11/30 – Ruck Monday

A fine, if breezy morning was had by 10 PAX on a Ruck Monday.Warm-O-Rama:
Goofballs (with @SAGA trying out some running Goofballs sure to make a reappearance)
Arm Circles
10x Merkins OYO

Ruck/Shuffle around AO
10 trips up/down Hoffa with 20–>2 squats at the bottom and 2–>20 merkins at the top
Short Ruck around pond

Students heading back to class and those students stuck on campus b/c they can’t get home
@Archive heading back to workPAX: Panhandle (Q), SAGA, DaVinci, Olaf, Archive, TBTF, Big Mac, Cookies, Tortuga (respect), Sparrow