Face Off

Backblast: Face off
Date: Thursday, 6/23/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Big Mac @Jolly (Respect) @SAGA @Da Vinci @Guilligan @Tortuga (respect) @Bigblue@LouGee @LeMond @Sparrow @Giggles @Noodles @Bo-Peep @T-bone (respect) @Katniss @Beaker @8-Track @Archive @maniac (FNG)
FNGs: 1
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 19

WOR: SSH, Abe Vigoda, arm circles, Micheal Phelps, T-bone burpees.

Thang one: race to the island. Team One went clockwise, Team Two went counter clockwise. Each team had to complete 90 pull ups and 90 squats before reaching the island by Dan Taylor Alley.

Thang two: KUBB
Each team had a king. The goal was to move your king to the other team’s bridge. You move it by standing broad jump. You earned a broad jump by traversing your own bridge on your hands with feet on the rail. You could also earn a jump by knocking down the opponent’s KUBB blocks with a toss of a baton. You earned a toss by completing 10 Apollo Onos or 20 American Hammers.

Thang Three: KUBB round two
Two bridge traverses + one jump. Ten hand release merkins or 20 squat jumps = one toss.

Mosey back to Hoffa.
Planks, high and low. Al Gore, Nolan Ryans.

COT: Archive’s M is pregnant and due in December. Continued prayers for the war in Ukraine.

Moleskin: Philippians 4:6+7
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

You Do You Monday

Backblast: YDY Monday
Date: Monday, 06/13/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Big Mac @Cheese (Respect) @Jolly (Respect) @Panda Express @Jailbreak @TBTF @SAGA @Da Vinci @Shiplap @Panhandle (respect) @Tortuga (respect)
FNGs: 0
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 11

Conditions: perfect

Warm-Up: Michael Phelps, arm circles, legs

The Thang: Some ran, some Murphed, some rucked, one walked with a beverage and a built in ruck.

Moleskin: If a doctor’s prescription could bring you:

  • Longer life
  • Better health
  • More energy and resilience
  • Less burnout, depression and anxiety
  • More happiness, fulfillment and well-being
  • More personal and professional success (including higher income)
  • And, no harmful side effects

Would you take it?

Wonder Drug: 7 Scientifically Proven Ways That Serving Others Is the Best Medicine for Yourself – new book showing the above.

From Matthew 20: “But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave,”

Scan your orbit for the people around you in need of help, and go fill that need, as often as you can.

COT: @Jailbreak’s M is getting induced Tuesday! @Panhandle’s 2.0 is going to England for 7 weeks. @mucho leggo and @squirt are going to the Dominican Republic on Tuesday for a missions trip.

Pick up the Six

Backblast – Pick up the Six
Date: 5/10/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Tortuga @Hancock @Panhandle @Jolly @Panda Express  @Banks  @Bloomer @Da Vinci @Bo-Peep @Katniss @Shiplap @Zoro
FNGs: 1 @extension
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 13

Conditions: beautiful

SSH, tappy taps, Picking daisies, goof balls, copperhead squats, air thrusters

Thang: Five Alive, with modifications
First lamppost, one air thruster, second lamppost, two air thrusters, up to five.  At five, go pick up the six.
Top four finishers shift to five thrusters with blocks, everyone else, sticks with air.  Adding curls, one more per lamp up to five, pick up the six.
Top four finishers rifle carry, ten thrusters, 5 curls, adding blockees, up to five, pick up the six.
Top four double their blockees, adding bent over rows, pick up the six.
Finished adding block merkins.Grab a partner, farmer’s carry back to the flag using hands, not forearms.

COT@Hancock looking for a place to rent, Ukraine, @Bo-Peep’s wedding, @Sparrow’s newest 2.0 and family.

Moleskin: Are there other areas in your life where you can pick up the six?  If the dishes need doing, do you wait until the M gets it done, or do you help her out by giving her some reps?   Look for ways to pick up the six in your life.

Prairie Path South

Backblast: Prairie Path South
Date: Friday, 4/22/2022
AO: #ao_ground_zero
PAX: @Tortuga@T-bone@Toto@8-Track@Cheese@Panda Express
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 6

We ran.  South.

