10.21.19 Ruck Club: 5 Minute Stride/Shuffle

The Q called a little EC workout session for those interested, who wanted to show up 15 minutes early. It does not need to be reported that the Q was 3 minutes late for his own EC session, nor that Banks gave his HC, which is stronger than oak, for the EC session as well as the regular session, and failed to appear at both, therefore letting his comrades down. Thankfully, it was verified that banks is alive and well, despite the missed hit time.

Ten Minute EC Session : Captain Crunch, Archive, Noodles and Gummibear completed the following ruck workout:

20 pushups

3 sets of curls and upright rows (12,10,8 reps each)

40 flutter kicks

The THANG (you can warm up rucking)

Six faithful paxs posted for another beautiful fall morning; TBTF, Hotbox, Archive, Noodles, Captain Crunch, and Gummibear were all present. To reiterate, Banks was not present.

As a group we covered as much distance as possible in 40 minutes alternating between 3 minutes of striding and 2 minutes of shuffling. We were able to complete 2 “Archive Miles” and one “Crunch mile”. Overall everyone did very well, and we had a good pace without feeling too out of breath. It was a very enjoyable morning and we still were chatting even while shuffling.

NOR/COT: Continued prayers for Archive’s potential job scenario. Prayers for wisdom for the Hotbox family. Prayers for a good week.

Great picture of the guys. To be clear banks is not one of these guys. Noodles was able to take some other photos that are posted elsewhere.

10.5.19 “The First Shall be Last” Team Competition

Disclosure: The title of this post belongs exclusively to the idea generation of Captain Crunch. Any copying of this title is prohibited without the express written consent of Captain Crunch.

6 HIMs POSTED (Names below)

Warm O Rama: Our warm up today consisted of conducting a dry run of the competition along with explanation. of the rules.

THANG (Competition): We began at the start line on the west side of the base of the hill and each of the three teams: (TBTF & Archive, Captain Crunch & Noodles, and JazzHands & Gummibear), carried a coupon to the pull up bars where each team was to accomplish the following round as a team:

10 Pull Ups

30 Elevated Push ups

25 Hodors

25 Coupon Swings

Upon completion the teams were to transport the coupon from the pull up bars, up the hill and then to the base of the hill (west side). Each team then had to Bear Crawl (draging their coupon) to the east side of the hill base and the first team that made it to the east side was the winner of the round. For their efforts the round winner was rewarded with conducting a bride hold of some sort until the other teams completed their round and were out of sight on the west side of the hill, beginning their next round. The round winners were further rewarded by being given an additional 10 reps to complete (exercise of their choice(s)) from the above four exercises at the pull up bars.

The idea was that the first team to win three rounds (or whichever team had the most wins prior to time running out) would be declared winner.

We conducted three rounds of the above, with each team winning a round. After the initial three rounds, we adjusted the rules giving each round’s second place team a half point from here on out. In the interest of time we then moved to the Lightning Rounds with each team having to accomplish the following:

10 Pull ups

15 Elevated push ups

15 Hodors (this was adjusted to 10 for the final round)

15 Coupon Swings

For the final round the teams also simply needed to transport themselves, and did not have to bring the coupon up the hill and drag for bear crawls.

We conducted three rounds of the lightning rounds as well. Time expired prior to any team obtaining 3 victories, however TBTF & Archive were victorious coming away with 2.5 points.

The final competition was for each team to race from the pull up bars to the coupon drop off point, and then to the parking lot. I am remiss to add that yet again TBTF & Archive were the winners, and even transported one of the other teams coupons in addition to their own two coupons. I cannot speak for everyone, but I know that Jazzhands and Gummibear had a lot of fun and laughs throughout this competition, and I hope it was enjoyable for all of us, as every HIM seemed to work very hard. No pictures today, too busy competing.

NOR/COT/ Coffee: Gummibear had to depart early, so Jazzhands took over this department. Thank you Jazzhands.

