Burpees of Misfortune

It was a brisk morning as your QIC showed up to the AO promptly at 5:00AM to prep for the 5:30 beatdown. I was able to find some dry side walk to write the beatdown on and scope out the AO to make sure we had ample amount of footing for today’s Thang. I felt extra motivated and wanted to make sure the PAX completed plenty of burpees to make sure we didn’t fall behind in the MABA challenge.

WOR: 10 Burpees, motivators x 7, 10 Burpees, picking daises, quad stretch, 10 burpees, arm circles, 10 more burpees – grab our coupons and head to the COOTIES.

The Thang: Start every round by a jog to the pool house parking lot and back – complete 10 burpees then progress through the 9 exercises completing 10 burpees at the burpee station after each exercise.

Exercises: 20 reps of each followed by 10 Burpees at the burpee station = 100 Burpees for 1 round
Pull Up
One arm Rows
High Pulls
Inverted Rows
Skull Crushers
American Hammers

NOR: Cookies, Banks, Crack, Jolly, Sparrow, DBC, Whittler, Da Vinci, Beaker, Tortuga, Panhandle, T-Bone, Hotbox, Bloomer, Noodles, Captain Crunch, BigMac

QIC: Shiplap

COT: Praise the Lord for mental toughness and the ability to get together. We prayed for Bloomer, his 2.0, and entire family as they go through a week of tests. We pray that the Lord gives them strength and leads them down the right path. we pray for the health of the PAX, their families and all of mankind.

Moleskin: Here is one undeniable truth that I know about each of us, we need authentic relationships with other men who are working to be strong fathers, husbands and leaders. Isolation will destroy a man! We have the opportunity to change our community and the trajectory of our families.  Getting in the best shape of your life is just a by product. The work out is the magnet, the relationships and community with other men will keep bringing you back. Lock shields with us and help us accomplish F3’s mission to invigorate male leadership in our community.

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.