12/19/20 Backblast: “Improv” @ AO Tar Pit

Five PAX posted in the gloom on this mild December morning. I had been mulling around Christmas themed ideas for this workout, but nothing seemed good enough to match the creativity that had been on display over the previous week. Instead of creativity, I went for the old-fashioned beatdown. No notes, no specific plan made for an interesting morning of improvisation.

WoR: Motivators IC (7), Windmills IC (10), Tappy Taps IC (9), Arm Circles OYO

Thang #1: Bataan Death march counterclockwise around Lake Ellyn (last PAX in line does 5 burpees then sprints to front of line). Each PAX got two sets of burpees in by the time we made it back to the field.

Thang #2: Improv Session – Line up along the fence. Complete each exercise then sprint to sidewalk and back.
1. Curls for the Girls – 50
2. Overhead Presses – 50
3. Goblet Squats – 50
4. Alternating Block-over Merkins – 20 (one hand on coupon, other on the ground, perform merkin, then switch hands on coupon and repeat. 2 = 1 rep) Bernie rather than sprint after this set.
– at this point the Q asked each PAX for an exercise and rep count (group improv!)
5. Hodors – 40
6. Skull Crushers – 50
7. Big Boi Sit-ups w/ coupon (25)
8. Bonnie Blairs – 25
9. Blockees – 10
10. Thrusters – 25(?)

We finished things off with a mosey/jog clockwise around Lake Ellyn.
NoR: Katniss, Shiplap, Beaker, Noodles, Crack (Q)
CoT: Prayers for Noodles’ travel, Tortuga’s 2.0 (wisdom teeth pulled yesterday), and Crash’s foot pain.