Backblast: 10/28/20, AO Tar Pit

13 PAX showed up for my VQ on a crisp dark morning – thank you!


3 count motivators (my favorite version)

10 count Tappy Taps

OYO hang and stretch

OYO Michael Phelps

OYO arm circles

10 slow Merkins in cadence

50m skip run

Mosey to start line for workout

Every Man Murph” – modified version of Hero WOD “Murph” (more running, a lot less pull-ups)

1 round = Run ½ mile (2 track laps), 3x (5 merkins, 10 sit-ups, 15 squats) so total of 15 merkins, 30 situps, 45 squats per round – breaking them up eliminates rest and keeps people moving the whole time.

Goal:  6 rounds (3 mile run, 90 merkins, 180 situps, 270 squats).  Set a 35 minute time cap to end at 6:15.

T-bones random playlist provided entertainment in the calisthenics area until the cold shut down the Bluetooth speaker (or someone didn’t like my music).

Several PAX finished and many completed 5 rounds – no one complained of being cold.

Name-O-Rama: Mose, TBTF, Wet Burrito, Da Vinci, Noodles (great to have Noodles show up in the midst of dealing with loss), Crack, Gummi Bear, Shiplap, Tortuga, Big Mac, Saga, Banks, T-bone (Q)

Circle of Trust: Discussed November Orphan Awareness Month and T-bones involvement with Orphans in Zimbabwe and a chance to raise awareness for so many less fortunate than us.  Lifted up Orphans the world over, Noodles loss of his father in Mexico and the challenges of mourning in a COVID world, prayers for Crack’s family as they mourn the loss of M’s grandmother as a matriarch and spiritual leader and example to many.

Love this Crew – it is a privilege to be a part of such a strong (in so many ways) group of men!