10.01.19 New Moon Extra Credit

Gummibear and Banks posted for a little EC session and got right down to business. As it was EC, the workout was at a more comfortable pace then usual but by the end we were sweating.


3 Sets of the following:

1 Capn Crunch Mile (9 minute mile pace)

15 Hodors

20 Coupon Pulls

50 Coupon Presses

Upon completion we went to the pull-up bars and knocked out a quick 10 reps of pull ups.

COT: Prayers of blessing and to work hard this week.

09.21.2019 IronPax Challenge Week 3 “Meters 43”

A humid summer feel clung to the Saturday morning September air. Archive and Captain Crunch were in Naperville posting as part of a weekend long “GoRuck”event. In the spirit of camaraderie, and due to the fact that we had already completed two other Ironpax challenges, another Ironpax challenge was in order.

Five Pax posted; Gummibear, Banks, TBTF, Jazzhands, & Duckmaster.

Warm Up: Being limited on time, we went for a quick jog around the playground and grabbed some coupons along the way to take with us to the pull up bars.

The Thang: Ironpax Challenge Week Three “Meters 43”

We set our stop watch for 43 Minutes and began doing as many sets as we could of the following:

10 Pull ups

15 Burpees/coupon jump overs

20 Burpee curls

25 Burpee squat thrusts

30 gas pumps

With the morning being surprisingly humid, and in order to better enjoy what could be the monotony of 43 minutes straight doing these exercises, we had a lot of mumble chatter going on during the workout. While we hit it hard, we certainly made time to socialize as well. However, perhaps in part due to the socializing no one completed 6 sets or more, as most of us finished in the middle of our 6th set. We all still viewed this workout as a victory however. Kudos to Duckmaster who was the only one of us who did not have to switch to an alternative exercise on at least one of the sets, as the rest of us did. No fancy pictures were taken today, just 43 minutes of sweat will be remembered by all.

Below is the link to the greenwood iron pax week 3 event as posted: https://f3greenwood.com/2019/09/15/2019-ironpaxchallenge-week-3-meters-43/

NOR/COT: Unfortunately I had to depart early this day, but banks and the others finished up with NOR & COT. God Bless

9.12.19- Nice and Easy Now and Again, from the Candy Man.

The Q had an ingenious workout planned for a team competition, but when only three pax posted, that plan was abandoned, perhaps lost forever to AO Mastodon. Worse things have happened I believe.

The 3 PAX; Captain Crunch, Banks, and Gummibear had all completed the ironpaxs challenge the following day. So in the spirit of esprit de corps that they were being swept up in, the Q decided today would be a bit of a victory lap, taking it pretty easy and laying off the coupons.

Warm Up: 2 mile group Jog (crunch mile) (9 min pace).

Thang: One 15 min circuit: Complete as many sets as possible:

-5 Pull Ups

-20 Box Jumps

-25 Sit ups

(5-7 total sets were complete by each pax).

Cool Down: 5 minute Ab workout; misc ab exercises.

Conclusion: This truly was a pretty easy workout. But it is important to adjust the tempo now and again. I think we all had fun and still got some good cardio and were able to work on pull-ups, which no one is terrific at. Also it was good to provide some focus to the abs, and help get the lactic acid out of the legs, through the jog. Overall, it was nice to be outside, together, and getting low intensity reps in.

NOR/COT/Prayers: Banks;Continue to be strong, Gummibear; God would bless Gummi Bear’s business and give him wisdom and long term vision, For Noodles and family and upcoming new member, For Archive and his career, and I honestly cannot remember what Crunch requested…Forgive me Captain Crunch.

Crunch….doing crunches. Actually he is doing sit-ups…in perhaps the smallest pair of shorts he could find.
Banks doing pull-ups… Photography sometimes is the most difficult part of these workouts. Only the best pictures are posted.

09.05.19 Diagnostic Test

4 pax ( Archives, Captain Crunch, and Gummibear, and an FNG) posted.

This workout was one of the easier workouts we have done in that the purpose was for each pax to re-assess where he is on basic exercises. This workout was simply to serve as a new baseline.

