2/21/22 Run/Ruck from the 80s into the 90s, to the Year 2000 and into the TWILIGHT ZONE

BACKBLAST: Run/Ruck from the 80s into the 90s, to the Year 2000 and into the TWILIGHT ZONE
Date: 2/21/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Archive@Crack @TBTF @Jailbreak (Welcome Back!) @Noodles  @Tortuga @Sparrow @Panhandle @Jolly @Panda Express @Da Vinci @Shiplap
FNGs: 0
Q: @Archive
Total: 12
Conditions: Balmy.:palm_tree:

WOR- “What is Love” various aerobic exercises.

Thang- Run/Ruck to Boat House. 3 Minute timer. 5 merkins, 1 lap for rucker, 2 for runners. If you make the timer add 5 merkins. If you miss the timer subtract 5. Repeat for time.

Moleskine- St. Augustine believed that human misery was a function of loving lesser goods more than greater goods, giving our hearts to the finite over the infinite. (@Da Vinci I think it’s in Confessions IV). What you truly love is revealed in how you spend your time, allocate your attention, and make decisions.

It’s easy to pay lip service to having our loves prioritized in the right order. But it isn’t our words which reveal where our hearts lie, but our actions.

If you say you love your child more than your phone, but look at your screen instead of her face when she talks to you, you really love your phone more than your child.

Run Club 7.2.21

7 PAX (Banks, Shiplap, Cheese, Jolly, Beaker, TBone, Hotbox, Archive QIC) for a Run/Ruck club day. Runners took off for Seven Gables to see the flags. Ruckers (Hotbox, Archive) hit the parking garage and the college.

COT- Prayers for potential job transitions for Hotbox and safe returns from traveling PAX and runners.

4/23/21 Town & Country Run Club

Be kind every man is fighting a hard battle aphorism.

10 Pax for a Town & Country run (Archive QIC, Banks, Shiplap, Tortuga, Whittler, Shamu, Dr. Phil, Hotbox, Panhandle, TBone). Route was as follows: Town: east on Prairie Path to Parking Garage. To the top of the garage. North past library. West on Lincoln to Prairie Path. North on Prairie Path. West through the Marsh to overpass. East on Childs to startex.

COR NOR BOM: Prayers for Boomer and Cooper, giving thanks for wonderful surroundings to run in.

Moleskine: “Be kind for every man is fighting a hard battle”

3/29/21 Run/Ruck Club

11 PAX (Archive QIC, Crack, Shiplap, Beaker, Jail Break, TBTF, Tortuga, Captain Crunch, Cookies, Jolly, Da Vinci) for some miles under ruck or behind Tortuga.

6ish miles for the Run Clubbers. Ruck club:

W/Sandbag. 3x up Hoffa. Ruck to island. Sandbag holder + 2 runners go clockwise, one PAX farmers carrys two rucks counter clockwise. First to catch the Sandbag holder wins.

Finish up lap of AO- shuffle one lamppost/walk one lamppost back to the Flag.

Moleskine: Thoreau observed, “the cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.” F3 is the best thing I’ve ever purchased- no money exchanged and every ounce on time that I’ve put into it has been richly repaid with accountability, fellowship, and personal growth.

COT- Prayers for Tortuga’s M (sleep), Captain Crunch’s friend Katie recovering from a stroke during birth, and Beaker’s M traveling with kids in tow.

The Sparrow Strategy 3.10 AO Tarpit

19 PAX for a 8 station beatdown.

WOR: American Aerobic Athletes- Lemur Dance, In Thrust We Trust, High Knees OHC

Thang: 8 Station Beatdown. Each station worth 1 point. No repeats until station 8 was completed. 1 bonus point for completing all stations.

  1. Farmers Carry 120 LB sandbags to the top of the Wheel. 10 squats top/bottom.
  2. 3x Sprint to the top of the Wheel.
  3. 150 LBCs 100 Hammers 50 Big Boy Situps
  4. 4x Pull weight plates the length of the rope
  5. W/ 60 LB sandbag: 150 curls, 100 Squats, 50 clean and press
  6. Up the stairs, 25 squats at each landing on way up and down
  7. 1 lap of the school
  8. Grizzcalator: Up the stairs in plank position, merkin on each stair (2 Points)

Boat/Canoe while scores were shared. Sparrow won with 12 points (6 point from the Grizzcalator). Gummi Bear gets an honorable mention with 11 points.

