2.24.2020 Ruck Club “Take The Bridge”

A great turnout of 10 pax; Archive, Captain Crunch, Dovetail, Gummibear, Hoser, Hotbox, Katniss, Shiplap, TBTF, & 1 FNG (Now Innards)!


We played “Take the Bridge” strategy game. This new year I felt we had worked very hard in January & February, incorporating a new standard workout day (tuesdays). This Q was a bit of a trade-off; sacrificing some intensity for some fun and camaraderie, but my aim was still to promote a good F3 workout. 

Two teams were formed: With Archive, Dovetail, Hoser, Hotbox, and Shiplap as one team (the badguys) and Captain Crunch, Gummibear, Katniss, TBTF, and FNG Innards as the the Good team.

As the game commenced Archive started us off strong with the fastest 10 get-ups and taking the nearest bridge. Essentially, what occurred is that the two nearest bridges were apprehended by the thuggish team, never to be traded hands again. The Good Guys took the far bridge and never gave it up. It was clear throughout the game that the Thuggish team never mounted strong attacks, but instead feigned attacks and concentrated their forces in the rear to defend their two bridges. Some would label this cowardice, others would call this good strategy. There were some miscounts during firefights in the fog of war, but that is destined to happen. The game ended when time was called, with a bridge never trading hands. All jokes aside, I had fun time competing against the other team, its just hard to lose at your own game.

Lessons Learned:

  1. The exercise that defenders had to do when they were on a bridge was far too easy and next time all defenders should have to do the exercise and it should be a different exercise.
  2. The rep count for firefights needs to be more even between attackers and defenders in order for bridges to actually trade hands. Perhaps different exercises as well that are more demanding.
  3. Archive and Hotbox contemplated an amphibious attack. While it was not attempted, it may be good to incorporate such an attack should the game be played again.

NOR/COT: The Brave FNG stepped forward and told us about himself. The group was brainstorming the perfect name for the FNG, when suddenly Captain Crunch had a shining moment of brilliance comparable to that of a shooting star and offered the name Innards. We then prayed for Archive’s family and his wife’s pregnancy & Dovetail’s hip.

Moleskin: It was great to have Hoser back with us and Innards. Innards has been to 3/3 workouts thus far since joining. Way to Go Innards!

I have put the rules below for reference:

Take the Bridge Objective: 

Split up into two teams 

There are three bridges total. 

First time to take all three bridges, or occupy ⅔ bridges when time is called is the winner. 

Starting the game: 

We will start near the base of the hill and split into two teams. Each team will have 90 seconds to come up with a strategy & listen to their leader’s orders. (Q will pick team leaders). Then each team member will need to complete 10 turkish get ups on his own. Once your individual gettups are complete, you can race to any bridge of your choosing. At the start of the game there are no landmines present and no one yet occupies a bridge, so in order to initially occupy a bridge it is the first team who has 2 team members to stand on the bridge.  

How to initially occupy: First team who has two men on a bridge, bridge is considered occupied and team now has possession and is considered defenders. Landmines go into place immediately upon the bridge being occupied. 

There is a cost to owning a bridge: Defenders on bridge must be doing the following are are only interrupted when there is a firefight to defend against an attack or are relieved by teammates:  

With Ruck on: 1 push up, 1 lunge each leg, 5 squats, 10 calf raises (1 set). If you have multiple defenders they can alternate and rest, as long as one person is always performing a set at one time and each person is only doing one set at a time. If there is only one defender he must perform continuously. Once you occupy a bridge this must immediately begin and does not stop until the bridge is taken by enemy forces, who will then continue the sets. Failure to continuously perform a set will result in an immediate forfeit of bridge to enemy (honor system in effect). 

Once you occupy a bridge, you must leave at least one man there at all times. You cannot abandon the bridge even for a moment. 

Those of your team who are not in the defender position must be moving (walk, run, shuffle) to mount an attack, or retrograding back to relieve defenders or reinforce. 

MINEFIELDs: Light poles nearest to bridge on either side mark beginning of minefield to bridge. Attackers must bear crawl from light pole to bridge prior to mounting an attack. Only applicable for attackers on attack. Minefield layout is known to defenders and therefore they do not have to bear crawl through their own minefields at any time. Attackers, if they lose the firefight do not need to bear crawl back, only must on attack in. HINT: Some minefields are very very small and some are larger. 

If an attacker fails to recognize a minefield and is not bear crawling through a minefield the defender yells “Mine” which results in the attacker losing his leg (all this means is that the attacker cannot partake in the attack but must go to mount an attack elsewhere or go back to a friendly bridge prior to trying to mount another attack at this particular bridge). 


Occurs when one team attacks another on the bridge. Once attackers have navigated minefield and when the first attacker touches bridge firefight begins (you must be on bridge to engage in firefight). Fist team to knock out the reps together as a team wins the firefight: 

If you are defending a north side attack: 50 bent over rows 

If you are mounting a north side offensive: 80 bent over rows

If you are defending a south side attack: 75 chest presses 

If you are mounting a south side offensive: 125 chest presses 

Firefights Begin when the first offensive attacker touches the bridge. The defenders and the agitators who are on the bridge may immediately begin their set (north or south side depending on which way they were attacked). The team that finishes first must shout their reps (50,75, or 100 depending on the direction of attack and team). That team that finishes first wins the fire fight and either keeps their position or occupies a new position. 

If the defenders lose they must exit the opposite way they came. If the agitators lose the firefight the must exit the same way they came. If the defenders were attacked by both directions simultaneously, and lost, the victors get to decide which way they go back. 


SNIPER: If you hear the Q shout “Sniper” you must immediately stop what you are doing and do 25 leg spreaders with ruck overhead. Once done you may immediately resume the task at hand. This includes if you are in a current firefight. 

INCOMING: If you hear the Q shout “Incoming ” you must immediately stop what you are doing and do 5 gettups.

 Once done you may immediately resume the task at hand. This includes if you are in a current firefight 

Clues & Other Rules: 

Teammates in defense will get tired, as they are constantly performing repetitions. Make sure you relieve regularly and be strategic about offensive operations. Less then two defenders present means that the lone defender will be doing reps continuously and the bridge will be very vulnerable to enemy attack. 

When in a firefight, it is a good idea to somehow be counting the reps you do as a group. Once the first attacking member touches the bridge is when both defenders and attackers start repping in a firefight. 

You cannot Wargame and just have someone hovering near one of your bridges ready to defend but not on the bridge and therefore not performing the necessary bridge occupation reps. When you are not defending a bridge you must be moving towards an enemy position or back to a friendly position, you must be moving with a purpose. 

You may attack a bridge from both directions simultaneously. 

You cannot cross a bridge in enemy hands. 

Some mindfields are larger than others. 

You do not need to stay on the paths.