“Frenemy Relay” in the Snow

Twelve hardened PAX woke this morning to a blanket of fresh snow, but braved the gloom anyway. Panhandle, Beaker, Big Mac, Shiplap, Hotbox, T-bone, Jolly, Da Vinci, Banks, Gummi Bear, Katniss and one new F-N-G (later dubbed Olaf) arrived at AO Mastodon as snow continued to fall. The beauty of our AO was on full display.

Banks proceeded to test the snow quality and proclaimed it ideal for snowball making, then launched several at Shiplap’s vehicle as he dared to step out. Together we welcomed our F-N-G, recited the disclaimer and prepared to warm-o-rama.

WOR: 7X Motivators + 10 Tappy Taps + 10 Goofballs (all IC)

The Thang: Frenemy Relay

After all moseyed to position just East of the roundabout, Q intro’d the morning’s workout: “Pick a partner of equal strength, speed and stamina. Choose carefully – try to find the man who is your near perfect equal. If you choose correctly, you’ll be rewarded later.”

You and your partner are both friends and enemies – aka FRENEMIES – today:

  • You are enemies because: Each round you’ll face off against your partner in a race to finish the assigned exercise.
  • You are friends because: At the end of the entire workout we’ll crown a “most balanced 2-man team” (i.e. the team with the most “split rounds” where neither partner was dominant)

*The group partnered up (2×6), then half the partnerships moved into adjacent parking lot for social distance*

Each round…
One partner will complete a high rep count of an exercise, while the other partner does a mix of cardio and lower reps. The partner who finishes first wins. Then you’ll switch and repeat. 
That set (i.e. 2 cycles) = a single round.  

Round 1:
Partner A: Does 50 burpees
Partner B: Runs to poolhouse, does 12 burpees, and runs back
-Flip and repeat-

Round 2:
Partner A: Does 100 Merkins
Partner B: Runs to poolhouse, does 25 Merkins, and runs back
-Flip and repeat-

Round 3:
Partner A: Does 50 coupon kettle bell swings
Partner B: Does 20 Murder Bunnies out (away from partner) and back (return to partner)
-Flip and repeat-

Round 4:
Partner A: Does 50 Hodors w/ coupon
Partner B: Runs to poolhouse, does 20 squats, and runs back
-Flip and repeat-

Round 5:
Partner A: Does 100 Big Boy Situps
Partner B: Runs to poolhouse, does 25 Big Boy Situps, and runs back
-Flip and repeat-

Round 6:
Partner A: Does 100 Overhead press w/ coupon
Partner B: Runs to poolhouse, does 100 “Raise the roof”, and runs back
-Flip and repeat-

Big Mac and (T-bone?) were dubbed “Most Balanced Duo” as the only group who didn’t have a single partner dominate at least one of the exercise rounds above. Congrats – you win another imaginary coffee from Katniss.

COT: After mosey back to parking lot we circled up, named our F-N-G (Welcome Olaf) and prayed for health of all those directly (and indirectly re: nursing home patients struggling with isolation) dealing with COVID. Safety for all those gathering for Thanksgiving this week.

Moleskin: Praise for a beautiful morning at the AO. The falling snow throughout the workout, the quiet of the early morning AO, and the fellowship of 12 great men made for a picturesque memory this Q won’t soon forget.