“Keep It Simple” Boot Camp – 9/10/2020

“Keep It Simple” Boot Camp – 9/10/2020
14 PAX came out for a chilly Thursday AM beatdown. PAX in attendance include: Gummi Bear, Banks, Captain Crunch (2Q), HotBox, Bloomer, Sparrow, T-Bone, Shiplap, Katniss/Katness, Wet Burrito, Noodles, Archive, DaVnci, TBTF

We started with a quick WoR with Abe Vigotas x15 IC and Motivators x7 IC
We then moseyed to the COOTES and started with 25 pull ups and 25 merkin.

Next we made two single file lines. One line was the merkin line and the other was the squat line. Each PAX was able to call out the exercise of their line 1 time throughout our mosey around the Captain Crunch Mile (intended to do the full Archive mile but was running short on time). We did 25 merkins and 50 squats each time it was called. About half way we cut the reps to 15 merkins and 25 squats. Once the mosey was complete we made it back to the COOTES for 15 more pulls ups and 25 more merkins. For good measure we sprinted to the top of Hoffa and performed BBSs until all PAX were complete then bear crawled or crab walked down Hoffa and made our way back to the flag.

CoT – Prayers for the community and overall health of the PAX and families. There were a few specific requests that to be honest I can not recall right now but were part of the prayer.