9/21/2020 – Backblast – Monday Ruck Day “KEEP ON tRUCKING”

We met up at “shipping and receiving” by the tennis courts where we filled the tires, checked the tread, fired up the engines, and loaded the cargo to deliver the goods. 10 PAX in the fleet: SAGA, Archive, Captain Crunch, Sparrow, Cookies, Banks, Shiplap, Da Vinci, BigMac, Wet Burrito.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, you are here at your own risk, modify as necessary.


Motivators; Tappy Taps; Mountain Climbers; Arm Circles


Thang 1: Shuffled around the lake.

Thang 2: pull-ups into squats for 5 while partner did some merkins

Thang 3: Ruck to the lamp posts – 5 squats at each post with a shuffle to the next post to increase by 5 reps each stop until 40 squats

Thang 4: Ruck/Suffle to the ball diamond for a partner race: lunge to first, bear crawl to second, shuffle home – while waiting pax did squats, Al Gore, & planks in rotation

Thang 5: Shuffle to hoffa for a Jacob’s Ladder (run up, 1 burpee, run down and back up 2 burpees, etc. until near time).

Thang 6: Manrise! Dropped the weight and sprinted to the top of hoffa.

Mary: 25 flutter kicks

Moleskin: The journey is easier in a pack. All that weight you carry will one day come off.

Prayer for: Jobs, families, and faithful living.