Banks + a Shiplap Twist

As I was planning this Q, I decided to look back at some workouts when I started in January. Due to the cold weather most workouts kept to moving and I learned to love them. I decided to copy an old @Banks workout and add a little twist of my own.

WOR: Motivators x 7, Goof Balls x 20, Abe Vigoda x 10, Merkin IC x 10, arm circles forward/backward

The Thang: We broke up into 4 groups and did the following until time expired
Station 1 – Burpees x 10
Station 2 – Pull ups x 10
Station 3 – Feet on the swing Durkin + knees to chest x 20
Station 4 – Dips x 30

after each round we decreased the rep count for a station except burpees (those stayed at 10). We decreased by the following Pull-ups x 1, Durkins x 2, and Dips x 3

Most PAX got to one of the last two rounds and a few starting working back up as they waited for the 6

NOR: Sparrow, T-Bone, Archive, Crack, Gummi Bear, Saga, Da Vinci, Wet Burrito, Banks, Shamu, Hotbox, Tortuga, Shiplap (Q), Cookies, Big Mac,

COT: We gave praise for a beautiful day (despite the rain), we prayed for Archive, his M, 2.0s, and the future 2.0, We prayed for Noodles and his dad, and we prayed for Crash and Cracks M as they travel for volleyball Nationals in St Louis.