6.27.20 The Floor is LAVA!

6 PAX for a hot hot hot beatdown.

WOR- 7x Motivators, Static Stretches. Pick up Coupons

Thangs- Split into 2 teams: Team TBTKatbox (Too Big to Fail, Katness, Hotbox), Sharnks (Shiplap, Archive, Banks)

Round 1- 1 point each for winning a round.

First to 150 total reps as a team and run to next lamppost (winner): Curls (Sharnks), Clean and Press (Sharnks), Squats (Sharnks), Blockees (Sharnks)

Round 2- 4 points for winning the round. THE FLOOR IS LAVA: work as a team to traverse from one lamppost to the next without touching feet to the ground. Hands and coupons can touch. Winner of round was Sharnks with a last minute push.

Round 3- Blue Falcon: Team TBTKatbox picks reps and exercise. First team to complete and make it to next lamppost gets 2 points: Merkins (TBTKatbox), OH Press? (TBTKatbox), BBSitups? (Sharnks), Run w/ Coupon to top of Hoffa (Sharnks)

Race to the top of Hoffa was a definite highlight: TBTF took off like a rocket but slowed when he hit the hill. Banks’ slow but steady closed it out.

Mary- 8 points for team for holding boat/canoe the longest. Won by yours truly QIC. Hotbox said it looked like I could have held boat all day, it didn’t feel that way to me. I’ll take the compliment.

TBTKatbox: 4 points Sharnks: 18 points.

Gotta say the points don’t look close but TClaps out to everybody for pushing each other. It did not feel like there were any rounds off for either team.

COR NOR- Blessing for travels and for Sparrow’s trip to Wisconsin.

5/14/20 Ruck Surprise

5 PAX for a surprise ruck day workout. Archive QIC, Banks, Captain Crunch, Gummi Bear, Shiplap.

WOR- 6x Motivators

The Thang: Base Camp
5 stations- complete reps then shuffle between each station (stations should be 25 yards apart), in person each PAX should call out at a safe distance for other PAX to move to the next station.Stations:
12x Burpees (ruck on)
24x Merkins (ruck on)
48x LBCs (ruck overhead)
Hold Reverse Plank (90 seconds or until relieved)

Repeato for 35 minutes.Finish with Boat/Canoe

No big Moleskine for this one: it was very wet and uncomfortable. So thankful for the PAX to keep pushing me forward.

3/9/20 Boat is the Rest Position?

8 PAX skipped the arms and legs for a core heavy workout.

WOR- 7x Motivators, 20x Imperial Walkers, Mosey to Baseball Diamond

Thang 1: Flora 1-2-3

Partner up. P1 does sets of 10 Gaspumps while partner holds “Boat” 5 sets each- 100 reps total.

P1 does sets of 20 Plank Jacks while partner holds plank 5 sets each- 200 reps total.

P1 does sets of 30 LBCs while partner holds reverse plank 5 sets each- 300 reps total.

Bataan Death March- Scout Run with 20 flutters for the last PAX

Thang 2: Millennial

PAX sprints to outfield fence, does reps of the following:

SSH, Gaspumps, Merkin, LBC, Plank Jack, Squats, Flutters, Getups (completed as a group), OHCs (completed returning to the parking lot), BURPEES (the griping immediately started, bringing joy to the QICs heart)

1st to 100 reps calls it and PAX return to startex for next round. Burpees are completed as a group….

COR NOR Archive (QIC), Banks, Captain Crunch, Dovetail, Hotbox, Jazz Hands, Katniss, TBTF

COT Moleskine- Have to say, it was a pretty good Saturday. Loved the effort from everyone at the morning beatdown and it was a privilege to hit the trail for Hotbox’s BDay at HIS PLACE Arrowhead. Looking forward to Sunday’s 15k!


2.10.20 Slow Day Ruck Club

7 PAX for a slow day at AO Mastodon. Archive, Banks, Captain Crunch, Noodles, Too Big to Fail, Shiplap, and coming in hot- Gummi Bear.

Ruck out of parking lot- short warmup under the street light- 15x SSHs, Karaoke, Bernie.

Ruck to Lawson Field-
Thang 1: Split into two teams.
Team 1- 10x 4 count squats
Team 2- Full lunges (knee touches the ground)
Repeato until PAX has crossed the field.

Ruck to Tot Lot- 2 rounds of:
10x Derkins on swings with Knees to Chest
10x Squats
10x Dips

Shuffle back to startex.

Prayers for rest (Noodles + the rest of us), concentration and motivation for a good week at work (AMEN).

1.13.20 Banks’ Choice

9 PAX (Archive, Banks, Captain Crunch, Noodles, TBTF, Hotbox, Gummibear, Dovetail, Shiplap) started their week right with a Archive led ruck workout. Shoutout to Dovetail and Shiplap for jumping into ruck days!

15x SSH
25x Split Jacks
22x Arm Circles

Thang 1- Crab Walk Suicides
On Tennis courts, crab walk to the next boundary line 3x squats with ruck overhead.