COT: Cheese’s 2.0 is sick, prayers for our marriages, parenting, PAX with COVID

Moleskin: Remain and repair.  @Da Vinci’s shared article encourages us to do just that.  Especially as it relates to our marriages.  Don’t give up on yours.  Things will break down, just like in your house.  Don’t throw it all away. https://t.co/OYUD0WlbK0

This Should Hurt

Backblast: This should hurt
Date: Tuesday, 4/12/2022
AO: #ao_mastodon
Pax: @T-bone@Banks@Gummi Bear@Panhandle@Jolly@Hancock@Pink Drink@WATER WINGS@Sparrow@Beaker@Captain Crunch (AJ)@Panda Express@SAGA@Tortuga
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 14

WOR: SSH, T-bone Burpees, goofballs, arm circles

Thang 1:
Farmer’s Carry around the obelisk and back to Cooties.
Pull ups to muscle failure,
Jog around the parking lot east of the obelisk and back
Good form, full extension, elbows in merkins to muscle failure,
Jog around the street side of Hoffa and up then reverse,
Good form, deep squat jumps to exhaustion.

Thang 2: Line up on the edge of the infield, just off the outfield grass between 2nd and 3rd.   First to the fence yells “fence,” then everyone turns around and returns to the infield using the same movement.
Weighted lunges (@Jolly), rifle carry (@Sparrow), broad jump burpees (@Big Mac), Bernie (@Gummi Bear)
Rifle carry back to the flag.

Moleskin: All sin separates us from God.  Thankfully, God gave us his only son to live a perfect life among us, take the blame for our sin, pay the penalty for that sin in full through his death on the cross, and give us the gift of life through him.  Friends, believe the good news of the gospel: In Christ Jesus our sins are forgiven.  If you confess your sins, and put your faith in Jesus, God is faithful and just and will forgive your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

Prayers for good transitions in new jobs for @Gummi Bear and @Hancock.  Thanks for bodies that work and for an awesome savior, Jesus Christ.

How Far Can You Go?

BACKBLAST: How far can you go?
Date: 4/20/2022
PAX:  @Shiplap@TBTF@Tortuga (respect) @Spokes@WATER WINGS@Banks@Panhandle (respect) @T-bone (respect) @wet burrito
Total: 9

WOR: SSH, copperhead merkins, copperhead squats, arm circles and Michael Phelps, slow mosey around the track

Thang 1: EMOM timer running the rest of the beatdown
Round one: squats and burpees
10 squats, 1 burpee
10 squats, 2 burpees
10 squats, 3 burpees …
There was plenty of resting time for the first few minutes.  PAX continued until they were unable to complete the set in the minute at which point they ran a lap.
Round 2: flutter kicks and hand release shoulder tap merkins
10 flutter kicks (2 is 1) , 1 hand release shoulder tap merkin
10 flutter kicks (2 is 1) , 2 hand release shoulder tap merkins
10 flutter kicks (2 is 1) , 3 hand release shoulder tap merkins …
To failure, run a lap.
Round 3: 10 bent over rows and blockees
All PAX made it to round three.

COT: Banks’ parents traveling, T-bone’s sister in need of prayer, Ukraine war.

Moleskin: We need men to hold us accountable, ask tough questions regularly, and kick our butts when we stray.  If you don’t have a partner, get one.  If you have one, invite another man into your group.

First Track work of the year

BACKBLAST: First track work of the year
Date: 3/2/22
PAX@Cookies@SAGA@Bo-Peep@wet burrito@Gummi Bear@Tortuga@Panhandle@T-bone
Total: 8
Conditions: a pleasant 30+ degrees, no wind
WOR: SSH IC, copperhead merkins IC 10, copperhead squats IC 10, arm circles stretch your legs OYO.

Thang 1:
We started with 4 coupons at the start line and 4 halfway around the track.  All HIM started at the start line.  The reward for being the first four to arrive at the coupon station was to do 10 reps with the coupon.  If you arrived and all the blocks were occupied, you did 10 reps without a coupon.  The first time through the stations was squats, followed by merkins, thrusters, lunges, and burpees.  We spread out pretty quickly, so most reps were done with blocks.  I think the front runners got through the second round of lunges.

Moleskin – You can’t follow from the front.  Instead of asking God to bless the plans you come up with, pray before making plans.  Ask God to give you wisdom and direct your thoughts and plans.  Follow Him.  Easy to say.  Hard to do.  I get out in front all the time.  It goes much better when I listen first.Prayers for @SAGA and a difficult interpersonal relationship, @Bo-Peep’s dad going through an investigation – hard on younger sibling, @Cookies has visas!  Prayers for flights especially in light of global conflict.

