This is my Coupon

It was raining sideways as the PAX rolled up to the Tar Pit. The only thing standing in-between 7 brave PAX trying to earn their Jackpot was two rainy, wet workouts.

WOR – 35 IC Seal Jacks, coupon carry to the peir, arm circles.

After we picked up the coupon after the warmup we didn’t set it down until COT.

Thang 1: 11s with curls and coupon press. Mosey around the pool house after each round. Once complete the PAX moseyed to the base of the wheel.

Thang 2: 4 stations on each corner of the wheel: First round 20, then 10, then 5
Station 1: High Pulls
Station 2: OH Press
Station 3: Coupons Squats
Station 4: Triceps extensions

Thang 3: Dan Taylors with coupon x 5

Mary: Flutter kicks IC x 20, 15 BBSU, 15 Side Sizzors

NOR: Katniss, Banks, TBTF, Jolly, Shiplap (Q), Tortuga, Archive, Hotbox, Wet Burrito, Big Mac, Rain man,

COT: Praise for a beautiful day, healthy bodies, and supportive PAX.