Groundhog Beatdown

@saga, @tortuga, @jolly, @cookies, @banks ,@crash, @shiplap, @bigmac, @panhandle, @DaVinci (Q) showed up for a Candlemas history lesson with a workout interspersed between speeches.

Warmorama: Arms and legs on your own during speech about the origin of Groundhog Day (Candlemas). Then Side straddle hops on the beat to Blinding Lights by The Weekend with Goofballs on the Chorus (note the theme of light).

Five stations set up with Candles around the AO (including sledding after last station, 20 burpee penalty for wipeout) where wisdom was ready by candlelight.

10 Pullups

Q Source, First Leadership Virtue: “He must have Candor, which is the Habit of graciously telling the hard truth and demanding to hear it from others.”

Desert Fathers: Abba Isidore said “Persons under instruction must love those who are their instructors like fathers and fear them like rulers, neither diminishing fear through love nor obscuring love through fear.”

20 Picnic Presses

Q Source, Second Leadership Virtue: “He must have Commitment, which is unwavering loyalty to the Group and unflinching determination to accomplish its long term (not short-term) Mission.”

Desert Fathers: Abba John said, “I never preferred my own advantage over my brother’s benefit.”

30 Derkens

Q Source, Third Leadership Virtue: “He must be Consistent, in that he is unchanging in nature, Standard or effect over time. In-Consistent Leaders cannot be fully relied upon and ultimately, they produce inconsistent results.”

Desert Fathers: Abba James said, “There is no need only of sayings, for there are many sayings… But there is need for action; that is what is sought, not sayings, which bear no fruit.”

40 Picnic Curls

Q Source, Fourth Leadership Virtue: “He must possess Contentment, which is the stability of emotion engendered by the consistent pursuit of Joy rather than happiness. Only a Contented man can abandon the pursuit of his own Personal Comfort. “

Desert Fathers: Abba Joseph said, “You cannot become a monk unless you become altogether like a flaming fire.”

50 Merkens

Q Source, Fifth Leadership Virtue: “He must be a man with Courage, which is the Habit of Setting aside fear to turn hardship into grace… The Virtuous Leader accepts fear as the natural and necessary human emotion and overcomes it thorough Preparedness and self-control.”

Desert Fathers: Abba Isaac said: “I never brought into my cell a grudge against a brother who had offended me and I endeavored not to let a brother go to his cell who had a grudge against me.”

Moleskin: At the end of the summer, John the Baptist is celebrated (“I must decrease, He must increase”) as the days decrease in length. Until, that is, the light of Christmas, when the days begin to increase. The candles, traditionally blessed at this time of year, symbolize the increasing light of Christ.

COT: Prayers for carrying other’s burdens, a podcast, decreasing ego and increasing light of Christ. During coffeeteria a man appeared to share with us that “most people go to God when they’re in the shit… thank him for beautiful days like this.”

BTW, Groundhog predicted more winter this morning. Enjoy it!