Journey of the Magi

11 PAX (@Tortuga, @T-Bone, @Beaker, @Noodles, @Big Mac, @Katniss, @Hotbox, @Shiplap, @Banks, @GummiBear, @Da Vinci Q) appeared like stars to combat the post-Christmas blues by celebrating Epiphany. We explored the magi as life exemplars. Wisdom came from splicing the sayings of the desert fathers with Q-source handbook, which helpfully modify ancient desert wisdom for our time and place:

WARMORAMA: Sidestraddle hops during Sufjan Stevens We Three Kings with arm circles during the chorus and leg stretches at the end.

Q-Source: “A man maintains Fitness for reasons outside of himself” (37)

The Thang: Coupon Hike around the lake.

LEG 1: Coupon curls as we walked. 20 burpees

John Colobos: “Humble mindedness and fear of God are superior to all virtues.”

Q Source: “Nothing good comes easily, nor should it, for it is what a man learns about himself during a difficult journey a makes him an Effective guide for those that come afterward.” (26)

LEG 2: Overhead press as we walked: 10 burpees

John Colobos: “Who is as strong as a lion? Yet a lion is falls into a snare because of its belly, and all its strength is brought low.”

Q Source: “The HIM is not an ascetic living in a monastery. He knows that while what he eats may often be outside of his control, how much he eats is always his responsibility.” (40).

LEG 3: Partner sprints for a star jump as other partner carries both: 20 burpees

Isaac of the Cells: “Do not bring children here. Four churches here have been deserted because of children.”

Q Source: “The seeds of discontent sown by the ineffective father will yield a legacy of damaged fruit” (54).

LEG 4: Walk with coupon: 10 burpees.

Repeat sequence at football field.

COT: For schools, Wheaton Bible church pastoral transition, our divided nation. Everything may be expected of us, but Christ gave everything for us. It is about more than the gifts we give to Christ (1st half of life), it is about receiving what he gives to us (second half of life).

Abba Isidore: “A life without a word is better than a word without life.”

Q Source: “A good boss will give you a clear job description so that you know what is expected of you. As a husband and father, you won’t need anything like that because everything is expected of you.” (63)

Gentile da Fabriano, Adoration of the Magi (1423)