4.13.2021 – AO Mastodon – 4:1 Fun!

It was a chilly, but beautiful morning at AO Mastodon, and it looks like the timer to the lights was fixed as well, so we began our beatdown with light and the sun already coming up! 14 Faithful PAX (Banks, Big Mac, Cookies, DaVinci, Hotbox, Jolly, Katniss, Panhandle, SAGA, Shiplap, T-Bone, TBTF, Tortuga, Whittler) came out for what was billed to be a tough beatdown, but in a weird twist for YHC, there would be no burpees!


  • 7X Motivators
  • 12x Abe Vigodas
  • 16x Mountain Man Poopers
  • 15x Merkins IC
  • 25x Hip Hinges

The Thang:

At this point we started on a mosey around the outer loop of the AO with several stops along the way.

  • Stop 1 – Flat Tire – The PAX partnered up to hold each other’s feet as 1 one PAX would take 4 steps in a wheelbarrow and then complete 1 Derkin. This progressed up in a 4:1 fashion, so 8 steps, 2 Derkins with the PAX trading with their partners as necessary until both completed 40 steps and 10 Derkins. Once all PAX were done, we moved on around the loop.
  • Stop 2 – Monkey Bars – The PAX completed Captain Thor’s (1 BBS followed by 4 American Hammer’s progressing upwards in a 4:1 fashion) while they waited for their turn to cross the monkey bars and then complete 5 pullups, and then they would resume Captain Thor’s on the other side. Once all PAX were done, we moved on around the loop.
  • Stop 3 – Dan Taylor Alley – The PAX completed Dan Taylor’s (1 Squat, 4 Lunges) progressing upwards until 8 squats and 32 lunges were completed. It should be noted that the mumble chatter was at a minimum at the point as I think the PAX were enjoying the sunrise and the pain that Dan Taylor Alley was delivering. Once all PAX were done, we moved on around the loop.
  • Stop 4 – Base of Hoffa – We circled up and completed Jack Webbs (1 Merkin followed by 4 seal claps) we progressed upward until 10 Merkins and 40 Seal Claps were completed. YHC enjoyed looking around at all of the PAX and the smiles on their faces as the pain from the Seal Claps settled in. This one definitely was a great burn!
  • The Finale – We sprinted to the top of Hoffa letting out a yell as each PAX saw fit. Unfortunately we only had time for 1, so we all moseyed back to the flags


Thankful for the beautiful day and for all of the PAX being out there with me today. Prayers for Panhandle’s son and all of the students taking the SAT test today to have the right level of focus and do well.


It is easy to do hard things with a group that you enjoy being around. The progressive nature of the 1:4 increasing ladder exercises is challenging, but through perseverance and focus, you go through it slowly and eventually you are done. Don’t ever stop moving forward, but keep doing the hard things!