NOR: Archive, TBTF, Shiplap, Hotbox, Da Vinci, Tortuga, Big Mac, Banks, Cheese, Cookies, Rain Man, Jolly, Bloomer, Sparrow, Katness, Waterboy, TBone, Gummi Bear, SAGA, Wet Burrito (for Coffeeteria)

COT: Moleskine- Make it your end to convert potential energy into kinetic.

Prayer for the growth of the group and for the men there.

America’s Best Aerobic Athletes 1.9.20 AO Mastodon

11 PAX for an Aerobics warmup and some time under weight with Archive (QIC). 

WOR- “Champions” Circle up and do 3 different movements during the National Aerobic Championship theme song (link here). Movements: Lemur Dance, kick leg as high as possible clap hands below raised leg. Aerobic Athletes, high knees with OH hand clap. In Thrust We Trust, hands on hips thrust to the right and left. Q starts movement next PAX counts to three and starts, goes around the circle until Q is reached. Change movement at that point.

One twist: each time “Champions” is said in the song, drop and do a burpee. 12 burpees in this exercise, and an elevated heart rate.

The Thang: Archive had collected a variety of “gifts” (2 logs, 3 sandbags, “Jerry”, and assorted coupons). The gifts and PAX had to get the gifts and themselves to various objectives under a time limit. Penalty reps (per weight) would be added for every 10 seconds elapsed above the time limit. Objectives:

Top of Hoffa- 5 rows per weight. 3 minutes to the top over the 2 fences. Made it with time to spare. 10 rows with each weight. 

Scouts Cabin- 6 minutes. Did not make it, 50 penalty reps. 50 OH presses with each weight. 

Pool House- 5 minutes. Made it. 20 squats. 

Parking Lot- 10 minutes. Made it but coupons were not in line. 50 penalty reps. 50 curls.

Bucket brigade of coupons back to cars.

1 more: Boat/Canoe

COR NOR- Archive (QIC), Captain Crunch, Jolly, FNG (welcome Selena!), Jazz Hands, Crash, Cookies, Smokey, TBTF, Da Vinci, DBnC

Moleskine- Prayers for Crash’s travels, Jazz Hands’ new nanny and job search for his M, thanks for Greta’s new heart, and many many prayers for the country.

12.26.20 AO Tarpit- Presents from Archive

5 PAX for a Boxing Day Beatdown w/ presents from Archive (QIC).

WOR- 7x Motivators, Lap around Glenbard hitting every set of stairs. Gummi Bear rolled up mid lap…

The Thang: Archive had collected a variety of “gifts” (2 logs, 2 sandbags, and 5 coupons). The gifts and PAX had to get the gifts and themselves to various objectives under a time limit. Penalty reps (per weight) would be added for every 10 seconds elapsed above the time limit. Objectives:

Top of the Wheel- 2 minutes. Made it with time to spare. 10 Squats with each weight.

Center of the drop of circle- 3 minutes. Did not make it, added 50 penalty reps. 60 OH presses with each weight.

Down the stairs/10 curls per weight/back to the top- 5 minutes. Made it. 20 rows.

10 curls/ From the circle all the way bottom of the Wheel- 8 minutes. Made it with 10 seconds to spare. 10 squats/ 10 rows/ 10 squats.

COR NOR- Archive (QIC), Captain Crunch, Gummi Bear, Tortuga, Shiplap.

Moleskine- Giving thanks for F3, the community and the accountability to keep pushing myself. Love you gents! COT- Gave thanks for Tortuga’s daughter’s wisdom teeth healing up.

9.28 Favorite Characters

7 PAX (Archive QIC, Banks, Big Mac, Captain Crunch, Da Vinci, Sparrow, TBTF) enjoyed a nice moist morning with some of their favorite pals.

WOR: 2 Minute Plank. Banks was not pleased.