Run Club, 2/25/22

Backblast: Run Club
Date: Friday, 2/25/2022

AO: #ao_ground_zero

PAX:  @Tortuga @Toto  @pillow mint  @T-bone @Gummi Bear @Bo-Peep @TBTF
FNGs: 0
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 7

WOR: Stretch on your own

Conditions: cold, calm, peaceful. Perfect blanket of cold dry snow.

Thang: Ran carefully on the snow covered PP north. Laid down some fresh tracks in an otherwise untouched Prairie Path.

Moleskin: My M was about to miss her flight at the Rockford Airport. As she sped up the steps, the security guard at the top yelled down to the gate, “What does she look like?” Jackie, knowing that he meant her, shouted, “She’s BEAUTIFUL!” as she hustled past him to the gate.
Two takeaways:
Tell your wife she’s beautiful. Often.
Own your identity. My wife is beautiful. You are a child of God. You are loved by the God of the universe unconditionally. Own it. Live into that reality. Tell people.

COT: Ukraine. Be a good role model to your kids: TBTF traffic stop with his 2.0.

Run Club, 2/11/22

Backblast: Run Club
Date: Friday, 2/11/2022AO#ao_ground_zeroPAX:  @Tortuga@Toto@Bo-Peep@SAGA@Hancock @mulligan (FNG)  @pillow mint@Panhandle@T-bone
FNGs: 1
Total: 9

WOR: Stretch on your own

Conditions: ~37 degrees,

Thang: Ran east on Illinois St.  Had several release points where speedier PAX surged ahead and then looped back for the six.  @Toto was a few minutes late and ran the Child’s Street loop on his own hoping to run into us.  We didn’t meet up until COT.

Moleskin: “A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.” Proverbs 18:6

COT: Prayers for @T-bone’s company and its workers as they look to lay off 100-350 employees.  @Hancock has a second interview this Wednesday.

What Do You Want to Know?

Backblast: What Do You Want to Know?
Date: Thursday, 2/3/2022
AO: #ao_mastodon
Pax: @TBTF@Panda Express@SAGA@Jolly@Archive@Captain Crunch (AJ)@8-Track@Panhandle@Sparrow@Hancock@pillow mint@Tortuga
Q: @Tortuga
Total: 12

Conditions: Overcast and cold.  Strong breeze knocked down one of the flags.  Twice.

WOR: Random numbers of SSH, Seal Claps, Copperhead squats with raised hands (cult-like), mountain climbers, all IC.  Arm circles OYO.  Short mosey around the obelisk.

Thang: one HIM makes a statement about another HIM.  If you think it is true, you do overhead claps.  If you think it is false, you do scissor claps.  The HIM that the statement is about holds a squat until all have made their true or false choice.  He then reveals the truth or falsehood of the statement by overhead clapping or scissor clapping.  Those who guessed incorrectly run a lap of the parking lot while the rest do the assigned exercise.  Groups switch so everyone runs and exercises.  Repeato.

Exercises: standing side leg raises, merkins, side-to-side lunges, shoulder-thigh-toe taps in plank position, jump squats, raised leg merkins, squat hops, calf raises, plank crunches.

Some things we learned:
@Sparrow has never punched a man in the face.
@SAGA has been punched in the face.
@Panhandle did have top secret security clearance.
@pillow mint does have exactly two kids.
@Jolly has never intentionally killed a man.
@Panda Express has indeed dunked on a regulation rim.
@Captain Crunch (AJ) was not voted “Most Popular” in his high school yearbook.
@Sparrow would have gladly stayed another hour.  He was just getting warmed up with his fact finding.
More than half of the PAX present have spent time in a jail cell.

Moleskin: It was a repeated call for men to be in accountability. King David was a man after God’s own heart.  Yet he had an affair and had the husband killed so he could take the woman for himself.  We can’t do this on our own.  We all stumble and fall into sin.  Accountability is no guarantee you won’t stumble and do things you regret, but it does help you to keep on the path you want for your life.  Having a man who will ask you tough questions on a regular basis helps to keep small things from growing into big things.
If you aren’t in an accountability group, seek one out.  If you have an accountability partner already, reach out and invite someone to join the two of you.

COT: @Archive is under a lot of stress at work and has had a stomach ache for a month, @Hancock has a phone interview today (how’d it go?), Baby Tobias (?) was super premie – 1.5 lbs. and not expected to make it.  He is miraculously getting better!