1/16/21 – F3 Waterfall at AO Tarpit

Per the Pre-blast, a forecast promising snow did not disappoint! A Q promising 100 burpees came through with 115 instead! And all PAX were sufficiently beat down after an hour of snowy F3 Waterfall!

Eight brave PAX showed up at gloomy AO Tarpit before dawn as a fresh inch of snow continued to blanket our AO. In attendance: Shiplap, Banks, Beaker, Jolly, Gummi Bear, Tortuga (respect), Da Vinci and Katniss (Q).

YHC wanted to incorporate some new exercises into the WARM-O-RAMA so we did…

15 burpees OYO
Quad stretches
Blarts (Al gore and rock left, forward, right and back = 1 rep) x 12
Air Squared (Al gore and overhead clap) x 25
ABCs (while on your six, write the alphabet with your legs up at ~20 degrees)

Thang 1:
We did 50 burpees for time to get warm and tired. Then the real fun began.

Thang 2:
F3 Waterfall! A variation of the popular drinking game.

All PAX moseyed behind Q at his pace, wherever Q leads them
Whenever Q decides he stops the PAX and yells “CARD!”
One brave PAX steps forward and pulls a card from a standard deck of cards
Each card in the deck corresponds to an exercise
All the royals (J, Q, K, A) require coupons – which means you must fast mosey back to starting point (where coupons stayed) and perform those exercises
If any PAX pulls a Joker (of which there are 2) – it’s penalty of 25 blockbees

Card values were:
2 – BBCs (20)
3 – Merkins (20)
4 – Lunges (20) – each leg counts
5 – LBCs (20)
6 – “On your six (aka jollies)” (20 seconds)
7 – Squats (20)
8 – Bonnie Blairs (20)
9 – Nipple Scrapers (20)
10 – Peter Parker Merkins (20)
J – Overhead press (30) — requires sprinting back to start
Q – Coupon Squats (30) — requires sprinting back to start
K – Thrusters w/ coupon (20) — requires sprinting back to start
A – Waterfall (run back to start and perform 10 reps of ALL exercises in list)
Joker – Makes burpees at the end of the beatdown split 25 blockbees, 25 burpees

Together we got through around 20 cards, including only one rest (card #6) and at least one waterfall (an Ace). A good mixture that left out only a few of the exercises! No Jokers were pulled (thank the Lord).

Thang 3:
We did 50 more burpees. Safe to say no one beat their original time.

COT/Moleskin: YHC told a story about his M, overwhelmed with 4 kids and feeling like she wasn’t able to keep up / feeling like a bad Mom. A few days later our 2.0’s teacher wrote my M a quick email saying “Thank you for your son, he makes our classroom a brighter place. You must be such a wonderful mother.” — Takeaways: The Lord works in powerful, mysterious ways through each one of us to collectively keep us going. If you do your best, others, and the almighty, take notice. Your best is all he asks.

Prayers for bodies that work, motivation to keep going when times are tough, and the miracles the Lord works through each and every one of us on the daily.