:

31 coupon squat cleans

1 minute squat stretch

31 coupon triple crushes

1 minute glute bridge

31 pistol squats

1 minute glute bridge

31 coupon swings

1 minute squat stretch

Thang 2

2 sets of the following:

31 coupon chest presses

31 coupon bent over rows

31 coupon pulls

Thang 3

sandbag workout:

2 sets:

10 sandbag squat cleans

1 minute squat stretch

Cooldown: Mosey around captain crunch mile

COT: Prayers for focus and discipline and choosing the right over the easy.

1.6.20 – Ruck Club – Fast & Furious

8 PAX posted early morning. Newcomer Ship Lap was #2 on site followed by other familiar faces out due to travel and sickness. We were fortunate to have a beautiful day on our hands. The day was full of rucking, shuffling and plenty of PT because Noodles’ knows no better way to lead a good ruck club. Stamina, Strength and Conditioning were tested. Surely, Captain Crunch was overheard stating, “You’re breaking me Noodles”. Oh what a compliment!

WoR: Abe Vigodas: x20, Ballerina Toe Squats x20

Thang: Ruck/Shuffle through the back end of AO – Mastodon until reaching pool building. 1 Minute shuffles in between and 2 stops along the way w/ plenty of exercises in between:

Stop #1 – Bear Crawl & Ruck Drag to opposite side of field.

Continued Ruck/Shuffle until reaching pool building.

Stop #2 – AML(Laps)AP – Set of stairs in play, Up/Down, at each end between pool building and other end of parking lot:

American Hammers x 25 – 6 Laps Total

Squats x 25 – 6 Laps Total

LBCs x 25 – 2 Laps Total

CoR: TBTF, Hotbox, Archive, Captain Crunch, Gummi Bear, Banks, Ship Lap, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Gratitude for new year and getting back to work. Thanks for a growing group at AO Mastodon. Prayers for motivation to HC moving forward. Noodles – Prayers for M and transition back to work and Noodles’ start of online courses.

1/4/2019 – 2020 Inaugural Saturday Boot Camp

5 PAX convened upon beautiful AO Mastodon for the first Saturday Boot Camp of the year. PAX in attendance were: Archive, Noodles, Jazz Hands, Ship Lap (FNG), TBTF


We started to get the blood pumping by doing a short mosey towards the baseball diamonds where we circled up and did Motivators x7, Imperial Walkers x16, and Abe Vigotas x16.


We continued our journey around the Archive mile moseying for around 1/4 mile and stopping for a 2 minute Merkin AMRAP session which was enjoyed by all. After another 1/4 mile mosey we stopped for another 2 minute AMRAP session but we did squats this time and this was also enjoyed by all. Next we continued on for another 1/4 mile mosey and circled up to to do the Chumbaburpee routine. Chumbaburpee routine consisted of listening to Tubthumping by Chumbawamba and every time “I get knocked down but I get up again” comes up we did a burpee . For those that kept up with the song we did 26 burpees in about 4 minutes. We then finished off the Archive mile with a final 1/4 mile mosey to the coupons. We grabbed a coupon and proceeded to the base of Hoffa. We then did the 11s routine with Manmakers at the base and burpees at top. We didnt get all the way through the routine but we were feeling good. We did a quick round of Mary at the top where we circled up and each PAX called out an abs routine of which we did 20 reps

We then moseyed down Hoffa and put the coupons back and made our way back to the flag, did CoR, NoR, and got to know and name “Ship Lap”. Welcome to the group Ship Lap!!


TAPS to Jazz Hand’s mother who has shown great progress regarding her health and prayers the progress continues, to Ship Lap as he joins the group and starts his F3 journey at AO Mastodon, and to Noodle’s M that she find peace in her return to work as well as they find a routine to manage this new obstacle in their journey with their 2.0.

01.02.2020 Holding the line.

Some PAXs are still traveling and vacationing for the holidays. Others are sick. TBTF & Gummibear posted for the first work out of the new year, as the winter takes its toll on our posting numbers. We decided to start the year out with back to the basics and simple.

Warm Up:

2 mile Jog.



