6 hardy Pax showed up today expecting cold and rain, but were surprised with a “dry” and balmy 45 degree morning.


Arm Circles

Michael Phelps

Arm Windmills

Tappy taps

Hamstring Stretch

The Thing:

PCP = Partner Coupon Party

A Murph Variant – teams of 2 complete a full Murph with some notable substitutions

Each Round = both run 1 lap, combine for 25 blockees, 50 derkins and 75 goblet squats

4 Rounds = 2 total miles, 100 blockees, 200 derkins, 300 goblet squats as a team

Most if not all groups finished by 6:10 and some got in a cool down lap and some extra planks

Wrapped it up with a 3 minute Mary EMOM – high plank, flutter kicks and side crunches

NOR:  Gummi Bear, Cap’n Crunch, DaVinci, Tortuga, Panhandle and T-bone (Q)

COT:  Prayed for the Orphans in Zimbabwe – specifically a 15 yo girl named Ayanda who is a good student and is in a loving home with her Grandmother.  Praise for Tortuga’s M testing negative for COVID.  Prayers for TG travel and the stress of an unusual holiday season.