EC 9.19.2020 Iron Paxs Week 3 Makeup.

Seven Paxs met at 5:30am on a brisk saturday morning at AO tarpit. We conducted a quick warmup and then split into two groups; one of which conducted the iron paxs week three challenge and the other did a misc workout routine. There were a few surprises here, including a buzzer beater HC by Big Mac and Hotbox deciding to do ironpax, and Banks and Tortuga doing iron paxs week three for the second time.

Warmup: on Your own: stretching & jogging.

The group that did not do Ironpax was comprised of katness, Big Mac, and Gummibear. This group did the following workout:

Warm up: bear crawl from sideline to sideline and karaoke back.


Rifle carry coupon 10 yards stop and do 10 thrusters, rifle carry coupon 10 yards stop and do 10 uneven push ups, rifle carry coupon 20 yards and do 10 hoders. Repeat 3 times.

We then went on to the track where we encouraged those competing in iron paxs. To offer encouragement we did 400 meters worth of lunges along the track. I am still a bit sore from these this morning.

We then went to a chest/tri station doing the following 3xs: 12 coupon extensions, 25 bleacher dips, 25 bleacher decline push ups.

We ended with running with the iron pax competitors finishing up.

The group that competed in ironpax was: Tortuga, Noodles, Banks, and Hotbox. Kudos to Hodox for finishing in sub 37 minutes! Also it was great seeing Banks and Tortuga do ironpax week three a second time. Banks took two minutes off his original time. Nice job to Noodles for getting this in. Lets have as many of us possible complete iron paxs this fall.