Backblast: 10/2/20 EC

Tortuga, Gummi Bear, Crack and Katniss hit AO Tar Pit under a full moon for some EC run club / burpees at the usual 5:30 slot.

W.O.R: Motivators (7X), Tappy Taps, Quad stretch, 5 burpees.

Run thang: Mosey around Lake Ellyn on the short path, stop for 50 burpees at the boat house. Continue for another mosey around the neighborhood until the traffic and bikes threatened safety in the gloom. Headed back to the high school where we proceeded to the stairs.

Stairs: Run up all stairs, 10 merkins, run down hill, 10 squats. Repeat 5X.

Hit another ~.75 mile run around the lake and took the long way back to the parking lot where we knocked out another 50 burpees.

~3 miles and 100 burpees + some stairs. A successful EC!

COT: Prayers for tough work weeks ahead for Crack, his M and kids. And Thanks for Gummi Bear’s successful test to snag his Michigan real estate brokers license.