2/17 2021 Backblast: Ash Wednesday Workout AO Tarpit:

10 Pax posted: Katniss, TBTF, Shiplap, Banks, Bigmac, Whittler, Rainbow Bright, Noodles, Tortuga, and Gummibear. 

Warm Up: 

15 bend & reaches I/C

10 alternating push-ups 

 5 reverse push-ups

10 monkey humpers I/C

Short warm up jog 


Jogged around the lake doing a form of “Indian Runs” with paxs in groups of twos running ahead and performing 20 alternating push ups as a pair. We then did Indian Runs up the Hawthorne hill and jogged a neighborhood loop. Should we happen upon a church we were to do the following, increasing sets with each church: 

10 reverse push ups

25 monkey humpers

50 overhead hand claps 

We did as follows: 

1 set of above- First Science Church

2 sets of above- First Presbeterian Church

3 sets of above- First Congregational Church

We jogged back to lake ellyn where we then began crabwalking. Anytime someone needed a “rest: from crab walking,  10 burpees were performed. We accomplished 40 burpees total and then lunged back towards the start point, as our time was up. 

COT/NOR: Prayers for Bloomer and his family, for motivation, and thanksgiving for Noodles wedding anniversary.