EC at Lake Ellyn: Iron PAX Prep

It was a brisk morning and most PAX had their electric restored throughout the night so we all slept better. With the IPC just a few weeks away I wanted to get out and do a dry run of a workout they have posted in the past. There weren’t any warnings for the HIMs in the pre-blast so they were pleasantly surprised. I can tell you it was a burner!

WOR: Hamstring Stretch, quad stretch, seal claps, and arm circles – All for a random time determined by YHC.

The Thang:

50 Burpees – I think this took the PAX by surprise

Mosey to the Hilltopper (AO Lake Ellyns Hill)

20 Merkins, run the stairs 20 Merkins, run down the ramp, 15 Merkins, run the stairs, 15 Merkins, run down the ramp, rinse and repeat until the group hit 5 merkins at the top ad bottom. (100 total reps)

Mosey around the Lake and Stop about 1/4 of the way.

150 Lunges

Mosey another 1/4 around the lake

200 Squats


150 Lunges


100 Merkins – In a circle – reps to try and get all 100 with good solid form

Mosey to where we warmed up

50 FINAL burpees

We ended with some Mary – Butterfly LBCs x 25

COT: Prayers for all that are still without power, prayers for TBTF and his family as they go through some health issues with his uncle, prayers for good sleep and focus for all the PAX, praying anyone not able to post will do so soon. We praised the Lord for our minds and the mental toughness he is giving us, for the beautiful day, and the wonderful he surrounded us with.