Descent into Hell: Holy Saturday Beatdown

Warmorama: Arm circles in cadence, Abe Vagoda in cadence, leg stretches OYO

Springsteen, “I’m going down” (Side straddle hops during song, merkens when The Boss says “I’m going down.”)

The thang: Around the school at each stairway climb 3x with a burpee at the top each time. At bottom do the listed exercise. 40 reps to signify the 40 days of Lent. (40 curls, coupon lunges, LBCs, overhead press, BBSU, derkens, tricep dips, bent rows, American haammers, crunchie frogs, thrusters, skull crushers). Reps are actually 4000 each (Christ did 3960, we do 40).

COT: Prayers for @noodles job, for our M’s


“In the mysteries of Isis, the Mysteries at Samothrace, the Mysteries at Eleusis, in all of those you had the descent into the underworld. The descent was both symbolic and real. Christ descended as well. What did Christ bring into the underworld that was different than what the earlier Mysteries had been able to do? It’s really quite a central question because something changed in the very nature of the underworld. Christ’s descent was not like an Orpheus or or others who have descended and then came back – Christ overcame. That reality is often not considered at all. It wasn’t just a pivot to the underworld, it was an overcoming and a changing of its nature forever.”   -Robert J. Faas

Hence, as men we need not be afraid of our depths.

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Hilltop coffeteria for the sunrise. It’s nearly Easter.