Thang 2- Front to Back
Go from lamppost to lamppost the following ways:
1. Bear Crawl
2. Sprint
3. Bernie
4 Crawl Bear
2x burpees at each lamppost.

Held squat position for 30 seconds.

COR NOR COT – Big thanks for being able to wake up early and “play” in the snow. Prayers for TBTF’s new job in Rosemont, Noodles’ first week of school, and a great start to the upcoming week.

12.26.19 Nutcracker Suite

Big thanks from Archive to the group for the push to be creative in my workouts and to keep working hard at each post.

4 PAX for a warm day at the AO. TBTF, Noodles, Hotbox, Archive (QIC)

7x Motivators
10x Imperial Walkers
10x Tin Soldiers

Thang 1
Galop- Indian run around AO, 5x Burpees

Rat King x9 – PAX puts feet on shoulders of PAX behind them, merkin. Repeato.

Grab Coupons
Pax De Deux- Partner up, one partner bear crawl drags a coupon to tree and back while other partner AMRAPS a exercise.
100 x Blockees
200 x Coupon Curls

Coda- Sugar Plums Fairy- Howling Monkeys 10x

Prayers for Banks and Captain Crunch on their travels. Thanks for new job opportunities for TBTF and Noodles.

12.16.19 Ruck Day Circuits

5 Pax (Archive (QIC), Banks, Gummi Bear, Noodles, Triple X- welcome back!) rose for a circuit-based beatdown.

15 x Tin Soldiers

1 Round of exercise equipment circuit:
Between each station-
3 Hodors
3 Pullups
5 Stations-
10 x LBCs, Squats, Overhead Press, Dips, Ruck Sidepull

1 2 mile circuit.

COT- Prayers for a good week finishing out before the holidays, Noodles’ job interview, and for Gummi Bears’ neighbor kid who has had adverse reactions and was in the hospital.

11.4 Will Battle Hero WOD and Ruck

6 PAX for a very un-gloomy Monday (Archive (QIC), Banks, Captain Crunch, Gummi Bear, Noodles, TBTF). Daylight savings got to Hotbox’s 2.0s….

No WOR- straight to the good stuff:
10 rounds each
-10 Ruck Squats
-10 American Ruck Twists
-10 Ruck Push-Ups
-10 Ruck High-Pulls

1 Mile Ruck, We overachieved and did 1.6 miles at a 12:31 pace…

COR COT- Prayers for sleep and a good start to the work week!

10.12.19 Jazz Hand’s Revenge

On 10/12, 3 full-size PAX posted on a very chilly Saturday morning (@TBTF@Gummi bear, and @Jäzz Händz), while another (@Captain Crunch (AJ)) brought along his 2x 2.0’s, combining to what we’ll call a solid 4 PAX for the day (1/2 for Crunch, and 1/4 for each of his 2x participating 2.0’s, who actually did some workouts with us!)

The workout was as follows:          
”Seven & Ten & Two”
Diamonds & Dragons, v2.0

Thang 1 @ The Baseball Diamond
“7 of Diamonds”Start at Home Base. Each “round” (i.e. circle all four bases), you switch to the next exercise. Stick together at bases, hold for the 6.• Round 1 = 7x Burpees OYO at each base
  * Karaoke to each next base• Round 2 = 14x Squats IC at each base, PF (“proper form”)
  * Mosey to each next base• Round 3 = 21x Mountain Climbers OYO at each base
  * Broad Jump to each next base• Round 4 = 28x LBCs OYO at each base
  * Backwards mosey to each next baseYours truly grabbed a coupon and hit the path for “Crunch mile” counter clockwise.

Thang 2 @ Path by Diamond
“Baton” Death March
Modified “Bataan Death March”• PAX line up and begin moseying in a line for a “Crunch Mile”, CCW around the islands. The front-runner carries the coupon, last person in line stays back to do 5 merkins. The Merkin-doing PAX sprints up like tortoise and the hare style to front of mosey line (and taps trailing PAX on the way to stop, drop, and do 5x merkins) and takes coupon from the front-runner as new leader, and previous front-runner is now second in line.
• Sans the coupon, this is a very doable and normal exercise. With a coupon however, you need to enter beast mode, which @Gummi bear specifically did quite well.
• We did 1 loop around the islands while @Captain Crunch (AJ) stayed back with his 2.0s to prepare for the next workout and keep them warm in the car.Return the coupon and headed to the tennis courts.

Thang 3 @ Tennis Courts
Welsh Dragons: Enter the Dungeon
Bear crawl forward 4 steps, do 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, and tap the back of each shoulder 1 time. Repeat adding 1 rep to each exercise each time.• PAX did 10 reps of Welsh Dragons: i.e. last rep was finishing the stretch with 4 bear crawl paces, 10 merkins, 10 plank jacks, 10 shoulder taps per shoulder. The goal is to not release from planking position or drop to your knees. This was BRUTAL. “Modify as needed” was definitely utilized for this workout.

Mary (6MOM) @ Grass near Parking Lot
Ring of Fire (bear crawl version), two rounds per PAX as there were only 3 of us in the ring.COR/NOR/COT:coffee::doughnut: Coffeteria  :coffee::doughnut: