Greta + 50: 7/11/20

It was a beautiful morning at the AO. A little less humid than the rest of the week, but a great temperature to get a proper lather and beatdown. We were all wishing we had @Hotbox ice water bucket about halfway through.

WOR – Motivator x 7, Merkins x -10 in cadence, Big arm circles  in cadence forward and backward x 10.

Thang – Greta 1, 2, 3 plus 50. We preformed one of the QIC’s favorite routines but added 50 reps to each exercise to challenge every PAX. Exercise 1 – 150 Block Burpees

Exercise 2 – 250 Squat to press

Exercise 3 – 350 Coupon swings

Partner routine – while one partner preformed an exercise, partner 2 ran the Hill. Once a hill run was completed the switched. Rinse and repeat until al reps are met

NOR – @Archive@Captain Crunch (AJ)@Noodles@Jäzz Händz@TBTF@Katniss@Sparrow@Da Vinci@ShiplapCOT – incredibility thankful for the group of guys and the opportunity to workout. Praise that AJ stayed at camp and has agreed to push through. Prayers that @Archive M starts to feel better from the pregnancy, and praying for @Jäzz Händz as he battles through anxiety and continues getting the help he needs.

Moleskin – Incredible Job by each and every HIM. This workout reminded me of the saying from “300” “we will put their name to the test”. This workout was meant to push everyone of us to the next level and put our group to the test. I loved the positivity and the words of encouragement throughout the workout. The desire to carry each other is the true power of the group! Great job fellas