12.12.2020 – 12 Days of Christmas – Merkin Hour Part II

Great job by many PAX and creativity in recent beatdowns. It made this beatdown much harder to think about. Nevertheless, I decided to bring back an old favorite, 12 Days of Christmas style. The weather was a bit rainy with plenty of puddles. By the end of the beatdown, plenty of ground will have been “pushed”.

WoR: Side Straddle Hops x30, Stretch Center/Right/Left, Malasana Pose, Michael Phelps x30, Little Merkin Boy (Little Drummer Boy – Plank Hold – Merkin on Pa rum pum pum pum. 21 total).

Mosey around AO Mastodon’s short mile and AYG sprint up Hoffa. Moseyed over to Shiplap’s House of Pain, today To Be Known As Santa’s Workshop. PAX spread out on the inside and outside of the Workshop for social distancing.

The Thang – Merkin Hour Part II – PAX to start with Day 1, representing the number of reps for designated Merkin. PAX to then move on to Day 2 plus previous day rep count (Ex: Day 2 = 2 Worst Merkin Ever plus Day 1 = 1 Worst Worst Merkin Ever).

Day 1 – 1 Worst Worst Merkin Ever

Day 2 – 2 Worst Merkin Ever

Day 3 – 3 Diamond Merkins

Day 4 – 4 Hand Release Merkins

Day 5 – 5 Chuck Norris Merkins

Day 6 – 6 Derkins w/ coupon

Day 7 – 7 Ranger Merkins

Day 8 – 8 Werkins

Day 9 – 9 Crucible Merkins

Day 10 – 10 Spider-Man Merkins

Day 11 – 11 Sphinx Merkins

Day 12 – 12 Manmaker Merkins w/ coupon

Shout out to Archive for finishing all 12 Days. Remaining PAX made it to Days 10 & 11.

CoR: Jolly, Jazz Hands, Banks, Da Vinci, K-pop, Crash, Tortuga, Crack, TBTF, Sparrow, Wet Burrito, Archive, Cookies, Katniss, Shiplap, Beaker, Captain Crunch, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers for health and rest, Prayers for those traveling. Prayers for Crack’s friend battling cancer.

12 Days of Christmas never felt so good!!