1/26/21 BACKBLAST: “TAUNT-aun”

@ A.O. Mastodon | 5:30am

Echo Base in the gloom – image by Katniss

It is a dark time for the Rebellion, having to gather in the gloom of a 5:30am blizzard. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy (currently the trials of both Fat Camp and MABA have left them hangry and fatigued). Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led by SAGA has established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth. The evil lord Loneliness, obsessed with finding young SAGA, has dispatched thousands of remote probes into the far reaches of space….

To make matters worse, Sparrow has been trapped like a Han solo in a motionless state. Other PAX where voiceless as the pre-blast went forth through slack. There was fear that our beloved Nantan would be used like a dead tauntaun—oh how we longed for such warmth. But any of the fear was mere foolishness as the Q arrived, wearing the ancient shawl of a humble Jedi warrior who is not a professional, he knew the danger ahead but decided to play (cue star wars theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bzWSJG93P8&list=PLdKFtHTuSEuN3va3L9yj8bkJYTQfrMSIx)…

WOR: 15 imperial walkers | 15 imperial squat walker | 10 burpees for a downed flag | 10 Jedi arm circles

THANG 1: “Mos Eisley” to base of Hoffa to get the blood pumping—ran up Hoffa and yelled like a dying tauntaun at the top and then did 10 burpees, back down the hill…

THANG 2: Echo Base on Hoth: circled up—Q started while all the PAX held a blizzard gazing Jolly the Hutt (aka a Jabba) until the first exercise got to them—for the first round, Q did a select # before the next PAX begins after Q yelled “F3 name of neighbor”…when it got back to the Q a new exercise was initiated while the PAX kept doing the exercise they were on until the newly called exercise arrived at them…

  1. Star Wars Jumps
  2. Lifting the Emperor (aka Overhead Press)
  3. Skipping Yoda (aka Bonnie Blairs)
  4. Kissing Your Sister (aka DERkins)
  5. Make like an Ewok (aka Squats)
  6. Make like an Ewok getting ready to throw stones (aka Goblet Squats)
  7. Han & Leia (aka Birthbees)
  8. C3PO Flutter Kicks
  9. Obi-wan Rows (aka Bent Over Rows)
  10. In the Death Star garbage compactor (aka Skull Crushers)
  11. Lando baby Calrissian (aka LBCs)
  12. Use the Force (aka Blockbees)
  13. Burpees for the rebel alliance
  14. Jabba (aka Jolly the Hutt)

THANG 3: 10min reconnaissance mosey around Hoth from Echo Base over to the road toward the pool and then back around Hoffa—final rebel alliance victory run up Hoffa to cry one more time like a tauntaun with a 10 burpees OYO and back down the hill: recover, recover.

CoR/NoR/Cot: The force was strong in the 15 PAX who joined the Jedi Council: Da Vinci, Tortuga (respect), Captain Crunch, TBTF, Cookies, Double Beef n’Cheddar (hate), Hotbox, Beaker, Archive, Panhandle, Jolly, Banks, Shiplap, Katniss, SAGA (Q)

Prayers lifted up for purity, Da Vinci’s book project, Bloomer’s 2.0, + gratitude for the fellowship.

Moleskin: A reminder that we are in this journey together. Listen for the echo of your name among the PAX. Show up, be a man, and share your struggle.

We closed drinking coffee to our hard won day, ready to go out into another…