Burpee Bonanza Beatdown

Backblast: 12/2/20 Tarpit

Five brave PAX ventured out of a chilly 22 Wednesday morning for the promised Burpee Bonanza Beatdown.  It could be the title scared off our less dedicated PAX, or perhaps it was the coronavirus.WOR: Abe Vigodas SLOW, IC 10, Tappy Taps IC 10, Slow merkins IC 5, Michael Phelps OYO, slow walk pas the track.

With the track and field being locked, we had to modify on the fly.  After a mosey around the perimeter of said locked field, we retrieved some cones from my trunk and headed to the field between the track and the lake.

Thang one:
Four different burpees, one at each of three stations, with the final involving some traveling.
Leonidas burpees – a burpee with two pushups,
Reverse burpees – also known as “get ups”,
Sit through burpees – (look it up),
Broad jump burpees

Started with five of each while staying together.  The broad jumps were completed heading toward the first station.  After completing first round of five, PAX continued with a round of 10, 15, then 20 of each.

Thang two:
Time was running short, so we finished together with six one arm burpees (without a merkin), six one leg burpees, and five hands up skip jack merkins (at @Archive’s request).  On the mosey back to the cars he asked, “Are we going to do one more set?”  I obliged.

NOR: Archive, Cookies, Saga, T-Bone, Tortuga (Q)

COT: Lifted up PAX impacted by COVID, orphan ministry, Cookie’s family has a stomach bug going around, Smokey and his job situation.