Jock Jams 9.12.2020

It has been a Rainy week and the PAX of F3 Wheaton have embraced it all week. Your QIC needed some dry pavement and wanted to cut the HIMs so slack so decided to run today’s beatdown under the pavilion. Despite the 45 minute workout prior to the normal beatdown in moving tables and writing out the workout. The time was well worth it.

WOR: Combination of Active Movement- SSH, Goofballs, Goofballs 2.0. Picking daisy’s – middle, right and left. Standing quad stretch, arm circles forward and back, tricep stretch

The Thang: the 14 PAX split up into 5 groups for the 5 stations of exercises. The first round was a 4 minute AMRAP with a 1 minute recovering. Round 2 was a 2 minute AMRAP with a one minute recovery all while listening to a Jock Jams pandora station! We were able to get both rounds in and ended right at 8

To help bring cardio to the beatdown YHC decided to sprinkle in 100 burpees randomly throughout the workout. We pushed it harder and got in 115. Based on the mumble chatter I am pretty predictable but it was a great addition

Station 1: 20 squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 lunges, 20 split jacks

Station 2: 20 Abyss Merkins, 20 table presses, 20 dips, 20 BBSU

Station 3: 40 bent over rows, 40 curls, 20 1 arm rows, 20 high pulls

Station 4: 20 durkins, 30 chest presses, 40 skull crushers

Station 5: 30 leg lifts, 30 BBSU, 50 IC flutter kicks, 50 dbl LBCs

PAX: Katniss, Saga, Hotbox, DaVinci, Sparrow, Captain Crunch, Banks, Archive, Wet Burrito, Jazz Hands, Tortuga, Panhandle, TBTF, Shiplap (Q),

COT: We gave praise for the ability to workout, for our M’s, 2.0s, and the group. We pray for each PAX and their jobs. Many are going through some hard times.

Coffeeterria: Egg Harbor!