10.3.2020 AO Tarpit – Exploration

It was YHC’s first Q at our newest AO, so I figured a little exploration was in order. It was a chilly morning, but without any wind it was quite nice out. 3 PAX (Katniss, Shiplap, Banks) braved the early morning gloom on a Saturday to come out and see what Tarpit has to offer.


  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Windmills

Thang 1: Exploration

We started off with a Bataan Death March mosey to explore the Tarpit grounds. We went up the hill and across the street ending up at the tennis courts. *It should be noted that at this point, YHC injured himself and could not really run any more so the workout was heavily modified from this point forward…

  • Bearpees – We went across the courts 1 way completing standard Bearpees, then went the other way with double burpee bearpees. *It should be noted that at this point, we noticed the Fox that call Tarpit it’s home closely monitoring our every movement… Shiplap and Katniss scared it away for the time being
  • 20x dips at 2 different stops along the way

We then moseyed to near the track and completed some lunges along the way

  • We stopped and completed 15x Merkins IC

We then moseyed to the playground equipment and completed 1 round of the below circuit with the pullups as the pace setter:

  • 10x Pullups
  • Derkins
  • BBS

At this point, we moseyed back to the cars to acquire some heavy things to lift.

Thang 2: Heavy Lifting

We set up 3 stations and completed the following with the person on the sandbag being the pace setter. There were 2 main sets we completed and then repeated with decreasing reps:

  • 25x Sandbag Bent Over Rows, other stations were Blockees and Hodors
  • 10x Sandbag Burpees or “Sandees”, other stations were coupon squats and curls
  • 20x Sandbag Bent Over Rows
  • 8x Sandees
  • 15x Sandbag Bent Over Rows *At this point, we noticed our friend the Fox joined us and was creepily watching us from the edge of the track… Katniss ran at him to scare him, but at this point he didn’t move, which in turn scared us… We decided to perform our remaining exercises facing the Fox…
  • 6x Sandees
  • 10x Sandbag Bent Over Rows
  • 4x Sandees
  • 5x Sandbag Bent Over Rows *At this point, the Fox had had enough and ran off… It looks like we have an official mascot for the AO!
  • 2x Sandees

Each PAX completed 75x Sandbag Bent over rows, 30x Sandees, and lots of Blockees, Hodors, Coupon Squats and Curls.

After being sufficiently gassed, we headed back to the start to circle up for some Mary.

3 MOM:

  • 30x Flutter Kicks IC
  • 25x Each Side Oblique Crunches Each Side IC


Prayers for these men who came out and joined YHC in the early gloom. Thankfulness for the beautiful day and strength to stay focused on our families this weekend.