11/9/2020 Monday Ruck Club

PAX in attendance: Big Mac, T-Bone, Tortuga, Noodles, Yoyo Rabbit, Saga, Panhandle, DaVinci, Sparrow, DBC, and TBTF-WoR – Michael Phelps x30 seconds, arm circles x30 seconds each direction, Abe Vegotas x10, Slow Squats x10, and slow Merkins x10

Thang – The goal was to get around the AO twice, the first included stops for PT and the second was pure ruck (shuffling needed due to time).

  • First Lap:
    • On the first lap around the AO we stopped after the pool house for a speed routine (PAX accomplished 20 reps of 5 movements as fast as possible. We did OH presses, Merkins, American Hammers, Squats, and Imperial Walkers. We proceeded to ruck to Dan Taylor Alley where we bear crawled across the field stopping at the first soccer net. We then lunged from the first soccer net to the second soccer net. Next we shuffled to the northwest corner of AO for one last PT stop where the PAX hammered out 20 Merkins/20 Squats/20 American Hammers. From there we completed the first lap (to the flag)
  • Second Lap:
    • Goal was to ruck the Archive mile where mumble chatter was encouraged. Time snuck up on me and we ended up shuffling the back half.

COT – Prayers for the teachers, students, and staff at the schools to stay safe amid the increasing numbers. Prayers for the children of the Hope4TheOrphan program (I apologize I can not recall the girls name we prayed for this morning) .