Warm Up:

We moseyed around the playground for a warm-up jog. .

Test: (As many reps as possible for time)

30 Sec -Pull ups

1 min – Inverted Rows

2 Min- Push ups

1 min- Modified Dips

Q forget to include sit-ups in this event. Needs to include this next time.

1 min- coupon squat presses (in hindsight this is not a testable event- no one reached muscle failure, or was even close to reaching muscle failure on this.

2 mile run for time

NOR/ COT: FNG given name Papa Bear. Prayers: Captain Crunch: wisdom in disciplining children. Archive: continued prayers for interview. Papa Bear: for wisdom with housing for his father. Gummibear: mother’s allergies/ wisdom for doctors.

8.29.19 Leggy legs and a little back and shoulders too…

And the ring alluded him….in all seriousness my wedding ring did go missing during this workout. Right now it is somewhere in the tall grasses of AO Mastodon, cold and alone.

At 0527 all 5 paxs that had given an HC were present; TBTF, Captain Crunch, Archive, Noodles, and gummibear.

Warm Up; We jogged around playground hill area; doing butt kicks, high knees, and karaoke. Archive was perplexed by such a low key warm up, but after all it is a warm up and it is a bit early in the morn. Were no spring chickens anymore.

Thang 1: IC Pull ups/ Partner Assisted: 3 sets of 10 followed by last man standing or hanging contest. This contest proved extremely short.

Thang 2: Circuit (3 sets) 25 Box jumps/8 reverse rows

Mosey on to the Coupons

Grab Coupon and conduct lunges w/ coupon overhead to bottom of hill

Thang 3: 10 Coupon Get ups or 20 Coupon squat thrusters, 20 coupon floor wipers, 20 coupon pulls. Leave Coupon and run up hill. At the top of hill 10 glute bridges, and 20 skater squats. 2 sets of circuit (2nd set at 50% reps for coupon exercises)

Thang 4: Legs of destiny: 15 airsquats, 15 jump squats, 15 lunges, 15 bouncing lunges.

NOR/COT: Prayers: Archive interview, TBTF health, Noodles M & Baby, prayers for those present; Gummi Bear upcoming fall schedule.

Lunges /coupon overhead
Noodles & TBTF: Coupon Squat Thrusters
Archive & Crunch: The Glute Bridge

08.15.19 Autumn Approaches… and so does Noodles Saturday Q.

The mornings are getting cooler, the darkness looms longer, the ring is lost, but all hope is not.

Noodles and Gummibear arrived a bit early, thinking that they were the only ones present. When out of the mist two figures, nay two creatures approached. It was none other than Archive and Capt’n Crunch who were just finishing a pre-workout; those sly dogs.

With 4 pax present; Noodles, Archive, Crunch, and Gummibear. the workout commenced at 0527.


We moseyed in a gaggle around the playground loop for a nice jog and circled up;

50 IC side straddle hops, 50 IC overhead arm claps, 10 dive dumbers, 10 push up and rotations, 50 IC leg spreaders, 20 IC flutter kicks.

Thang 1 – Beginning at the coupon staging area

10 get-ups w/coupons, 30 floor wipers w/coupon, 40 coupon presses, bear crawl coupon drag to playground, 50 box jumps.

Thang 2

I/C assisted pull ups; 12, 10, 6.

Legs of Destiny: 25 air squats, 25 jump squats, 25 lunges, 25 bouncing lunges.

Cool Down: 15 reverse bar rows, pick up coupon and group shuffle back to staging area.

COT: Archive; Thanksgiving for new hires at work, Noodles; prayer for current job situation and future opportunities, Crunch; for recovery from illness, Gummibear; that we would live joyfully and work with all our might for the glory of God.

Coupon Getups
Crunch and Noodles bear crawl
Crunch using a coupon for Airsquats
Cool down Rows. Noodles may be praying for wisdom for his upcoming saturday Q and how he can combine as many chest exercises into one session as possible. Feel that chest burn!