6 Corners, Plus

Today was a highly anticipated workout at AO Mastodon. The AO continues to grow thanks to a great addition of HIMs. Noodles on the Q as 15 PAX posted for today’s workout. Today’s workout revealed plenty of what AO Mastodon has to offer as Noodles managed to cover all 6 bridges and still left plenty of time for goodies. It definitely killed the mumble chatter towards the end.

WoR: Motivators x 7, Abe Vigodas x 15, Ballerina Toe Squats x 15

Thang #1 – A.L.A.R.M

Bridge #1 – Arm (Body Bag Builders) x 15

Bridge #2 – Leg (Monkey Humpers) x 25 – cadence count

Bridge #3 – Abs (LBCs) x 25 – cadence count

Bridge #4 – R exercise (Russian Twists) – x25 – cadence count

Bridge #5 – M exercise (Worst Worst Merkins Ever) x 10 – Crucible Merkin, Wide Merkin, Merkin, Diamond Merkin = 1.

5 Bridges – Bear Crawl across each bridge.

Hold plank for 6 after each bridge.

Thang #2 – Dan Taylor Alley

1 squat, 4 lunges. 2 squats, 8 lunges, etc. Final count 7 squats, 28 lunges. AYG mosey/run to Squat Row.

Thang #3 – Squat Row

Squats at every street lamp (SL). Mosey between SLs. Increments of 1, ex: SL #1 – 1 squat, SL #2 – 2 squats. Bear Crawl across the last bridge. Mosey over to base of Hoffa.

Thang #4 – Broad Jump Burpees

Pax split into groups of 7 & 8. Groups were spread out on opposite ends, 25 yards apart. Pax to perform Broad Jump Burpees to opposite side and back. Rinse and repeat for time.

MoM: Arm Circles, Raise the Roof, Chinooks, Moroccan Nightclub


CoT: Prayers for rest and continued health. Prayers for Europe and recent spikes in COVID. Prayers for Crack’s daughter, older sister to Crash and K-Pop, as she transitions to college. Asking for guidance and protection. Overall, continued growth for AO Mastodon so as to continue sharpening, motivating and pushing each other to be better men, sons, husbands, leaders in our communities.