S.H.O.P Recreated

It was a beautiful morning at AO Mastodon. When your QIC rolled up to the AO @ 4:55 it was particularly gloomy, only fitting based on the beatdown that was about to take place. YHC set up the stations and patiently waiting for the PAX to arrive while polishing off my coffee for the extra energy needed!

WOR: SSH x 20, Good Ball x 15, Hillbillys x 20, Picking Daisey’s Right/Left, Quad Stretch Left/Right, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Tricept stretch Right/Left

The Thang: There were 5 station with the PAX split evenly. Each station was an AMRAP for 4 minutes with 30 seconds of recovery. Second time around the stations were cut to 2 minutes and half the rep count. At any given time your QIC can yell burpees and 5 burpees must be performed. There were also 25 burpees to start and 35 in-between rounds

Station 1:
20 Squats
20 Box Jumps
20 Lunges
20 Split Jacks

Station 2
20 Abyss Merkins
20 Table Press
20 Dips

Station 3
20 Bent Over Rows
40 Curls
20 1 Arm Rows
20 High Pulls

Station 4
20 derkins
30 Chest Press
40 Skull Crushers

Station 5
30 Leg Lifts
50 IC Flutters
50 Dbl LBCs

The PAX completed 135 Burpees which is 20 more than last time.
25 Before the first round
50 During the first round of station – 2 sets of 5 each
35 at intermission
25 during the second round.

NOR: Sparrow, Da Vinci, Big Mac, Noodles, Bloomer, Whittler, Panhandle, Hotbox, Saga, T-Bone (Respect), Tortuga (Respect), Jolly, Banks, Cookies, Katniss, Shiplap (Q)