05.05.2020 The Return of Courage In Numbers.

It was a misty, moist, may morning, but it brought with it memories of march, the march we missed meeting together. Molecules of water fell upon us gently, to encourage us that spring is upon us, but the sub forty degree temperature, seemed to be old man winter saying he is not far behind and may appear again at his leisure. It was gloomy, but the hints of dawn emboldened us. We were few, but we were not one; a change we had been longing for, a desire that had been reverberating through us during each merkin and squat we had accomplished alone, in our respective homes over the last forty five days. A cry, a calling, a chant, that seemed to echo in the background of every footfall during our many solo runs we had trudged through.

It was good to return, and yet it was sad. We three, we happy company, but it was bittersweet. For, deep down in our loins, we knew, that less than two months ago the world was a different place. We knew there would have been at least five or six more of our brethren at our side on a morning such as this. We miss them. The world, has changed. The hour seems bleak. But hope shines through. All is not lost. We are more serious now, we are no longer as care free, we hesitate a bit, we pause. But despite this Banks still jokes. Shiplap still laughs. Times are different, but hope endures. It is good to be together again, despite the literal physical distance of six feet or more between one another.

The Q was not early, but he was not late. He arrived precisely when he meant to. He was punctual, and that is all some hope for from this particular Q.

We three began with a nice warm up of:

20 I/C Bend & Reaches

25 I/C Squats

10 I/C Merkins

The Thang:

We then moseyed to the nearest bridge on the west side of the the pond, where the dandelions grow, where the tall grasses rustle, where you can see the picturesque view of Rosie’s in the distance; a beacon of hope reminding us that some day we may again congregate for a cold refreshing beer, together. This is where we began the simple trek. Do you know the bridge now? Can you picture it? Good, it is important that you know exactly where you are.

The Q does not boast of possessing a creative mind in the vein of Hotbox, or dare I say Noodles. He knows his limits, knows that he most likely shant ever lead a Q with a theme or story line. Knowing himself, and being quite sick of doing simplistic static exercises in the confines of his living room, as not wanting to be a spectacle to the neighborhood, the Q had chosen his exercises carefully; movements that he has not attempted in some time nor would attempt without being in a group where, for some reason it is far less scary to look silly.


From The west bridge to The intersection nearest the pool building we joyfully and gleefully cycled through the following, as the pitter patter of rain drops fell upon our noses:

Bear Crawls

Crab Walks


There is no limit on how long you may go before switching which of the three you do, But you must cycle through in order, and each time you switch to a different exercise you must stop and do five burpees, prior to making the switch.

Upon reaching our destination we mosyed back to the flag, doing some one legged jumps along the way.

NOT/COT- First actual meeting of multiple members since the stay at home order. Good to be back, while still keeping our distance.