12/3/20 BACKBLAST: “The NOR Beatdown” @ AO Mastodon

The inauguration of The Birthbee!

WARM-UP: Starting off with Advent cheer, we knocked out the 3rd-beatdown-of-Christmas routine with 30 squats + 20 flutter kicks (4-count) + 10 burpees.

We circled the crib to hear the tale of the newborn among us: The Birthbee. A demonstration of its beautiful cry was beheld by all in the shape of 2 Dollys + 2 Big Boy Sit-ups (here’s to cramping) + 2 “nursing” nipple scrappers (cause you need to give attention to both sides) + 1 burpee jump + 1 squat = 1. Thus a salute to our mothers who went into double-time pain that we might have breath.

THE THANG – What’s in a name?

Everyone shared their full birth name: First + Middle + Last. PAX were to decipher their personalized workout by correlating the letters in their full name through the chart above. There was slight confusion around what a “jumping jack” and “push up” was, but it was determined that this made the workout FNG friendly and can serve as part of the ongoing evangelism efforts of F3. For The Birthbees, we started with 10 at the bottom of Hoffa (one round being all 8 exercises) then ran to top of Hoffa for the next 10 until one’s age was reached in reps. Finished off the workout with F3 name.


15 PAX gathered in two groups for social distancing purposes: Beaker, T-Bone, Panhandle, Jolly, Crack, TBTF, Big Mac, Tortuga (respect), Cookies, Noodles, Hotbox, Crash (hate), Sparrow, Captain Crunch, SAGA (Q)

Prayers for rest and health and thanksgiving for those who have given us life (with a shout-out to moms).


  • Not all men are created equal and thus the need for others. We are better together. Use what is unique to you to serve the needs of others.