6.23.2021 – Ultimate

14 PAX showed up on a cloudy, breezy morning to play Ultimate frisbee. We started out with some warm-up stretching, jogged the field, and had one down-and-back with lunges, sprints, and bear crawls. Then we played ultimate, with the good guys winning 6-3.

Good to have @biscuit coming in from Indy and @cranberry joining us for the first time!

Back-blast 2/1: Monday Rucking Through the Snow

10 PAX (@panhandle, @davinci, @bigmac, @shiplap, @archive, @SAGA, @cookies, @beaker, @captaincrunch, and @banks) trudged through shin-deep snow around the AO, pausing on occasion to knock out some merkins, squats, overhead presses, and big-boy sit-ups. Finished off with some shoulder taps on top of Hoffa. No burpees. Good start to the week!

Back-blast 12/29/20: The Wedding Anniversary Workout

Today, we celebrated my (Panhandle’s) 25th wedding anniversary with 12 PAX (Panhandle, Shiplap, Big Mac, DaVinci, Jolly, Sparrow, Archive, SAGA, Beaker, Crack, Tortuga, T-Bone) doing a workout on a nice, crisp, 15-degree morning at AO Mastodon. After a quick warm-up (Goofballs, leg stretches, arm circles, and Michael Phelps), we jumped into the THANG:

In honor of the 54 months Panhandle and M dated before being engaged, we did 54 bear crawls. We then paired up and shared the load with the following

In honor of the 3 years we were in Augusta, GA, we each did three trips up Hoffa while the other did LBCs and BBSs.

In honor of the 5 years we were in Providence, RI, we each did 5 trips up Hoffa while the other did derkins, chest presses, and overhead presses.

In honor of the 5 years we spent in Athens, GA, we each did 5 trips up Hoffa while the other did squats, lunges, and no-surrenders.

And in honor of the 12 years we’ve been in Wheaton, we as pairs were scheduled for 12 trips up Hoffa while the other did curls, rows, and kettlebells. (This last one got curtailed because of time).

COT: thanks for marriages, prayer for Noodles’ safe travels.

11/30 – Ruck Monday

A fine, if breezy morning was had by 10 PAX on a Ruck Monday.Warm-O-Rama:
Goofballs (with @SAGA trying out some running Goofballs sure to make a reappearance)
Arm Circles
10x Merkins OYO

Ruck/Shuffle around AO
10 trips up/down Hoffa with 20–>2 squats at the bottom and 2–>20 merkins at the top
Short Ruck around pond

Students heading back to class and those students stuck on campus b/c they can’t get home
@Archive heading back to workPAX: Panhandle (Q), SAGA, DaVinci, Olaf, Archive, TBTF, Big Mac, Cookies, Tortuga (respect), Sparrow