8.11.20 – Know your Strength

The storms last night were bad almost all of the HIMs didn’t have power and I’m sure slept terribly in a HOT house. I know I did. YHC was hoping to make this beatdown one that would distract the PAX from the events around them and make us all a little more mentally tough. As August moves forward, I can feel the Iron PAX challenge drawing closer. The goal of today’s Q was to push each PAX to their limit and then a little more chasing someone who believes they have an advantage over everyone else. Your QIC wanted to do his part to start the training process to make sure our F3Wheaton group has a strong showing.

Location: AO Mastodon

Temperature: A Brisk 65 degrees

PAX Attended: DaVinci, Crack, Katniss, BigMac, Noodles, Jazz Hands, Gummy Bear, TBTF, Shiplap

WOR: Goof Balls IC x 25, Merkins IC x 5, Legs Spread Hamstring stretch, walk to the right leg, walk to the left leg, Seal claps IC x 10, Arm circles forward and reverse

Thang 1: To get the heart rate up – Bataan Death March around the archive mile – Intended to do the short mile but an electric fire and the fire department wouldn’t allow. We finished our march at the coupons

Thang 2: Know your strength. On the pre-blast I asked each PAX to HC and list what they feel their best exercise is. I used each exercise as part of the thang and the corresponding PAX competed against the group. The goal was to either complete the reps first for exercises with a predetermined rep count, or get the most reps on exercises to failure. Anyone who beat the PAX who’s strength was being done would complete an ab exercise of their choice while the losers would run a hill and do penalty reps. The PAX who’s strength was being used had to do the penalty reps unless he finished first, if they finished in the lower half they had twice the amount of penalty reps


Burpess x 50 – BigMac:

Shoulder Press IC until failure – Shiplap

Merkins OYO until failure – DaVinci

HoDors x 50 – Gummy Bear

Star Jumps x 50 – Katniss


Burpees – BigMac – still in disbelief how he did it so fast. I felt like I did 50 as fast as humanly possible and he beat me by two reps.

Shoulder Press: Gummy Bear – wishing I did to failure on this, the IC made it tough to keep everyone’s tempo the same

Merkins: Shiplap

HoDors: Katniss, we may have tied, but ‘ll give it to Katniss – he plowed through them

Star Jumps – Tie – Shiplap/Katniss

COT: We prayed for safety for all of the technitians working to turn the power on, for saftey of all the homes affected, for Jazz hands as he battles through sleeping issues and anxiety, and for all the M’s out there, they are the true MVPs. Finally, we praised the lord for a great day, with great men.

Moleskin: Due to the hot restless night at home, the AO was exactly what I needed. The good Lord blessed us with a cool morning and made sure we had a good enough showing to push ourselves. In my 7+ months of F3 I am proud to say, I finally saw Gummy Bear struggle though a workout. I am proud to see it was with one of my Qs and am happy to know he is human. Hats off to you Gummy Bear! Have a great day fellas!