Suicides at the Tennis Courts

It was a great morning to be awake, cool, dry, and we had a great showing ITG for my run club VQ. Per usual, YHC didn’t want to “just run” and wanted to be kind to the PAX knees, ankles, and feet so we headed to the tennis courts at Mastodon.

WOR: There wasn’t any – stretch OYO

Run at a brisk pace to AO Mastodon just over a mile. The quicker PAX turned around and picked up the 6. Took all PAX about 11 minutes to get there.

The Thang:
Suicide 1: 4 total tennis courts = 4 down and backs. We did EMOM using 2:30 per interval gave the PAX some heavy breathing but allowed for full recover

Suicide 2: Down and backs across all 4 tennis courts EMOM for 5 Reps

Suicide 3: 2 down and back: 2 reps

Mosey back to ground zero as a unit

COR/NOR: Gummi Bear, Shamu, Tortuga (Respect), Hotbox, Cookies, Panhandle, Noodles, Katniss, Sparrow, Jolly