America’s Best Aerobic Athletes 1.9.20 AO Mastodon

11 PAX for an Aerobics warmup and some time under weight with Archive (QIC). 

WOR- “Champions” Circle up and do 3 different movements during the National Aerobic Championship theme song (link here). Movements: Lemur Dance, kick leg as high as possible clap hands below raised leg. Aerobic Athletes, high knees with OH hand clap. In Thrust We Trust, hands on hips thrust to the right and left. Q starts movement next PAX counts to three and starts, goes around the circle until Q is reached. Change movement at that point.

One twist: each time “Champions” is said in the song, drop and do a burpee. 12 burpees in this exercise, and an elevated heart rate.

The Thang: Archive had collected a variety of “gifts” (2 logs, 3 sandbags, “Jerry”, and assorted coupons). The gifts and PAX had to get the gifts and themselves to various objectives under a time limit. Penalty reps (per weight) would be added for every 10 seconds elapsed above the time limit. Objectives:

Top of Hoffa- 5 rows per weight. 3 minutes to the top over the 2 fences. Made it with time to spare. 10 rows with each weight. 

Scouts Cabin- 6 minutes. Did not make it, 50 penalty reps. 50 OH presses with each weight. 

Pool House- 5 minutes. Made it. 20 squats. 

Parking Lot- 10 minutes. Made it but coupons were not in line. 50 penalty reps. 50 curls.

Bucket brigade of coupons back to cars.

1 more: Boat/Canoe

COR NOR- Archive (QIC), Captain Crunch, Jolly, FNG (welcome Selena!), Jazz Hands, Crash, Cookies, Smokey, TBTF, Da Vinci, DBnC

Moleskine- Prayers for Crash’s travels, Jazz Hands’ new nanny and job search for his M, thanks for Greta’s new heart, and many many prayers for the country.