2.27.20 – Banks+Greta = Beatdown

Great turnout for a beautiful February beatdown. 7 PAX (Inards, Gummy Bear, captain Crunch, Archive, Banks, Katniss, and Shiplap) showed up to give their all.

Warm -o-Rama – Motivator x 7, Abe Vigoda x 15, Big Arm Circles forward/backward x 10, Raise the Roof x 10

The Thang – Greta, Hill Interval. The PAX partnered up and did 100 Blockbees, 200 Over Head press, 300 block swings. PAX 1 one would run up the hill while PAX 2 completed as many reps as possible, then switched until all reps were complete.

Thang 2 – partner pushed ups. Alternating set 10 x 10

Thang 3 – Abs 10 sets of 20. Butterfly LBC, side obliques right/left, flutter kicks, American hammers, double crouch, reverse crunches, side scissors, knee to chest.

COT – Prayers from Archive and his family (thankful to hear good news!) as they deal work through their current pregnancy. Please be with their family and guide them the way you see fit. Prayers for all of us in our job with hard decisions and making the right ones, and that the people that do not benefit see the positives that may come from a hard situation. Thankful for all our blessings you have given us!