Backblast EC 7/22 – Suns out Guns out

5 highly motivated PAX participated in an EC workout that destroyed our arms. Huge shoutout to @Saga, @TBTF, @BigMac, and @DiVinci for coming out ready to rock and roll. Not only did these 4 guys bring the energy 3 of them are fairly knew to the group. What a way to get after it

Warm-o-Rama – motivators x 7, arm circles forward and backward on the Q, Hamstring stretch

Thang 1 – 10 hill runs – get up and down anyway you want just keep the heart rate going. @BigMac was a machine! Idea was to get the blood slowing before getting our upper body pump on!

Thang 2 – With a coupon in hand we moseyed over to the outdoor equipment. We did three round of the following

5 Pull up, 5 negative chin ups on the Q, 25 bent over rows, 10 one arm rows each arm, 15 curls with palms facing up followed by 5 negatives on the Q

10 Merkins in cadence, 15 chest presses, 15 skull crushers followed by 5 negative skull crushers on the Q

We ended the fun with some Mary – 25 butterfly LBCs, 25 oblique crunches each way, 25 flutter kicks in cadence

COT – Praise for the guys for joining this morning. Incredibly grateful for such a wonderful morning. Praying for the College of Wheaton and a resolution to the turmoil.