5.4.19 Embrace the Suck (part 2)

Men of Wheaton,

If you missed it (or the memory of the day’s events has been suppressed by your brain) here are some memory jogs for the crazy stuff that went down. Those Naperville Qs bring the heat!


(all video/pics credit to Leuben, thanks!) This first pic about captures my memory of how this all went down. I’m over there in the back taking a breather between Dora merkins while Blart (QIC) is rocking out on squats. He and Archive blasted through the Burpee / Merk / Squat Dora and then completed a PAX carry around the hill before any of us were even thinking through how to saddle up.

So, naturally, Blart did what any animal in his position would do: Go around again! This time carrying a different PAX. YHC back there, getting a breather and a free ride on the Blart-beast (foreground: our bold three-legged team, Banks, Moonlight, and Skynet: if you weren’t there, you missed Banks shouldering both teammates for the first leg)


So, I did get some leg work in, if JazzHands counts.IMG_2366.jpg

And here’s the view from the top. “It’s bigger than it looks” (@HeardAtF3)IMG_2364.jpg

It was a great beatdown and good to have the morale support of our Naperville brothers leading the charge. If they’re all like Blart, we’ve got our work cut out for us this month! We were one short of the Double Digit Midget this week with 9 PAX. We closed it out with a 6 strong coffeteria, and a good discussion about how much more there is to F3 than just fitness.

Looking forward to a great month of Saturdays, with Parks and Rec as QIC on 5/11. Don’t miss it!