EC 9.24.2020: A Friend In Need

The night prior I had run into some discouragement as it appeared no one would HC for this EC. It is difficult for me to comprehend why this could be, as the EC was to begin at 4:45am; prime time for working out. To make matters worse, SAGA was sending me rude GIFs. I nearly canceled the EC, I felt like giving up on Shredtember, despite us being so close to the end.

Then, Hotbox, seemingly out of nowhere HC’d very late in the evening. Words cannot express what this gesture meant to one who had nearly given up hope on this EC.

I arrived at the AO a bit early, not wanting to arrive late or sleep in for a 4:45am EC session that I called. As I drove up, I realized that the morning could not be described as simply gloomy, but rather it was dark. Pitch dark.

The Thang:

Hotbox and Gummibear stepped off on a ruck around the AO at 4:45am. I must admit we had coffees in hand, but we were still working, we were rucking. In all we rucked two large loops around the AO plus a bit more. What were the other details you ask? What did we discuss? It was a wonderfully thought provoking discussion in all. We talked about “deep work”, “failure vs losing”, gravitas, work in general, and raising children. it was rather deep on a very applicable level. The morning in all was very beautiful and the temperature perfect. As we crossed the last bridge and stepped from the gravel path onto the brick paver parking lot, there was Divinci, preparing to begin his session….