5.15.21 – AO Tarpit – Ultimate Fun Part 2

It was another beautiful morning at the Tarpit, and 16 PAX (Babe, Banks, Big Mac, Bloomer, Cookies, DaVinci, Draper, Emcee(FNG), Hotbox, Jolly, Katniss, Noodles, Panhandle, Rain Man, Shiplap, Tortuga) came out for another round of ultimate frisbee. YHC clearly stated that we would be playing Ultimate for most of the time, but also to BYOC (This means bring your own coupon for future reference). When YHC showed up and had his coupon out, all the incoming PAX rebelled and refused to get their coupons out, YHC adjusted on the fly, but they will all pay for this transgression…


  • 7x Motivators
  • 10x Windmills IC
  • 20x Merkins IC

Thang 1: Race

The PAX all lined up on the goal line and sprinted 100 yards out, then they did Bernie Sanders back. This was followed by 100 yards of burpee broad jumps, 50 Merkins and a 100 yard sprint to the finish. The first 2 PAX complete got to choose their teams for Ultimate Frisbee.

Thang 2: Ultimate Frisbee


It was good to be out in the early morning doing something fun with these HIMs. Praise and prayers for Cookies as he transitions out of his job prayers for Dr Phil and family.