Thangs: Ruck between each spot.

Route 66- Shoulder to Shoulder Thrusters

Dan Taylor

Welsh Dragons at the Lair

Finished up with a 2 Minute Plank and 3 Burpees


COT- Prayers for a good start to the week, for Archive’s review (belated), and thanks for F3.

Moleskine- It was so good to get back to work with the PAX. The mumblechatter was really good and Da Vinci/Sparrow/Big Mac in particular raising the IQ of the group. Banks and I not so much.

9.8 Big Bang Y2K

15 PAX for a IPC warmup.

WOR- Motivators x7, Super Slow Windmills, Super Slow Tappy Taps, Balancing Stick.

Karaoke, Carioca, Bernie, Mosey a 1/4 mile. HIIT (Mosey 4 Lampposts, Sprint 2) Rest of the way back to the playground.

Thang 1: Big Bang (Theory)- PAX circles up and runs/does an increasing number of yards straight backwards/ reps of an exercise. 10 yards/ 10 Kickthroughs, 20 boat/canoe, 30 flutters, 40 oblique crunches, 50 oblique crunches. Q ended up jumping the ball field fence for last three exercises.

Thang 2: Mosey to tennis court.

Y2K- Split into two teams and race to finish a Millennial each. 100 reps of: American Hammers, Imperial Walkers, SSHs, Bernie Shuttle Run 10x, Flutters, Shuttle Run, Crunchy Frogs, 100 count Boat Canoe. More were planned but Q ran out of time.

Great way to prep for IPC!

Moleskine- It’s so much better to be doing the Millennial together rather than doing reps alone in the dark.

COR NOR: Archive (Q), Captain Crunch, Hotbox, Shiplap, Gummi Bear, Shamu, Da Vinci, SAGA, Panhandle, Tortuga, Bloomer, Big Mac, Yoyo Rabbit, DBC, Crack

BOM- Prayers for health and safety especially as kids return to school.

8.29 “For the Invigoration of Male Leadership”

18 PAX on a great breezy morning for an workout that tested PAX’s counting and leadership skills.

WOR- 15x in Cadence SSH, OHPs, Calf Raises, and an absolutely terrible in-cadence call of Kickaroos (aka Kick Throughs). Yours truly had practiced Kickaroos in cadence but IT DID NOT SHOW. The pregnant pause between “2” and “3” was painful.

“Pick Up the Six” – Split into two teams and head opposite directions around the AO. Front PAX peels off and does Manmakers until the 6 passes him. Repeato until both teams return to startex. Winning teams does reps of exercise of choice until losing team arrives. Losing team does same reps while winning teams mumble chatters annoyingly. Team One won and did 20x In Cadence American Hammers.

“Archive’s Bad Idea”- Same deal but Bear Crawls for movement and Kickaroos for exercise. We went until teams met in the middle. PAX was good and tired after that.

Moleskine in the Middle: Q’s favorite John Wooden quote “Make each day a masterpiece”.

AYG to the Baseball Diamond

“For the Invigoration of Male Leadership”- PAX in a semicircle in outfield, Q on pitchers mound. Each PAX was called to the mound to lead the collected PAX in a in cadence exercise. We did the following: 10x Burpees, Kickaroos, Crunchy Frogs 20x Merkins x2, Flutters, BBSitups, Planks 30x Squats, Mountain Climbers, Calf Raises 40x SSH, OHCs.

AYG to the flag.

COR NOR: Archive (QIC), Banks, Captain Crunch, Hotbox, Shiplap, Katness, Crack, Crash, Kpop, SAGA, Da Vinci, Noodles, Sparrow, Wet Burrito, Big Mac, Bloomer, Smokey, Jazz Hands.

BOM: Prayers for safety from COVID, for Crack/Crash/Kpop/C3POs outdoor church service, and thanks for the FNGs who have started in the last 2 months.

Moleskine- “Make each day a masterpiece” we have a good start on making today a masterpiece. Shoutout to Smokey, Crash, Kpop, Bloomer, Wet Burrito for jumping into leading the PAX for the first time. They crushed it, yours truly is so proud to be a part this group.