Backblast: 4.27.21 – Four Summits

Eighteen PAX assembled at 5:30am, greeted by a setting April pink moon over AO Mastodon. Coupons were required and sleeveless tees were optional and donned by the brave.

NOR: T-bone (respect), Tortuga (respect), Panhandle, SAGA, Whittler, Hotbox, Gummi Bear, Banks, Babe, Crash (Hate), Crack, Sparrow, Big Mac, Cheese (respect), Beaker, Jolly, Cookies, Katniss (Q)


  1. Merkins IC – 15
  2. Squats IC – 15
  3. Overhead claps – 15

Drill Instructors

  • On your feet (stand)
  • On your six (butt)
  • On your face (high plank)
  • Down / Up (merkin)

Thang 1: The Four Summits

All PAX moseyed over to Hoffa with coupons in tow. We partnered up, with one partner in each pair lugging their coupon to the top of Hoffa (each partnership shared one coupon at top of Hoffa, one at bottom) as Q announced directions for the Thang.

It was similar to a Dora setup with partners each performing exercises on opposite ends of a circuit, then trading positions.

Partner 1: Completes one of the below before tagging partner at bottom of hill to switch.

  1. Merkin Summit – 50 block merkins + 30 “Ascending Testicles”
  2. Quads Summit – 50 thrusters + 30 squats
  3. Boulder shoulders Summit – 50 overhead press + 30 coupon lateral raises
  4. Triceps Summit – 50 standing skull crushers + 30 coupon dips

Partner 2:

  • He begins at bottom of hill by counting blockbee and big boy situp reps, AMRAP.
  • He keeps track of the cumulative rep count for each of the two exercises separately (and tells his partner each time they trade spots; e.g., “90 blockbees, 125 situps”)
  • He may switch between big boys and blockbees whenever he wants

The goal is for the partner duo to complete a total of 250 blockbees and 250 situps before time is called. If they don’t, they owe one Redrum (murder bunny up hill, 10 blockbees, rifle carry down) at end of the beatdown. (None of the duos completed this impossible feat, but one or two were within spitting distance once Q lowered the blockbee threshold to 200; alas, all did redrums)

Prayers for Bloomer’s son as he recovers from surgery and navigates rehabilitation
Prayers for T-bone’s family friend who recently passed, leaving behind 10 little ones.