Backblast: Saturday 9/26 “Heads or Tails” Bootcamp

An impressive 22 PAX joined for this Saturday’s beatdown at AO Mastodon. Big Mac, Panhandle, Banks, Jazzhandz, Da Vinci, Archive, Captain Crunch, Wet Burrito, Tortuga (respect), Shiplap, Crack, K-pop (hate), Hotbox, Nickerdoodle, Smokey, Noodles, Bloomer, SAGA, Crash (hate), Double Beef and Cheddar (hate), To Big To Fail, Katniss (Q).


7X Motivators
Hand release merkins X 25
Squats x 25 IC
*Grab a coupon, head to base of hoffa

Thang: Heads or Tails?
*Partner up

Reps and Time – those are the two ways we structure our exercises. One will win, we don’t know which until the coin flip at the end of the morning (Heads for reps, tails for time). You and your partner must yourself on both, not knowing which will win

For each round: Each partner team must perform the Round’s coupon exercises. When each partner finishes they may begin the bonus exercise and try to rack up as many reps as possible before starting the round’s run. Only the bonus exercise reps count for the total.

—Round 1—

10x Manmakers
20X Hodors
30X Overhead press
40X Kettle Bell Swings
50X Squats

Bonus: Hand release merkins
Run: Tree and back

—Round 2—

10x Manmakers
20X Hodors
30X Overhead press
40X Coupon Swings
50X Squats

Bonus: Squats
Run: Poolhouse and back

—Round 3—

10x Manmakers
20X Hodors
30X Overhead press
40X Kettle Bell Swings
50X Squats

Bonus: Burpees
Run: Big mile (later shortened to Hoffa Bridge > Parking lot > Hoffa due to time)

22 is an incredible number of PAX for a gloomy Saturday, especially after 12 had just completed an 8-mile ruck. Way to hang in there men.

Prayers for rest and sleep for those not getting it right now. Prayers for Tortuga’s wife as she adjusts to life back in the U.S.

Following the workout we were treated to some wet burritos from Mi Casa courtesy of…Wet Burrito.. And some coffee and donuts thanks to Captain Crunch and M. Big thanks men and M’s for treating us so well. We’re thankful on this third anniversary of F3Wheaton to have such incredible engagement and such a solid group of HIMs. Let’s keep it going!

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