Saturday: 11.7.20 Bootcamp – The Tar Pit

It was a beautiful morning and a recording setting Saturday morning at our newest AO. We had 10 faithful PAX in attendance, 7 of which were pulling a double header and posting at the “afternoon” workout at AO Mastodon at 7AM to complete the “Getting Jacked 777” challenge. YHC wanted to make sure each HIM felt the pain that was earning the coveted award.

WOR: SSH IC x 50, Goof balls IC x 15, Picking daises rotating to the left and right, quad stretch

The THANG: No Mercy Mile
Starting on the track – Bear crawl curve 1, lunge curve 2. Jog the straight aways stopping at the 50 yard line on each and complete Merkins on the first stop and curl/press on the second.

Thang 2: 10 Minutes of Meat Head
Rows IC x25
One Arm Rows x 10 (each arm)
Curls x 10 – then 5 negatives
Skull Crushers x 10 – then 5 negatives
Coupon Press x 15 IC

Thang 3: 5 minutes of Captain Crunch Yoga

NOR: Sparrow, Cookies, Katniss, Captain Crunch, DaVinci. Shiplap (Q), Panhandle, Saga, Big Mac, Wet Burrito

COT: Praised the lord for our M’s and 2.0s. We prayed for peace for our country as we go through an unsettling time.