11.21.2020 – Tarpit Interval Training

It was another beautiful morning at AO Tarpit and very quiet at 5:30am on a Saturday! YHC had been out for the last 2 weeks quarantining, so it was time to get back into action in a big way! 9 faithful PAX (Shiplap, Captain Crunch, Saga, Davinci, Big Mac, Beaker, Katniss, Hotbox, Banks) came out for the early morning beatdown.


  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Windmills IC
  • 15x Mountain Man Poopers IC
  • 10x Merkins IC
  • Slow Jog around the track mapping out the day’s activities

The Thang: Intervals

The purpose of interval training is to spike your heart rate and then actively recover. All of the exercises and focus for the day was to continually spike the heart rate, but also provide time to recover and bring it down.

We broke the track into 4 sections consisting of about 50m walking, 150m jogging, 100m fast paced run, and 100m sprint. The goal was to go around the track and give it everything you had in the sprint, and then recover with the walk. We completed 4 laps around the track using the intervals outlined above.

Next we did some EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) Intervals. 5 rounds of 10x burpees and 5x Star Jumps.

We then completed 4 more interval laps followed by 5 more rounds of EMOM consisting of 10x Squats, 10x Merkins, 5x BBS.

We finished off the thang with 4 more interval laps for a total of 12 interval laps or 3mi.


  • 20x LBC IC
  • 20x Oblique LBC IC on each side


Prayers for everyone as we descend into another lockdown and we ask that everyone stay strong through the holidays, prayers for Captain Crunches family as they celebrate Thanksgiving and Birthdays without being able to be with family.


Being forced to stay away from this group for 2 weeks while quarantining definitely sucked. It was hard to stay motivated in everyday life without getting up and accomplishing something hard first thing in the morning. It definitely reinforced how impactful this group truly is and how glad I am to be able to be a part of it!