18 pushups

18 situps

18 pull us (Aussie style)

18 airsquats

We finished 5 rounds. I got this workout online searching for a “new years day workout”. Some may have switched the numbers to 20 Minute AMRAP and 20 reps for the 2020 year, as this workout was from 2018. Not this guy. I didnt want to get too crazy with changing things!

COT/PRAYER: TBTF transition with his current job and leaving well. Prayers for the sick and prayers for this new year.

The Final Countdown (12/28/2019)

We took advantage of the relatively mild weather for our last workout of the year and had a little fun at AO Mastodon!

7 PAX were in attendance: Noodles, Deep Dish (from F3 Chattanooga), Archive (1/2), Gummi Bear, Hot Box, Raisin (FNG), TBTF

We did a quick warm up consisting of Motivators, Tin Soldiers, and Arm Circles followed by a mosey around the playground jogging path on our way to the coupons.

We did a 3 part workout representing the year that has passed as well as the upcoming year end countdown and ball drop.

Part 1 – Year In Review

Part 2 – The Countdown

Part 3 – The Ball Drop

Part 1 – Year In Review – We did 12 rounds (1 round representing each month of the year) with rep count based on the number of days in the corresponding month.

  • Coupon Shoulder Press x31 (January)
  • Coupon Chest Press x28 (February)
  • Big Boy Sit Ups x31 (March)
  • Goblet Squats x30 (April)
  • Coupon Curls x 31 (May)
  • Derkins x30 (June)
  • Leg Raises/Coupon Overhead x31 (July)
  • Lunges/Coupon Overhead x31 (August)
  • Coupon Swings x30 (September)
  • Coupon Back Rows x31 (October) – we capped this off with a Noodles signature “boo-urpee”
  • Monkey Humpers x30 (November) – We did 3 sets of 10 while PAX formed a circle and went around the circle, there were some EC reps performed on the last round
  • Coupon Russian Twists x31 (December)
  • We then did 25 count in cadence (75 actual) Side Straddle Hops because why not

Part 2 – The Countdown – Since we worked our way through the year in Part 1 it was time for the countdown

  • 10 – Squat Jumps
  • 9 – Merkins
  • 8 – Dips
  • 7 – Shoulder Taps
  • 6 – Jump Lunges
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 4 -Dive Bomber Merkins
  • 3 – Carolina Dry Docks
  • 2 – Hoffa Sprints
  • 1 –  Minutes of Abs (anything; PAX choice)

Part 3 – The Ball Drop

I don’t remember what each PAX rolled but we did bonus burpees, merkins, squats (3 count down in cadence), Mountain Climbers, Arm Circles, and the dreaded Bear Crawl/Big Boy Sit Up/Bernie Sanders super set based on what each PAX rolled.

We put the death di back in its hiding place and moseyed around the playground jogging path back to the flag which ended in a sprint once the flag was in view

We then named the FNG (from California) “Raisin”

TAPS to Noodles as he pursues career/personal development in his field, watch over TBTF as he pivots in his career to a new role, general health and happiness of the PAX

12.30.19 – ATMs & CPRs

Three’s Company, Three Musketeers, 3’s a crowd. Three HIMs posted early morning. Weather was gloomy and foggy. We had combination rain, sleet and ended w/ snowfall.

WoR: Abe Vigodas x15

The Thang: Rucked our way along the long mile route w/ stops in between for some PT. Something old and something new was the theme.

Stop #1: ATMs

Alternate Shoulder Touches x 15 – 4 count

Merkins on Cadence – Down 1, 2, 3, Up 4. x 15

Merkins OYO x 15

Stop #2: CPRs

4 Count – Curl/Overhead Press/Tricep back to Rest x15

Stop #3: ATMs x 10

Stop #4: CPRs x10

Stop #5: ATMs x5, CPRs x5

CoR: Too Big To Fail, Gummi Bear, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers to wrap up end of the year projects that may carry into the beginning of the year. Prayers for motivation on more winter days to come. Give us the energy, initiative and holding ourselves accountable to post when our bodies crave the fartsack!